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   Chapter 111 Charles Is Too Silly

Unbearable Love: Boss, Please Let Me Go By Xiao Duoer Characters: 10324

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"Sister, why are you here? What happened?" Violet said in a sweet voice as she just woke up.

Katherine gritted her teeth and looked at the man next to her angrily, shouting, "Charles Tan, what are you doing? My sister is still injured. Are you a human? "

Charles sat up, rubbed his messy hair and said indifferently, "You've said that I'm not a human. What else can I do? Of course I'm sleeping!" As he spoke, he got out of bed and put on his shoes, as if he could do whatever he wanted.

Katherine angrily looked at the man who walked past her and calmly walked to the bathroom. When the door of the bathroom was closed, she walked up to Violet and grabbed her ear. With her teeth gritted, Katherine blamed, "Are you crazy about men? Don't you know your physical condition now? How dare you sleep with him? What if he can't control his lust and do something to you? Are you going to stay in the hospital for a year or so?"

Violet broke off her hand and smiled, "Ouch! What you are thinking! We just slept together and did nothing. It's not what you think. Your mind is not simple." After saying that, she raised her eyebrows in a naughty way.

"Humph! I don't care about you."

Katherine was still a little angry. She put the breakfast on the cabinet beside the bed with some strength.

Then she just sat there quietly and looked at the person on the bed without saying a word. Seeing this, Violet was scared and quickly changed the topic. "By the way, sister, why do you come so early today? Aren't you busy in the company?"

"So what? You are unhappy to see your sister? Did I interrupt you?" Katherine said in a voice dripping with sarcasm.

Violet shook her head. She didn't dare to have such an idea. She quickly smiled and said, "Sister, look at what you have said. I'm just worried about you, aren't I?"

Katherine snorted coldly and didn't believe what she said. She responded indifferently, "I'm on holiday today. A few days ago, because of the matter of Adrian, the Han's caused us some trouble, so I was busy. Now without the Han's interference, I'm naturally free. By the way, the Han's sent someone this morning. I'll go to LY Entertainment in the afternoon. Whether to take over the business, you have to think it over these days."

"Ah!" Violet lowered her head. She had thought that this matter would be over, but why she still had to make the decision in the end.

Katherine cast a cold glance at her, and she immediately stopped smiling.

While listening to the conversation between the two people, Charles stared at his palms in the bathroom. The moment Katherine pushed the door open and came in, he was actually thinking about something dirty.

He shook his head to get rid of the dirty thoughts. He turned on the tap and wanted to wash his face to sober up, but unexpectedly, water fell from above his head. It turned out that what he had turned on was the shower head, and the cold water wet his neat hair and his black shirt.

Stunned for a few seconds, Charles turned it off and walked out of the showering room. He walked to the mirror o

ays be here with you today. You wish I could leave as soon as possible and have a good time with him."

There was no outsider here, and her voice was getting more and more natural.

Violet looked at her with a silly smile and didn't say anything.

Katherine glanced at her in disgust, took the table beside the bed, put the breakfast she brought on it, and said unhappily, "Eat the food quickly, you little round ball. I'll leave after you finish eating."

Violet didn't like the nickname, so she complained, "Sister, what little round ball? It's called chubby, very cute!"

Katherine handed her the spoon.

Violet took a look at Charles and asked, "Do you want to eat with me? My sister has brought a lot of food with her. I can't eat them all by myself. The food by our cook is very delicious." She said seductively.

Charles shook his head, "You eat by yourself. I'll go to eat later."

Violet wanted to say something more, but she didn't go on. She didn't like to force others, so she chose to eat alone.

About twenty minutes later, Katherine stood up and was about to leave.

"Sister, aren't you free today? Where are you going? Why don't you stay in the hospital and chat with me?" Looking at Katherine's back, Violet shouted.

Katherine looked back at Charles, who was sitting on the sofa, and sighed, "Don't pretend anymore, my silly sister. Do you think I don't know what you are thinking? Do you still need me when this guy is here?"

Seeing that Katherine was in a bad mood, Violet said seriously, "I'm telling the truth. If you have nothing else to do, just stay in the hospital!" She remembered what Katherine had told her about Gregory. If she didn't pay more attention to Katherine, Katherine might drink alone again. When one was in a bad mood, instead of being alone, it was better to have someone with her, to talk with her.

Katherine knew what she meant and what she wanted to say. She turned around and smiled, "Don't worry. I'm fine. I have to go through the procedure of transferring LY. I'm busy with my work!"

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