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   Chapter 72 You Can't See Me

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On the table, Katherine looked upstairs.

"Go and call Miss Violet down. It's almost noon, and she's still sleeping, like a pig." She called the maid next to her and ordered.

The maid nodded at her and went upstairs.

At this moment, Violet held the maid tightly, pouting and about to kiss her.

"Miss Violet, wake up. It's me! Miss Violet. " The maid pressed Violet's mouth with her hand and shouted.

But Violet didn't wake up. She mumbled, "Don't be shy! Give me a kiss. "

Her voice was really obscene, just like a pervert.

The maid was a little anxious, afraid that she would blame her when she woke up. "Miss Violet, get up !"

She shouted with a long and sharp voice, which could even be heard by Katherine, who was sitting downstairs. Katherine looked up at the upstairs in confusion and whispered, "Why are she sleeping so soundly?"

In the room, Violet suddenly opened her eyes and looked at the little face in front of her. She was confused. "Why are you here?"

The maid got rid of her hand, straightened her clothes and whispered, "Miss Katherine asked me to wake you up. The breakfast is ready, and there are your favorite dishes."

Violet nodded with sleepy eyes, "You can leave now! I'll be right downstairs. "

"Ha ." She yawned and rubbed her eyes. Apparently, she still sleepy.

The maid had already left, but when she walked to the door, she suddenly turned around and said, "Miss Violet, you are drooling." Then she covered her mouth and left with a smile.

Violet wiped her mouth awkwardly, stood up and put on her lovely teddy bear pajama. Her hair was in a mess, but she didn't bother to tie it up and walked out without brushing her teeth.

She yawned as she walked. Katherine happened to see that Violet walking towards her in a sleepy mood.

"You are so slovenly. You should clean yourself up first. Look at your hair. People who don't know you might think you are a beggar on the street. " Katherine scolded her.

"Morning! Sister. " She waved her hand lazily and walked towards Katherine. When Katherine was not noticing, Violet kissed her on the face.

She didn't notice what Katherine just said.

"Ah!" Katherine wiped her face in disgust.

Sitting next to her with a snicker, Violet put her feet on the chair like a ruffian.

The porridge in front of her exuded a strong fragrance. She closed her eyes and enjoyed it with the bowl in her hands.

Katherine rolled his eyes at her, "What were you doing last night? Did you chat with Charles all night! Eh ." She said with contempt.

With her eyes half open, Violet took a bite of the steamed bun in her hand and said, "What are you thinking about? Am I that kind of person?"

Katherine didn't say anything, which meant she acquiesced.

Violet had no strength to argue with her now, so she turned around and continued to eat breakfast. With one hand supporting her head and the other holding the steamed bun, she closed her eyes and bit it mechanically.

"To be honest, what were you doing last night?" Katherine was confused to see that Violet could fall asleep when she was sitting there. A

oting smile. He thought the teddy bear pajama was very beautiful and lovely. Why should she feel embarrassed?

"Good morning, Miss Katherine." His cold tone were totally different from his behavior when he had seen Violet just now.

Katherine had come down from the table and was in the living room. She crossed her legs and nodded in response.

With a book called "A Hundred Years Of Loneliness" in her hand, Katherine looked at Charles up and down intentionally or unintentionally.

"Mr. Charles, you came here quite early! You came here as soon as we got up, as if you had planned it in advance. "

Although she had agreed to let Violet be with Charles, she still refused those from the Tan's in her heart. So she may speak some mean words.

Charles smiled. "Miss Katherine, you must be kidding. I just think you should get up at this time and it's appropriate for me to come over, so I just come here. "

"Huh!" Katherine sneered.

"Where are you taking her?"

"We have been to a place with beautiful scenery. It may be helpful for her mood."

Katherine's hand holding the book paused. She hadn't told him yet, but he knew that Violet was in a bad mood?

Although she teased Violet in the morning, she could tell that Violet was really frightened by what happened last night.

However, Katherine didn't know that Charles was talking about what happened in the restaurant.

"I don't care where you are going to take her. Anyway, don't let her get hurt. The most important, don't let her think about what happened in the past, and keep her away from people she used to know!"

Katherine warned.

She knew that if Violet couldn't find a breakthrough to recall her memory, she would definitely ask someone else for help. Naturally, people from the Shen's wouldn't tell her, but others might not. Although Violet is now the daughter of the Shen's, it is hard to guarantee that she would not be found out by someone with ulterior motives.

Charles looked into her probing eyes frankly and said seriously, "I know what you mean, and I won't do that."

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