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   Chapter 79 Multiple Personalities

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Seeing this, Charles quickly ran over. The two people in the car had fallen into a coma, and their faces were covered with blood, which looked very creepy, and there were some tiny pieces of glass on their faces.

Violet who followed behind felt her stomach was churning. Feeling dizzy, she held the handrail and couldn't stand steadily.

Fortunately, there was an air bag. The two people in the car were just in a coma and were still breathing.

"Come and help me." Charles opened the door and helped the girl out of the passenger seat, shouting at Violet who was standing aside quietly.

Violet struggled to walk over. Her face was pale and her lips were bloodless.

Charles looked at her and was confused. This kind of car accident was normal and not so bloody. How could she be so scared?

"Hurry up and help her to a safe place. The car is leaking oil and might explode."

Violet held the girl who was in a coma and the whole weight of the girl was on her body. She was already a little dizzy, and now she could not stand steadily. If she hadn't endured the feeling of nausea, she would have fainted. She supported the woman who fell on her body and moved forward with difficulty.

Charles immediately helped the man out of the car. After he took the man to the safe area, he turned around to help Violet hold the girl.

Just a few seconds after the two of them arrived, there was a "bang" sound. Violet's body trembled and turned around. The car was burning with rolling smoke and strong fire. If they had left the car a few seconds later, they would definitely have been killed.

As soon as they put the girl next to the man, Violet fell down uncontrollably. Charles reached out to grab her, but it was too late. Her head hit the ground. Charles's heart tightened and he helped her up. Her head was bleeding, and the wound was not very big, but a large piece of skin was broken.

"Violet, what's wrong with you?" He patted her on the cheek, frowning and worried.

Raising her eyelids, she looked a little uncomfortable. She said in a low voice, "it's okay. I just saw the car accident and blood. I have a stomachache. I'm always like this. I'll be fine after a rest. Are they all right?"

Charles nodded.

He looked at her remorsefully.

He should have noticed something wrong with her earlier.

He even forgot that Natalie had a car accident before.

"Sorry ." Violet said apologetically. She didn't know why she was so excited just now. She didn't mean to do that. She just wanted to sleep for a while. Why did she want to drive at that time?

"I should be the one who should say sorry. I should have stopped you."

Violet didn't say anything. She had no strength to talk anymore. Her head was so dizzy that she closed her eyes and fainted.

When she woke up again, she was already in the hospital. When she opened her eyes, her vision was a little blurred and her head was still a little dizzy. She subconsciously reached out to touch her forehead, which was wrapped with gau

g at that time, but now it seemed that it was terrible.

This kind of disease often occurred after a major disaster. People who suffered this kind of disease usually had two or more personalities. At different times, one personality would become the main personality, and the two personalities would ignore each other. When one personality appeared, the other would disappear, feeling the other was strange and unreal.

The two personalities would have their own memories, behavior patterns, and attitudes, and the difference was usually great, as if two souls lived on the same body.

The patients would feel that their self-awareness had disappeared, and they would feel that they were strange and unreal. They often felt that they were in a dream, or that they had left their bodies. The patients didn't know whether these symptoms were true or not.

The treatment this kind of disease relied on the patient himself, and there was no clear medical solution at the moment.

"Every time you suddenly lose your memory. Are there any specific factors?"

Charles didn't think it would turn out like this all of a sudden. Maybe it was because of some stimulation.

Violet lowered her head and thought for a while. "Some time ago, I had a dream about a car accident. I also dreamed that my child was lost and that a woman was calling her father sadly. Recently, I always see a woman who looks exactly like me. I saw her the day before yesterday. She asked me to leave a man. I don't know who she was talking about."

Charles frowned. He thought that the woman who looked exactly like Violet might be Natalie, but why did she ask Violet leave a man!

He narrowed his eyes and wondered if she wanted Violet to leave him. Why? Did Natalie hate him?

Charles felt everything was so mysterious.

He wasn't sure whether the woman she was talking about was Natalie or some other personality. He wasn't a doctor and didn't dare to belittle himself.

"Am I strange?"

She looked up at him pitifully.

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