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   Chapter 91 Zak

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Violet didn't say anything.

It was not what she wanted. Her right hand could not move, and she had never used her left hand with food. What could she do? She was no choice too.

Zak blew the porridge cold and put it into her mouth.

She didn't eat much and began to act like a demon again.

"I want to go to the bathroom." She said directly.

She didn't feel shy at all in front of Zak.

"Hold it back."


How could she hold it back!

"Help me to the bathroom. I've been in a hurry since last night." Violet looked at him pitifully.


"Wet the bed!"

He said ruthlessly. Anyway, he didn't intend to help her. There should be a prudent reserve between the sexes.


"Are you kidding me? How can I wet the bed? Am I a child? Can you help me or not?"

Zak shook his head firmly.

You had been held it back the whole night, but why don't you call the nurse for help?

"I'll call the nurse over."

When he was about to turn around, Violet pulled him back.

"No! I'll be shy if a stranger help me with that. "

What was her logic?

"I'm a man. Don't you feel shy? Do you know that there should be a prudent reserve between the sexes?"

Violet asked in confusion, "There are only two of us in the room. Who is the man?"


'That's how you asked me for help? Don't be joking.' Frank thought.

"Are you fucking going to help me or not? Believe it or not, I would asked the two fierce men outside come in and rape you." She threatened.

Frowning, Zak seemed to remember something bad.

He walked over and fetched the things in front of her, and then he carefully helped her get out of bed.

Violet gritted her teeth to prevent herself from making a painful sound.

It could be imagined that Adrian hit her fiercely. She felt a pain in his waist. It was so painful that her brain was almost out of control and she felt a little dizzy.

Seeing her expression, Zak said lightly, "What about giving it up? You continue to hold it back."

"Fuck off!" Violet squeezed a word between her teeth.

Fortunately, it was a commode. If not, no matter how thick skinned she was, she would still feel embarrassed.

After helping her in, Zak stood at the door in case something happened to her. About a minute later, the sound of water came from inside, and Zak's face was a little red. Although Violet had always treated him as a woman, he was a man and would be shy about it.

"Come in and help me out." Violet shouted.

Zak opened the door and looked at her awkwardly. After a while, he went to help her up.

"Wow! Are you shy? " Seeing the flush on his face, Violet teased him.


"Can you shut up?"

On the bed, Violet, like a master, ordered Zak to bring the porridge. Although he was reluctant, Zak did what he was told. Violet was paralyzed, he could do nothing but take care of her!

"Your beloved didn't come to take care of you. What happened?"

Logically speaking, Charles wouldn't miss such a good opportunity to ingratiate himself with

ng serious had happened to her. 'I shouldn't have come here if I had known it earlier.

"I want to go out for a walk after dinner." She looked at Charles expectantly.

She had been lying in bed for three days. If she didn't go out, she might get moldy.

"I'll ask the doctor after dinner. If the doctor agree, then we can go out for a walk." His tone was not as cold as before.

"Oh," replied Violet.

She knew that the doctor won't agree.

After she finished the last mouthful of porridge, the door was pushed open again.

It was strange that the room was so lively in the morning.

Frank came in with some fruits in his hands.

He phoned Charles but no one answered. He guessed that Charles was here.

"Morning!" He waved at Violet.

Violet nodded with a smile.

She remembered this man. He seemed to be a good friend of Charles. He is a good man.

Noticing the man with white skin sitting on the sofa, Frank knew he had a disease. It seemed to be called albinism. He looked at him up and down. He was very handsome, like a woman, and even more beautiful than ordinary women.

Hearing that someone came in, Zak didn't raise his head and looked through the magazine on the table. It was not until Frank walked up to him that he raised his eyes, looked at them, and then lowered his head.

"Have we met before?" Frank said suddenly.

He felt that the man looked familiar. He seemed to have seen him somewhere, but he couldn't remember for a moment.

"I don't know you," replied Zak coldly after he was sure that Frank was talking to him.



Even Violet felt embarrassed for Frank.

He used such a clumsy way to accost a man, and the man said he didn't know him.

How could she describe this feeling? Anyway, she would never do that.

"He is my friend, called Zak, a fashion designer." Violet explained.

She believed that Zak wouldn't introduce himself to others voluntarily. In order to avoid embarrassment, she'd better do it. "

Zak? Frank murmured.

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