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   Chapter 71 Who Is The Woman In The Mirror

Unbearable Love: Boss, Please Let Me Go By Xiao Duoer Characters: 10643

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Looking at the message, she giggled.

Katherine turned around and saw her smiling like a fool, staring at her with some contempt. Were all women in love like this?

"What's wrong?" Gregory asked gently.

Katherine shook her head shyly, her heart pounding.

As to the question whether all the women in love were like this, the answer was yes.

"It's so boring. They have been showing off their love in front of me." She sent the message and complained in an aggrieved tone. In front of her, they laughed happily.

Charles sent a hug Emoji first, and then replied, "it doesn't matter. Tomorrow we will also show off our love. They will be jealous to death."

With the phone in her hand, Violet's face was burning. She covered her face with her hands and felt as if she had a fever. Her body temperature was rising. She rolled down the car window a little and turned her head to look out of the window again. She felt unprecedentedly relaxed in her heart.

In the starry night, a seemingly unremarkable car on the road was now emitting pink bubbles.

Half an hour later, the car stopped at the gate of the Shen's villa. After opening the door and saying thank you, Violet stared at the phone and left without raising her head, leaving Katherine and Gregory behind.

Most of the people in the villa had fallen asleep, and only a maid on duty was still guarding in the living room. It was quite quiet.

The maid on duty was taking a nap. When she heard the footsteps, she opened her eyes and saw the figure of Violet. She trotted up and took a pair of Violet's favorite slippers for her.

"Miss Violet, you are back. Is everything okay?" The maid had seen Katherine running out in a hurry just now and thought something must have happened.

Then Violet looked up at her with a smile and said, "you are on duty today!"

The maid nodded.

"Do a good job. Have a rest if you are sleepy. There is nothing to do at night. Don't be too tired." She patted the maid on the shoulder and smiled happily. Then she turned around and went upstairs.

The maid covered her chest, imagining the scene of her being forced to the corner of the wall by Violet and being required to be her woman. She felt that she would fall in love with a woman if things went on like this. She looked at the back of Violet in confusion. She felt that Violet was in a good mood today, as if something interesting had happened.

She reached out her hand and tried to stop Violet, as she still didn't know if anything had happened. She smelled a strong smell of alcohol just now. Seeing that Violet had gone upstairs, she withdrew her hand and murmured, "maybe nothing had happened, right?"

"What happened? "

Katherine's voice suddenly came from behind.

"Ah!" The maid covered her chest and was frightened by her. She patted her chest to calm down and said, "Miss Katherine, I saw you running out in a hurry just now. I thought something had happened to Miss Violet, so I was a little worried." As she spoke, she took the slippers for Katherine.

Katherine touched her hair and replied with a smile, "don't worry about her. She is as strong as a tiger. It's good that she doesn't hurt other

ing. More than 10 minutes later, she felt a little sleepy. She left the bathtub, dried her body and changed into pajamas. She stood in front of the mirror with her eyes half closed, brushing her teeth. At this moment, she suddenly raised her head. "Ah," What did she see? The person in the mirror was actually looking at her, but the expression made her hair stand on end."

"The person in the mirror had long hair and her face was pale. She slowly opened her mouth ."

Violet's whole body was trembling. She thought of what had happened just now, and what the radio host had just said was exactly the same as her situation. She clicked the pause button on the mobile screen with her trembling fingers.

Maybe she was too nervous that she didn't succeed after a long time, and the voice in the phone was still going on.

"That person's head is slowly approaching her ."

"Ah!" After a nervous scream, she finally paused it. She put the phone aside and looked around the room with fear.

As a matter of fact, what the radio host was going to say next was, "she opened her blood red mouth and said, 'beauty, the cosmetics of our shop only cost half the price! Mention my name, if there is no discount... . '"

So it was just a fucking advertisement, but unfortunately, Violet didn't know as she stopped listening.

With the phone in her hand, she exited the radio. She swore that she would never listen to these craps again. She was so frightened that she couldn't fall asleep any more. Thinking of the woman in the mirror just now, she was so scared that she reached out to take the fluffy doll beside her and tightly held it in her arms. Even so, she didn't feel better.

She was still frightened. She only remembered that the woman had said something to her, but she couldn't remember what exactly it was now.

It was not until five o'clock in the morning that she felt a little safe. Sleepy, she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

She had a sound sleep and had a good dream.

In her dream, she saw Charles. The two of them were doing something shameless. As to the detail, Ahem! Imagine it yourself.

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