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   Chapter 78 Car Racing Accident

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The man was a little surprised. He was a little scared by her cold words and didn't know what to say next. When he was embarrassed, Marla, who heard the voice, came out of the kitchen and saw her husband. She smiled happily.

"You're back, Ted!"

"Dad," The little boy called obediently.

Ted nodded, but was staring at Violet. Marla whispered in his ear, and he seemed to understand.

"Miss Violet, how is your father?" He asked.

Although he didn't know why Natalie changed her name to Violet, he still called her Violet. He recalled Christopher's illness. He remembered that it was brain cancer, but he didn't know how he was now.

Charles's face changed and stared at him angrily.

Ted shrank his neck. He didn't know what he said was wrong, but he still felt scared. He was not unfamiliar with this man at all. He was the son of the Tan's. He had seen him on the news.

After thinking for a while, Violet said, "My father is fine. Thank you."

She replied coldly. Being called Miss Natalie made her very uncomfortable. For her, it seemed to be another woman.

"That's good, that's good. Miss Natalie, excuse me. I'm going to see if the dinner is ready."

Violet nodded slightly and played the remote control aircraft with the little boy like a child.

After Ted left, Charles kept an eye on her face and felt relieved after making sure that she was not angry. He had thought that she would mind it, but now it seemed that it was not a big deal.

Half an hour later, the family came out with hot dishes. Violet kept praising the old lady's cooking, which made her a little embarrassed.

After dinner, Violet and Charles went back to the rooms arranged by the old lady to have a rest. Unlike last time, there were many more guest rooms in the old lady's house. Violet didn't sleep in the same room with Charles, which made the old lady's family surprised, but they didn't dare to ask anything. After all, it was the business of the couple.

The next morning, after the two of them had breakfast at the old lady's house, they were about to leave. Before they left, the little boy seemed to be very reluctant to part with her and shed a lot of tears.

The two of them suddenly appeared and left in a hurry.

Violet had been in low spirits since yesterday. And she just told Charles that she was tired.

There were still few cars on the road just as when they came. Violet closed her eyes but didn't fall asleep, and Charles didn't disturb her. But he drove very slowly, at sixty yards per hour.

After driving for about half an hour, Violet suddenly opened her eyes and looked around. It was still suburb. She was a little unhappy. It's a waste for the good performance of the Spyker.

"Charles, is your car broken down? When can you get back to the city at such a slow speed?"

Charles looked at her suspiciously. As far as he knew, she should not have a job now. Is there anything else that she is in such a hurry to go back for?

But that was not what he cared about.

"Don't call me Charles ." He felt estranged.

Violet smiled, "Then how should I c

t be afraid. I trust my skills. Just sit firm." She said confidently.

It was not that Charles didn't believe in her skill. He had already seen it through the several turns on the way, but the turn in front was too sharp. If something really happened, it was too late to regret.

"What's wrong with you? You can't make fun of such a thing!"

Charles was already angry. He had seen with his own eyes the kind of accident caused by car racing, the person in the car was totally unrecognizable because he was too confident in racing.

"Calm down, Calm down, the car behind us is about to catch up." She even waved her hand to him.

Seeing that it was useless to continue, and he could not force her to stop, Charles could only pray that nothing would happen.

As the friction between the tire and the ground made a sharp scratching sound, accompanied by the roar of the high-power engine, the car fishtailed and drifted smoothly, turning onto the straight road.

Seeing this, the driver behind her was not convinced and quickly caught up with her. But his skill was not as proficient as Violet's, and drift was not his strong point. He drifted too fast.

"Bang!" a loud crash came from behind.

Violet stepped on the brake and stopped the car. She suddenly calmed down, different from the restlessness at the beginning. It was as if everything happened just now was controlled by someone else, not her on purpose.

At this time, she was somewhat absent-minded. She turned her head and looked at Charles helplessly, "what's wrong with me?"

Instead of an explanation, he roared.

"Are you crazy? Do you know how dangerous it is?"

After shouting, Charles opened the door and got out of the car. While walking, he made a phone call. He came to the turn they passed by just now, and Violet followed him dully.

The Maybach hit the railing on the left just now. The safety rod in front of it was sunken, and there were pieces of car shell scattered next to it. The car was dripping with oil, and there was already a puddle of oil under the car.

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