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   Chapter 115 You Are My Business

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"Your maid has gone to have dinner now."

So his meaning was very obvious. There was no one else to take care of her except him. She could choose to eat vegetables or rice, unless she wanted to spill the vegetables on the bed sheet.

Violet glared at him and bit the vegetables in her mouth angrily. Then she saw that all her favorite meat went into the man's mouth.

About ten minutes later, the man picked up a piece of meat for her, as if it was a handout. It was said that this was for her health, but in fact, it was a kind of bully.

During the meal, Violet tried to pick up some meat with a spoon, but it almost fell on the bed sheet.

Charles picked up her favorite chicken drumstick with chopsticks and put it in front of her with a smile. Violet looked up with joy and opened her mouth. She thought it was for her, but she didn't expect that the man turned the chicken drumstick around in front of her and put it into his own mouth. She eagerly watched the man eating her favorite chicken drumstick and acting ostentatiously in front of her.

From what happened today, Violet knew that Charles was really a scheming man. She could offend anyone but him.

After lunch, Charles cleaned up the table. Violet looked at his figure obsessively.

With such a handsome man accompanying her, she could accept the fact that she couldn't eat meat.

"Charley, I'm thirsty and want to drink some water."

Violet ordered like a master, completely treating the man in front of her as a servant.

Charles stopped packing and looked up at her coldly. Violet thought he was going to revenge, but he turned around and poured water with a cup.

She took the water and looked at the man in front of her in disbelief.

So obedient? A sly smile appeared on her face.

"Charley, I want to eat oranges. Peel some for me."

The man had just packed up the lunch boxes and stood next to her, looking at her coldly, but there was no response for a long time.

The look in his eyes made her feel a little cold on her back. She said, "Sarah said eating fruit is good for digestion."

The man didn't say anything and just looked at her quietly, with an indifferent expression in his eyes, as if whatever she tried to do would not make him take any action successfully.

Lowering her head, Violet said in a lower and lower voice, "She also said that I stayed in the hospital bed every day and eating more fruit was good for digestion, or it would affect the recovery of the injury."

Charles moved his eyelids and sat next to her. Although he had never heard of such nonsense, he still peeled the orange for her with his hands.

Seeing that he was obviously a neat freak and didn't want to touch the orange peel, but he was still peeling the orange for her, Violet smiled and happily opened her mouth to bite the orange he handed over.

Perhaps it was because of the orange itself, she felt that today's orange was sweeter than before. She grinned happily.

"Charley, will you leave me?" She asked in a low voice.

"No. "

Charles answered without hesitation, as if this answer had already been in his heart.

"Will you fall in love with another woman?"

ny's affairs."

"Oh, I see." She didn't ask him. Why did he explain it to her? But anyway it made her feel good.

"You have finished talking with your sister?"

"How do you know?" She looked at him in disbelief.

With their distance just now, it was impossible for him to see her messages. How could he know? Wasn't he a human?

Charles smiled and didn't answer her question.

This made Violet even more confused. She grabbed his arm and asked, "Tell me, how you got to know it. You didn't see it. How did you know it was my sister? Maybe it was another man!"

"Ha !" Charles sneered.

"You are so 'smart'. I can tell from your expression if it is a man or a woman. Who else can make you scared except your sister?"

After he finished his words, Violet looked at him in surprise.

Was her expression so obvious? She touched her face subconsciously and looked at the man in front of her suspiciously.

Charles looked at her with amusement.

How could she be so surprised at such a small thing?

All of a sudden, Violet remembered what he had just said about the company. She asked indifferently, "Are you very busy with the company affairs? Why don't you go back to the company first? There is Sarah who can accompany me here."

She didn't want to delay his work because of her, although she didn't want him to leave.

Charles looked at her with dissatisfaction, "Well, do you mean that it doesn't matter whether I'm here or not, since you have someone to accompany you anyway?"

"No, I didn't mean that." She waved her hands excitedly for fear of being misunderstood.

"Then what do you mean?" He said lightly.

Violet replied without thinking, "I want you to be with me, but I'm afraid I'll delay your business."

Charles couldn't help smiling.

Seeing him like this, Violet knew that she was tricked by this man again, so she pouted with dissatisfaction.

He pushed her chubby face and said, "You are my business now. Nothing is more important than accompanying you now."

With her mouth open and her eyes full of infatuation, Violet wondered if this man was too seductive.

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