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   Chapter 117 A Man Who Doesn't Love You

Unbearable Love: Boss, Please Let Me Go By Xiao Duoer Characters: 10538

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Seeing that she was so angry, Sarah said cautiously, "Miss, you'd better stop playing."

"No..." Violet grabbed the phone Sarah took to her, and shouted with dissatisfaction, "I don't believe that I can't defeat these primary school students."

Twenty minutes later, "You have been slained. "


"Bang!" The phone was thrown onto the bed.

"Fuck you! Do you know how to play or help? Why don't you save me when you see I'm dying ..."

Sarah was speechless.

"Miss, we'd better stop playing."

She looked at Violet with concern. She was afraid that her wound would be torn by her excitement.

Out of her expectation, Violet shouted directly, "What the hell is it? Now I'm not in the mood at all. Okay, I quit."

A few minutes later, Violet picked up her phone again.



Taking a few steps back, Sarah stood far away from Violet and looked at her. She felt that Violet would still lose this time, and as expected, soon she heard the unpleasant scream of Violet again.

In a well-known wedding dress shop, Olivia was trying on wedding dresses happily. She looked at herself in front of the mirror, and felt that she was extremely beautiful in the wedding dress. After turning around in front of the mirror, she nodded with satisfaction. This wedding dress was the best one she had tried so far. She could imagine what Charles would look like when he came.

In the huge dress shop, Olivia sat there alone, staring at her phone and from time to time taking a look at the door. As long as her phone vibrated, she would open it in surprise. To her disappointment, the person who sent the message was not the one she was expecting.

After sitting in the dress shop for an hour, she began to feel uneasy.

The saleswomen in the shop looked at her strangely, but they didn't dare to show it in front of her. They had seen the temper of this Miss Olivia just now, and now they didn't dare to offend her easily.

At this moment, Charles was driving slowly, looking at the scenery on the roadside leisurely. As he was about to reach the place mentioned by Olivia, the expression on his face became colder and colder. If he could not disobey her, he really did not want to go.

After waiting for nearly 1.5 hours, she couldn't help but decide to dial the number of the person she loved deeply. When she was about to dial the number, a handsome man came over. The man was wearing a black shirt and a suit jacket, very casual dressing. Under his elegant bangs and perfectly-shaped eyebrows, a pair of cold eyes were searching around, as if he was looking for something.

Before the saleslady could ask, Olivia called out, "Charles, I'm here."

Hearing the voice, Charles looked at her and reluctantly walked towards her. After all, it was already kind of him to be here. He would not show this woman a good attitude. The person he wanted to marry was not the woman in front of him.

Seeing the man, the saleswomen's eyes were full of affection. A bold saleswoman walked over and said in a very gentle voice, "Sir, you're finally here. Your fiancee has been waiting for you for a long time."

The man turned to look at

"Nothing. Have you finished?" He replied coldly and turned off the phone, looking coldly at the wedding dress on Olivia.

Olivia nodded shyly and turned around again. "How about this one?"

"It's a little better than the one just now," He said after a pause. "But it's still not very beautiful. You have such a bad taste in choosing wedding dresses. Is it because you don't care about our relationship that you choose casually? If you don't want to get engaged to me, then we just don't do it."

"No. Charles, I don't mean it. I'll try another on. It won't be like this again."

She said excitedly, her chest heaving slightly. How could she not care about their relationship? She had liked this man for so many years, and now she finally could be with him, how could she not value it? She wanted to show her best side.

The saleswomen around began to sympathize with Miss Olivia. It was obvious that Mr. Charles did it on purpose. The dresses she chose were all designed by famous designers, and there was only one in the country. How could it not look good? It was probably that this man did not want to marry her.

Even they, the onlookers, could easily understand what was going on. This Miss Olivia was so stupid that she even excitedly ran in and tried again. Even if she tried again, this man would not say that it was good-looking.

As expected, when Olivia walked out of the fitting room again, Charles's answer was still the same. After he complained for a while, she went in and tried on another one again.

Up to now, she had tried all the wedding dresses in the shop since she entered.

She put on the wedding dress that she hated the most, which seemed to be the style of last year's, and the design was not very good. Standing in the fitting room, she quietly looked at herself in the mirror, with sweat on her forehead. So far, she had been trying on the wedding dresses for almost an hour, and she felt that she was about to collapse.

After staying in the room for a few minutes, she reluctantly walked out and asked in a low voice, "Charles, how about this one?"

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