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   Chapter 85 In Trouble

Unbearable Love: Boss, Please Let Me Go By Xiao Duoer Characters: 10290

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Charles thought to himself, 'There are probably few people in the world who can make him do anything with all his efforts.'

"Why are you so kind to Violet?" He asked.

Katherine was stunned by his question, "Why?"

It seemed that she had never thought about this question. After a long time, she replied, "Maybe it's because I treat her as a member of my family. Isn't there anything wrong with being good to my family?"

Katherine didn't intend to hide Violet's identity from Charles. In fact, even if she didn't tell him, this man would know it in other ways sooner or later. It was better for her to tell him directly.

If at the beginning, she just wanted to provide Violet a place to stay, then in the next two years, she had already treated her as a family member, and she would give her what she had. Anyway, the only family member that Violet cared about had passed away, so she could be her family.

Hearing this, Charles felt a little uncomfortable. At the same time, he was happy for Violet. Fortunately, she met a friend like Katherine when he was not here.

"Do you know dissociative amnesia?" Charles suddenly asked.

Katherine shook her head, "I've never heard of it. It sounds like a kind of amnesia. Does it have anything to do with my sister?"

Charles nodded. Indeed, it was easy to talk with smart people. She knew it before he said it.

"When Violet woke up from the hospital, she forgot what happened before. She didn't remember that she had raced with someone before. Now I remembered that when she was making a sharp turn halfway, there was a moment when she seemed to deliberately want to hit the railing, but she suddenly changed her mind for some reason. At that moment, she seemed to want to die on purpose. I don't know if it was my illusion. Did you hear her say anything about it before? She told me that she could always see a woman who looked exactly like her these days."

Charles had a deep memory of that moment, and it was not his illusion at all.

Katherine shook her head and then nodded. She had a look at Violet and said disappointedly, "Although I have a good relationship with my sister, she seldom tells me what's in her mind. But she told me that she saw a woman who looked exactly like her in the mirror on the day you left. She should have told you about it."

Charles nodded slightly. He knew it.

"I knew it by asking her after she woke up."

He frowned and thought about it carefully. It seemed that Violet had changed a lot since she went up the mountain.

Katherine reached out and held Violet's cold hand. She had an indescribable feeling in her heart. She knew that Violet didn't want to tell her many things in case she would worry about her. But the more Violet acted like this, the more worried Katherine was. Katherine knew clearly that the car accident had left a huge psychological shadow on Violet. Even if she lost her memory, she would often have nightmares. Katherine knew all these, but she could not help share them.

Charles frowned and felt sorry for the woman lying on the bed.


He hung up the phone, went to the bathroom and turned on the tap to wash his face.

Before long, he received a call from Frank again.

He came out of the bathroom and wiped his hands. After answering the phone, he said, "If you have something to say, just say it. Don't talk nonsense to me."

Hearing his words, Frank didn't get angry, but still wore a cheeky smile. He joked, "Look at your bad temper. Charles, I think no woman would like to marry you if you are like this. I think ..."

Charles hung up the phone before Frank finished his words.

However, Frank called again before he put the phone down. Charles ignored it directly. He didn't want to answer his phone. Anyway, there was nothing serious.

He went to the door and asked the bodyguards to buy breakfast. Then he went back to the bed and took the cup and cotton swabs. He rubbed some water on Violet's dry lips.

The phone kept ringing halfway. Charles couldn't stand it anymore so he answered it. He tried his best to suppress his anger and said, "You'd better have something important, or you'll wait for your naked photos to be seen in the whole S City!"

Speaking of naked photos, it was that when Frank was drunk, he took off his own clothes. In order to threaten him, Charles took photos in time. Not to mention, this method was very effective against Frank. Anyway, it worked every time.

On the other end of the phone, Frank immediately stopped nonsense and chuckled, "I heard that you have beaten Adrian. Tell me what happened. The Han's is looking for you everywhere! Where are you? I'll go to support you, in case you will be bullied."

Charles guessed that he called for this. He smiled and said, "You'd better change your surname to 'Gossip' instead of 'Liu'."

"Why?" Asked Frank.

"Why?" Charles sneered, "Aren't you famous for gossiping?"

Frank was stunned for a while and cursed, "Damn it! Tell me where you are now. I'm coming to see you. I heard that the Han's is looking for you everywhere. They have sent out gangs. Take care of yourself."

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