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   Chapter 89 Waking Up

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If he could help, why not.

Katherine shook her head and said with a little tiredness, "No, it's not a big deal. It's probably because the Han's has found someone to obstruct them. It's not a big deal, but it's troublesome to deal with it. I've handled it well. "

She took a sip of water and asked, "How is my sister? What did she say when she woke up?"




Katherine waited for a long time, but the two didn't speak. She frowned slightly, "What happened?"

Charles glanced at the woman on the bed and didn't know how to explain it to her.

Noticing that the atmosphere was a little depressing, Frank smiled and said, "Let me tell you!"

Katherine noticed Frank as soon as she entered the room. She thought he looked familiar but she didn't think too much. She guessed that he might be a friend of Charles. Her mind was not on him, so she didn't greet him.

"This is..." She asked.

Before Charles opened his mouth, Frank answered by himself, "My name is Frank. My father and your father are good friends. "

Katherine was surprised and then said with a smile, "Hello, my father has mentioned it to me."

In fact, she didn't remember at all. Even if Matt really told her, she couldn't remember. She always chose to ignore such unimportant things.

"Really? Then what did your father say about me?"

Frank wanted to know what kind of impression Katherine had of him, and maybe it could be further developed. Looking at the woman carefully, Frank thought she was beautiful.



Katherine was lost in thought.

It was embarrassing.

She didn't even remember this person, let alone what her father had said.

She said it out of courtesy. However, she didn't expect that Frank would ask her directly, which made her a little embarrassed.

"My father said you are a handsome young man."

She was just talking nonsense.

"Really? Then, what do you think? "

Charles interrupted Frank before he could finish his words.


"Stop it."

Charles couldn't stand it anymore. Obviously, Katherine didn't know who Frank was. She just said some polite words, but Frank took it seriously and kept getting close to her.

Frank pursed his lips and said nothing.

He looked at Katherine attentively and told her what had just happened vividly.

After that, Katherine looked at Charles meaningfully.

She was thinking whether Charles was almost driven crazy by the thought to marry Violet.

A few words of "husband" made him so excited that he almost forgot who he was.

Charles felt embarrassed and coughed to cover his embarrassment.

"Who do you think will wake up?"

Frank said abruptly.

The two of them turned around and glared at him at the same time.

Frank was startled by the two people's eyes, and his body reflexively shrank back. He said with a sly smile, "I was just kidding. I was just kidding. Ha ha. "

Katherine frowned and her favorable impression of him instantly declined.

She didn't think it was a joke.

"By the way, what are you going to do with Adrian? The Han's has begun to ask me about Ad

nd a straw to insert into the glass.

"Sister, you didn't tell Dad about it, did you?" She took a sip of water and asked.

Charles put the water aside. He knew that Violet would ask about it.

"No." Katherine said in an angry tone. Violet didn't know why she was angry.

"He will know it sooner or later. I can only hide it for a while. This matter has been known all over the city. Do you think he will never know it?"

Violet frowned and said nothing.

What she hated most finally happened.

She hated the feeling of being worried.

"Sister, I'm sorry." Her eyes were red and her words were trembling.

Turning her head away, Katherine held back her tears.

"Why do you feel sorry for me? The most important thing for you is to have a good rest. I'll be grateful if you don't make any trouble." She said stubbornly.

How could it be possible that she didn't feel sorry for Violet when she saw Violet like this? She had been lively before she left, but now she had become like this in only two days. It was even difficult for her to get out of bed. She couldn't imagine if they went in later that day, would she.. .

She didn't dare to think about it anymore.

Violet smiled and said, "I know you are the best person in the world for me. Come and kiss me."

She pouted and was about to ask for a kiss.

Charles coughed. Charles coughed. Charles pretended to cough a few times and found a sense of existence in front of the two.

Violet hadn't talked to him since she woke up. A few hours ago, she called him honey sweetly.

Now he was ignored. Shouldn't she hug him excitedly?

Violet turned her head and looked at him calmly, without saying anything.

Charles didn't know whether it was his illusion or not, he felt that the relationship between him and Violet had been alienated a lot since she woke up this time.

Katherine also found that there seemed to be something wrong with the relationship between the two. She couldn't ask if they didn't tell her.

When they were embarrassed, Frank came in with porridge in his hand.

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