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   Chapter 80 Someone Is Going To Die

Unbearable Love: Boss, Please Let Me Go By Xiao Duoer Characters: 10689

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Charles reached out to touch her hair and gently flicked her forehead. He said with a smile, "It's strange. It's really strange. It's ten o'clock in the evening. You didn't say you were hungry when you woke up. Don't you think it's strange. "

Although all this was inconceivable, he didn't want to give her too much pressure now, in case something unexpected happened. He would make a plan after asking the expert. If he pressed her too hard, she might be driven crazy.

Hearing Charles words, Violet touched her belly and felt hungry. She looked up and asked with a smile, "Do you have anything to eat?"

Charles walked to a nearby cabinet and took out the bread he had just bought to her. "I don't know when you will wake up, so I only bought bread, milk and some snacks. The doctor said that you fainted because you were stimulated. You can stay in the hospital these two days. Your sister just called and I have told her everything. She might come back later. "

Looking up at the bread in her mouth, Violet frowned and said, "It was not necessary to tell Katherine. She should be worried again."

According to Katherine's character, she would block their contact in the future if she knew something bad happened the first day Violet came out with Charles. She was fine. There was no need to tell her. Violet had planned to notice Charles not to tell Katherine, but it was too late.

Charles sat on the edge of the bed with a sad face. He didn't want to tell Katherine. But Katherine called just now and Violet was still in sleep. He couldn't lie when he answered the phone! If Katherine knew in the future that he intentionally hide the truth that Violet had an accident, her impression on him would be greatly reduced.

He thought that it was lucky enough that Katherine has a good attitude to him now. If Katherine block his contact with Violet and it developed into a conflict in the end, it would be bad for Violet.

After thinking it over, Charles told Katherine what happened today and was criticized by her. In S City, only Katherine dared to yell at him with a violent temper. There were no others who dared to look down upon the Mr. Charles of the Tan's.

In the past, when Kane didn't care about Charles, no one dared to do so. Now, although Kane was sometimes cold to Charles, he began to care about Charles, and outsiders didn't dare to ignore Charles any more.

Besides, Charles is a weird man. He doesn't care about anyone else except the one he cares about. If the people around him provoked him, they were courting death.

Seeing that he didn't respond for a long time, Violet guessed that he might have been criticized by Katherine, so it was normal for him to be in a bad mood.

After eating the bread, she looked at the door of the ward and asked worriedly, "Is the person who raced with me all right?"

Although she didn't remember what happened, she heard it from Charles. After all, it was she who started it. If something happened, she was also responsible.

Charles smiled and comforted, "Don't worry. Their lives are not in danger. I have informed their family."

Although he said so, his heart was gloomy. There were many pieces of glass on thei

could the parents of the man let it go after their son died? They directly sued Adrian Han. It cost Adrian Han a lot of money to find a lawyer who was skilled in debate. The lawyer claimed that that the man had accidentally fallen to death. It was not a murder. At last, the lawyer even blamed the man for hurting Adrian Han's son and forced the man to pay for it.

The parents of the man lost their son in their twilight years and burdened with a huge debt since then. Helplessly, they jumped off the building to commit suicide. Not long after, Adrian Han's son was discharged from the hospital as if nothing had happened. He didn't care about it at all and did what he wanted as usual. His life was more comfortable than anyone else.

The doctors in the hospital lowered their heads and didn't dare to come forward. They were just ordinary medical staff. How dare they challenge the man in front of them?

"Leave me alone. If anyone dares to call the police, I'll find out and kill his whole family." After saying that, Adrian Han slammed the door.

Fearing that it might cause trouble for their family, the people around went away. Some of then went out to find the man who came with Violet.

The ward door was heavily closed, and Adrian Han's wife locked the door from inside. The door was closed, which meant that Violet's last hope was closed.

She trembled and looked at Adrian Han. She was in a daze and could only see a badly mutilated face.

Adrian Han lifted Violet up and slammed her on the cabinet next to him. He glared at her as if she was an animal that could be trampled to death with a single kick.

Violet's petite body could not withstand the fall, and she fell to the ground after her waist being hit hard by the table. She curled up on the ground, unable to breathe because of the pain, and her internal organs seemed to be broken.

Adrian Han's wife stepped forward, squatted down, grabbed Violet's hair and shouted, "You little bitch! How dare you race with my son? Why did you provoke him when he was driving well? Can you compare with my son? He's in a coma now. Go to hell, bitch, Bitch. "

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