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   Chapter 122 I Won't Let You Go

Unbearable Love: Boss, Please Let Me Go By Xiao Duoer Characters: 9826

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He said in a cold and angry tone.

Violet didn't say anything. She tried her best to control her emotions and said lightly, "I want to be alone for a while, okay?"

Zak was still there, looking at her with concern, "If you want to cry, just cry. It's not a shameful thing. No one will laugh at you. Don't stay alone anymore. You have friends." He said gently.

For a moment, Violet felt as if she heard Charles's voice again. That man often talked to her so gently, but in the end, everything was a lie, and this lie was not as she thought, a white lie.

She poked her head out and looked at Zak, with her long eyelashes being wetted by tears. She lowered her head and pulled the quilt up. In an instant, she burst into tears in the ward badly, like a child.

Zak grabbed her hand and looked at the woman in bed with concern. He had no other feelings for Violet. Now he was as angry as seeing his sister being bullied. He wanted to kill that man at the moment.

Sarah turned around and wiped her tears quietly. Then she turned around and stood quietly beside Violet. Sarah didn't know how to comfort a heart-broken woman. The only thing she could do was to accompany Violet quietly.

In the reception room of the hotel, Charles went downstairs with the person arranged by Kane, only to find that he forgot to take his mobile phone. He hurriedly went back to take it.

As soon as Olivia deleted the call log, the door of the room was pushed open. She was stunned for a moment, and then smiled. "Where have you been, Charles? I've been looking for you everywhere as I found your mobile phone here. You are so careless. Fortunately, I've found it. If someone else takes it, the consequences will be terrible."

She smiled sweetly and gave the phone back to Charles. Taking the phone from her, Charles took a look at the screen of the phone and felt relieved. He didn't have the habit of setting a password on his phone, because he usually kept his phone at hand. He was pressed by that guy today, so... .

"Charles, who is the one you marked as the one you love most on your contact list?" She smiled innocently, as if she didn't ask it on purpose.

Charles stared at her coldly, "You checked my phone." There was a little anger in his words. Apparently, he hated what Olivia had done.

Seeing that he was angry, Olivia hurriedly waved her hand and said, "No, it's not like that. I just accidentally touched it. As soon as I opened your phone, it showed the contact list. I really didn't mean it."

"Oh, really?" A simple but ironic voice came out of Charles's thin lips.

Charles didn't believe that there would be so many coincidences in the world. Even if there would be, most likely it was done by someone on purpose.

Seeing him say so, Olivia felt very sad, but she still did not give up and asked, "So, Charles, who is she?"

Charles looked up and smiled, "Of course it's you!"

Olivia was surprised but didn't

outside. It was Sherwin, Kane, Carter and his wife. Before he left, they had already pushed the door open. Olivia hurried to hold Charles's arm, and she looked at the man beside her with a sweet smile.

As soon as they opened the door, they saw the happy faces of the two people. Elaine was surprised. She didn't expect that the two people had already been so affectionate. She turned her head to look at Carter next to her, and suddenly began to envy Olivia. After all, Olivia's marriage with Charles was finally successful, and Olivia's wish was finally fulfilled. The man she had loved for so many years could finally be together.

If it weren't for Kane, she would have divorced Carter long ago. Recently, this man was even tired of being close to her. She knew that they would divorce sooner or later.

Looking at them, Olivia said in a sweet voice, "Why are you here?"

Seeing Olivia holding Charles's arm, Olivia's mother felt better. Her daughter finally knew how to seize the opportunity.

Elaine joked, "Since you two haven't come down for a long time, we will naturally come up to look for you. I didn't expect you to be so intimate with each other. If we had known it earlier, we wouldn't have come up. Do you think so, Carter?"

The man next to her nodded absentmindedly and looked at Charles. He thought his brother would run away from the wedding, but he didn't expect him to accept it so honestly. A few days ago, Charles said that Carter ruined Elaine's happiness because he thought that the reason why Carter agreed to marry Olivia was for his own position. Now it seemed that his brother, Charles was the same as him.

Anyone could see that his brother didn't like Olivia at all. Naturally, everyone knew why he agreed to the marriage.

"What are you talking about, Elaine?" Lowering her head shyly, Olivia said, "I'm just chatting with Charles. It's not what you think." She said shyly, hiding her face behind Charles's arm.

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