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   Chapter 73 Play Along With You

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Katherine had seen a lot of people and knew whether he was telling the truth.

She smiled meaningfully, "that's good."

"Keep an eye on the people around you. Don't let them hurt my sister. Otherwise..." After a pause, she continued, "Although the Shen's is not as powerful as the Tan's, if someone hurt her, I will try my best to make that person pay the price, no matter who she is."

Charles saw the ruthlessness in her eyes and knew who she was talking about. He smiled confidently, "I won't let you have such a chance."

"That's good. "

After saying that, Katherine continued to read. She didn't want to talk to Charles, and there was no need for her to do so. Without the connection of Violet, they were just strangers in the vast sea of people.

"Who are you?" Charles suddenly asked.

Katherine raised her head and looked at him calmly. She put her hand on the book and leaned against the sofa with a faint smile on her face.

Charles didn't say anything and waited for her answer. He stared at her eyes and knew that a person's eyes wouldn't lie.

"Who do you think I am? Or who do you want me to be?" She asked in reply.

Her eyes were calm, too calm. Charles knew that she had a good psychological quality, so when he asked who she was, she looked very cool.

Charles didn't say anything but smiled. After a while, he said, "I think you are the best friend of Natalie, Catherine Tang."

He just wanted to see Katherine's reaction. But to his disappointment, the woman with a different face from Catherine Tang just smiled lightly, without any sense of nervousness being exposed.

"Mr. Charles, you can regard me as whoever you think. I just know that I'm the eldest daughter of the Shen's. As for the person you are talking about, I'm not sure. Maybe she is me."

It seemed that she admitted it frankly, but it was not exactly admission, which instead made Charles uncertain. He had seen Catherine Tang before. Even if they had only met for a few times, he could see that that woman was definitely not as scheming as the woman in front of him.

"Miss Katherine, it's my fault." Although he said so, it made people feel that it was not the case at all.

Katherine just pursed her lips and smiled, "Mr. Charles, you are so interesting."

Charles didn't understand what she meant.

The two of them didn't say anything. The living room suddenly became quiet, and the maids were outside. There were only the two of them in the living room. The scene should have been embarrassing, but there was no embarrassment at all. One of them held a book in her hand and the other a mobile phone. They didn't interfere with each other.

Therefore, it was impossible for a woman like Katherine to be together with Charles. Both of them were resourceful, the same kind of people.

After a moment of silence, Katherine thought that Violet was about to get down, so she suddenly said, "Violet had a nightmare last night. When you take her out, pay attention to her emotions. She often has a headache recently and recalls the past."

Charles didn't say anything but nodded.

head and looked out of the window. She probably knew that this place might be suburb, and she seemed to be familiar with this place.

"Have I been here before?" She looked at him and asked.

Charles turned his head to take a look at her while driving. Seeing that she was in a better spirit and her face was ruddy, he felt relieved.

"You brought me here. "

Raising her head, she asked, "why should I take you here? It doesn't seem to be an interesting place. It's so remote. Did I plan to sell you?"

She had woken up for a few minutes, but she didn't see any other cars on the road except them. She couldn't think of the reason why she had come here before.

Charles smiled, "How could I know what you were thinking? Maybe you had a crush on me. It' was easy to do something in this remote area."

She rolled her eyes at him. How could she believe such an excuse? But she still asked, "Did I do anything to you, such as that kind of thing?"

"Guess." He smiled complacently.

Violet was speechless.

She pulled the toy in the car, held it in her hand and said casually, "You're over 1.8 meters tall. What could I do to you? Even if I had done, you must have allowed it to happen." But I don't think I did it, or we would have a child. "

Charles's hand holding the steering wheel paused. The car deviated from the original route. Fortunately, he reacted quickly and turned it back in time.

He frowned slightly. She used to have a child, but it was not his.

"Yes, I tried my best to resist in order to keep my clean body, so I failed to satisfy you."

"Why didn't I find that you are so humorous?" Violet looked at him meaningfully.

Charles smiled at her and stared at her with some affection. "I'm never a humorous person. I'm just playing along with you because I'm with you! Or what if you run away? Where can I find such a good woman?"

Why is he such a sweet talker all of a sudden?

Violet covered her burning cheeks with her hands and didn't dare to look into his eyes. Since when did this man become such a sweet talker?

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