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   Chapter 86 Who Woke Up

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Charles sneered, "They really put a lot of effort into it! But as far as I know, Adrian doesn't have a high position in the Han's, and the Han's doesn't take him seriously. How could he come to me in such a big way? It was too much. "

Frank didn't say anything. Of course he knew this kind of thing, but Adrian did it for his face.

"What are you going to do?"

"You can come here first. I'll send the location to your phone."

After hanging up the phone, Charles looked at the woman lying on the bed and stroked her smooth face. He turned to the door and ordered someone to transfer Violet and Geoffrey to the private hospital where he held shares at the same time.

In the ward of the North Medical School, Charles sent a message to tell Katherine where Violet was. As soon as he put the breakfast bought by the bodyguard on the table, Frank pushed the door open and came in before Charles start eating his porridge.

Frank looked at the woman on the bed in surprise, but did not ask immediately. Instead, he walked straight to Charles and sat down.

Charles looked up at him without saying anything and continued to eat breakfast.

This action really broke Frank's heart. He took the porridge in front of Charles, took a sip and said unhappily, "That's how you treat your good friend? I came all the way here without eating anything, and now I have to be ignored by you."

Charles sat up straight and looked at him coldly, "You fucking came here empty handed. How dare you have the nerve to eat my breakfast? And how dare you say that you are my brother shamelessly?"

He brought the breakfast over without raising his head.

On second thought, Charles hadn't eaten much since yesterday. He was very hungry in the morning. As soon as he asked the bodyguard to buy breakfast, Frank called him and told him that the people from the Han's was about to find him. It was not the time to fight against the Han's directly. He wisely chose to go back to his own territory first.

As soon as he sat down to have breakfast, Frank came. Charles felt that Frank was just like a jinx. Something bad will happen as long as he appeared.

Seeing Charles finish the last mouthful of porridge, Frank couldn't help asking, "What's going on? Who is the woman in bed?"

Charles pulled a piece of tissue and wiped his mouth elegantly. He looked at the direction Frank pointed and said coldly, "Are you blind? Can't you see by yourself?"

What the hell!

If it was not for the fact that Charles is stronger than him, Frank would have beat him. Frank thought that Charles was lucky to live till now with such a bad temper.

"I know this is the Miss Violet of the Shen's, but is she the woman you are looking for? Don't take it wrong. " He said with a smile.

Charles picked up the lighter on the table, lit the cigarette on his thin lips, took a deep breath and blew out the smoke rings. Then he said slowly, "Maybe."

Anyway, he didn't know whether

olet was shocked by her own thought. How could it be possible?

"Who are you going to take revenge on, Charles?"

The woman covered her head in pain.

Then she continued, "Carter, Olivia, or Elaine... "

As she spoke out the name, the woman became a little crazy. She screamed painfully.

"Kill them. " She roared in a hoarse and trembling voice.

The harsh sound made Violet scalp tingle. She shook her head hard, but she still couldn't keep awake. Gradually, her sight became blurred and she couldn't see the woman clearly.

The blurry figure slowly approached her, and the woman pinched her neck hard. Violet's face flushed, but she couldn't make a complete sound. She could only shout intermittently, "Help. Help. Help. "

On the bed, Violet's forehead was sweating. She frowned and looked very painful. She said in a hoarse voice, "Help. Help. "

Hearing the noise, Charles thought she was going to wake up, so he strode over and called, "Violet, Violet... "

He called her several times in a row. But there was no sign that she was about to wake up. She just vaguely called for help. Charles looked back at Frank, who was also confused.

"Does she dream of something terrible or her two personalities fight with each other now?" Frank said casually. It was just his guess.

In some cases, the outsider could see things clearly.

Squinting his eyes, Charles thought what Frank said was possible, but what should he do now. All of a sudden, he felt very helpless. He knew that the one he loved was suffering, but he didn't know what to do.

"Try calling her name." Frank reminded him. He thought calling her name might be useful, maybe, or probably.

This was not completely groundless. Sometimes, calling the name is indeed useful when someone is enchanted by the dream demon.

Charles opened his mouth but said nothing.

He was hesitating whether he should call her Violet or Natalie. Finally, he called her tentatively, "Natalie... "

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