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   Chapter 88 The Third Personality

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"Are you sure that she can eat those things after she has just recovered from a serious illness? "

"Go and buy some congee."

Frank pointed at the bodyguard and said.

The bodyguard took a look at Charles and left after seeing him nod.

Violet pouted and glared at Frank.

"Honey, I want to eat meat and I don't want congee. Don't listen to that old bastard. He's bad."

Frank leaned back with a shit face. What the hell? Why did he feel like he was fooled?

Charles gently touched her hair and comforted her, "Honey, I'm doing this for your own good. You haven't recovered yet. You can't eat too greasy food. I'll take you to eat delicious food when you recover."

After hesitating for a while, Violet nodded reluctantly.

One honey after another, Frank felt sick and almost vomited the dinner eaten the other night. Was this the same Charles he knew? He was almost a slave for his wife. No, he should be an idiot.

He approached behind Charles and looked at the woman on the bed carefully. He frowned slightly and felt that something was wrong.

Violet was a little scared and leaned against Charles. She couldn't move too much as she was injured. She just leaned her head towards Charles.

Charles took advantage of this opportunity to hold Violet's arm. He gritted his teeth and growled, "What's wrong with you? Stay there and don't scare my wife. "

"Fuck you!" Frank gave him a kick.

"Charles, are you blind? Was she like Violet? She is totally another woman. I think you must have lost your mind. This woman is neither Violet nor Natalie. It's very likely that ."

He stopped.

How could Charles not notice that?


He didn't want to irritate her, so he cooperated with her performance. It was not because she called him honey in a sweet voice.


"What's your name? Violet or Natalie?" Frank asked, looking at the delicate woman on the bed.

Hearing the name, the woman's pupils shrank obviously, but it was difficult to find it out in an instant.

Even though she hid it very well, Frank still found something wrong. When he called the name Natalie, the woman's pupils changed.

'Were you...?'

He stared at the woman on the bed in disbelief. Was it because Natalie's personality had woken up? But why did she pretend that she didn't remember anything when she woke up?

All of a sudden, a very inconceivable possibility occurred to him. Was it possible that Natalie's personality, which was buried in the bottom of Violet's heart, had lost its memory, and the personality in front of him was evolved from Natalie.

He frowned. It seemed impossible. It was also today that he got to know "dissociative amnesia". He had never heard of it before and had never paid attention to similar news. He thought it was necessary for him to investigate similar cases. This kind of disease was so fucking interesting. If he hadn't seen it with his own eyes, he wouldn't have believed that everyth

us girl, a happy death thus deserve". How can you understand?"

Then he took a bite of the apple Charles threw towards him, and said vaguely, "How many choices do I have? Unlike you, you will only put all the eggs in one basket. Men! Should be like me. If you don't listen to me, you will suffer sooner or later."

Charles chuckled.

If he was chased and beaten by women every two or three days like Frank, he would rather give up his bro and be a woman.

"Do you still remember what that woman looked like when you drugged me?" It suddenly occurred to him that the woman seemed to be good-looking and it might be possible to date her.

Charles rolled his eyes at him and said in disgust, "How could I know? You didn't want the woman I sent to you, but go out to look for her. How could I follow you?"



How could that one be counted as a woman? 180 pounds! That's too much for ordinary people! He was not lucky to have such a woman.

"By the way, what are you going to do with Adrian? I'm afraid the Han's won't let it go for the sake of their reputation." It suddenly occurred to Frank.

Charles smiled and raised his eyes, which were covered with a heavy haze. "I think it's about time. Go back and help me contact the Han's. I'll treat them to dinner next Monday."

Frank didn't know what he was thinking and nodded. Anyway, it had nothing to do with him. He just needed to wait quietly to watch a good show.

The two chatted for about an hour. The door of the ward was pushed open. Katherine rushed in after she finished her work. She glanced at the person in the bed, then walked up to Charles and asked with her eyes.

"She just fell asleep."

Katherine nodded and sat next to her, rubbing her eyebrows tiredly.

"What happened? Do you need any help?" Charles asked.

It was not out of kindness. If he wanted to be with Violet, Katherine would be his family member, and Katherine had helped him a lot all the time.

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