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   Chapter 28 Reluctant To Part (Part Two)

Unbearable Love: Boss, Please Let Me Go By Max. A Characters: 5365

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Charles didn't say anything.

Natalie stood by the bed, put the basin aside and found a stool to sit on by the bed.

Charles just looked at her quietly. The dim light above her head shone on her face. He felt that the two of them were like a couple, and she was his wife.

Thinking of this, he pulled her into his arms. Natalie lay down on the bed and looked at him in horror. He put her on the bed and pressed her under him.

"What are you doing?" Natalie asked in fear.

Charles didn't say anything. He lowered his head and kissed her on the lips. Natalie whimpered. Charles let go of her lips and said, "Don't disturb grandma's sleep."

She was stunned. His lips pressed up again, but she couldn't push him away. His kiss was not as domineering as Carter's. Instead, it was very gentle, as if he was treating his beloved thing, fearing that he would break it with force.

"Charles, I will be angry if you keep doing this." She avoided his lips and said.

Charles was stunned. He was too impulsive. He let go of her and hugged her from behind. He begged, "Don't move. Let me hold you like this."

Natalie wanted to refuse. But when she turned her head, only to find that he had closed his eyes, she didn't say anything. She just let him hold her, and her body was stiff. As time passed by, she felt a little sleepy. She pulled the quilt over her body and fell asleep.

Early in the morning, there was a bird singing outside, and the two people in the room hadn't woken up yet. The old lady came to the door and heard no sound inside, so she left. After a while, she finished cooking. She knocked on the door and said, "Natalie, time to get up for breakfast."

Rubbing her sleepy eyes, Natalie answered, "Got it, grandma."

She turned around and found that Charles was still sleeping. She put her hand on his forehead. It seemed that it was not as hot as last night. She immediately breathed a sigh of relief. She pushed the sleeping man and said, "Hey! Charles, grandma has asked us to get up for breakfast. Get up, lazy pig. "

Charles opened his eyes and smiled gently, "Isn't it my wife who is waking me up for breakfast?" Then he kissed her on the lips and said, "Good morning, honey." Then he got out of bed.

"You..." Natalie said angrily, but she couldn't do anything to him.

Charles's shirt were a little wet, so he couldn't wear it for the time being. He went out naked.

After cleaning up, Natalie followed him out of the room. Outside the room, she stretched herself comfortably. Seeing that Charles came over, she laughed loudly with her hands on her stomach.

"Why are you dressing like this? So funny." Natalie wiped the tears from

the corners of her eyes.

Charles asked the old lady to find him a coat, and she got him a bright red cotton padded jacket. She told him seriously that this was the jacket her son bought for her when he came back last time, and she had never worn it before. Charles had no choice but to wear it.

After breakfast, Natalie still couldn't help laughing. It was so funny that Charles was wearing a big cotton padded jacket. If others knew it, they would think that they were blind. Charles was so angry that he gritted his teeth. Natalie took a few photos secretly when he was not noticing.

Natalie had been covering her mouth and laughing all the time. Charles hold her in his arms. He walked to the pool in front of him and threatened, "If you laugh again, believe it or not, I'll throw you in."

Her laughter stopped all of a sudden. Natalie was really scared. It seemed that he was not lying. She was so scared that she nodded repeatedly. After Charles put her down, she couldn't help snickering. He had no choice but to let her do whatever she wanted.

The two of them had planned to leave after breakfast on foot and take a taxi on the national highway, but before long it began to rain. The two of them didn't go far before they came back. They took a shower, hung their clothes in front of the door and changed into the old lady's clothes.

When the two of them came out and saw each other, they were both stunned and then laughed out loud. Charles laughed at Natalie as she looked like a village woman, while Natalie teased back and called him a rustic man. The two of them just made fun of each other like this.

At noon, Natalie made several dishes with her own hands. In the eyes of Charles, this woman was quite good at cooking, different from the debutantes he knew. He felt that there was always something very warm on Natalie, which attracted him.

The rain didn't stop until near noon the next day.

The signal tower on the other side of the mountain had been repaired. Natalie ran out of the house with her mobile phone in her hand and shouted, "The mobile phone has signal." For the first time, she found the importance of the mobile phone signal.

More than fifty missed calls popped up on the screen, all from Carter, and a lot of messages as well. Natalie thought she would have a big trouble when she went back today. Suddenly, she was a little afraid that Carter would even kill her if she went back.

Charles took out his phone and dialed a number. The two of them just waited like this. They suddenly felt reluctant to leave here.

More than an hour later, Charles's phone rang. The person who came to pick up had already arrived.

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