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   Chapter 124 Should He Endure That Slap Silently

Unbearable Love: Boss, Please Let Me Go By Xiao Duoer Characters: 9878

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He paused and said with a bit of possessiveness, "She is my woman. I don't allow anyone to take her away from me. If someone really does that, I will let that person pay the price, even if that person is her sister."

Katherine gritted her teeth and sneered, "Are you going to hit me?" She looked at the man in front of her with hostility.

"You can have a try." Charles replied coldly.

In fact, if Katherine hid Violet, he could do nothing to the woman in front of him. After all, this woman was Violet's sister and saved his woman's life. If he really hurt Katherine, then he really had no chance to be with Violet.

When Olivia heard that the man she loved called Violet, not her as his woman, she tightly grasped her arm behind Charles. Normally, she would have cried out in pain, but now she didn't make any sound. The pain on her arm seemed to be nothing compared with than that in her heart at this time.

She felt so wronged that she just wanted to cry loudly, but she was not allowed to do so now. She turned her head and looked at the tall man next to her. This man in a suit and a handsome face was her fiance. The man she had been missing since childhood, and now her dream was realized. Soon this man would be her husband. He should be happy, but why did she feel so bad in her heart.

Suddenly, a slap brought her back to earth. She looked at the woman in front of her in disbelief. This woman slapped her Charles. No matter how bad he treated her, Olivia would not allow anyone to hurt the man she loved.

"What the fuck! Are you insane?" Subconsciously, Olivia roared out a very rude word. After that, she came to her senses and looked around worriedly. She was afraid that her future father-in-law would hear that. She didn't want to leave a bad impression before she got married.

Originally, their location was remote and not easy to be found, but Olivia's roar attracted many people's attention. After all, they wanted to see what kind of a girl would say such rude words in such a high-end and solemnly occasion.

Olivia pulled Charles back to a blind corner, which was not easy to be seen because it blocked the sight of others. She looked up at Charles's face with worry.

"Are you okay?"

Charles didn't respond, but frowned at Katherine, who was not far away from them. He didn't expect that this woman would dare to hurt him on such an occasion. There were so many people watching them. Didn't this woman know?

However, Katherine didn't regret the slap at all. She only regretted that she was too weak to beat Charles to death. She had made it clear to him, but he was still so shameless and wanted to hurt Violet.

In a rage, Olivia stepped forward to Katherine and wanted to slap back. She raised her hand and looked at Katherine's cold eyes. Her eyes were like a sharp sword, which frightened Olivia and made her step back unnaturally. Olivia hesitated. Thinking of the red mark on Charles's face, Olivia s

e was looking at an idiot woman.

She was confused. Didn't this woman understand what she meant? She had said that she didn't know Gregory, but this woman still said that. Was she stupid? Or is it because the man beside her seemed to be easier to be bullied?

Hearing what Olivia said, Gregory was not angry but a little happy. He wanted Olivia to say 'your woman' a few more times! Of course, it was his wishful thinking. If he really speak it out, the woman beside him would be angry.

Gregory smiled like a gentleman, "Miss Olivia, I think you must have misunderstood something. I see that your fiance is not angry, so I think he should be willing to be slapped. Miss Olivia, why don't you let it go? Don't make things worse, otherwise, you might annoy your fiance."

Charles raised his eyebrows and felt speechless. He felt as if he were a masochism after hearing what Gregory said. Although Katherine was a woman, the strength of her slap was not light at all. He had already experienced this. He wanted to dodge just now, but he eventually decide to endure it, in order to make his future sister feel better.

After all, it was his fault. He really had no other choice at the moment, and he could not just leave with Violet like this. He could only temporarily compromise. He only regretted that he was too weak now and was at the mercy of others.

Even if Gregory helped her, Katherine didn't intend to forgive him. She had already broken up with this man and made it clear to him. She didn't understand why this man did this now.

Was he pitying her? When did she need others' pity to solve the problem!

Taking a look at Charles who was standing behind her, Olivia realized that as Gregory said, it was indeed not good for her to make things worse. Today was her engagement ceremony, and she didn't want to be laughed at, but she was unwilling to accept it. Could she just let it go? She turned to look at a woman who was much taller than herself.

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