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   Chapter 21 Wake Up

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The woman looked at the back of Olivia and muttered fiercely, "It's your turn now."

An elegant sound of violin rang. Standing on the first stage, Elaine held the microphone and said gracefully, "Thank you for coming to my birthday party today. Now, Carter and I are going to lead the dance for you. Please dance together. Thank you."

There was applause from the audience. Elaine walked towards Carter, looking at him with a smile and shyness. Carter stretched out his hand reluctantly.

Both of them had their own thoughts while dancing. Elaine stared at the man in front of her affectionately. It took her a lot of effort to be with him. Now it seemed that everything was worth it.

"Mr. Carter and Miss Elaine are a perfect match." It was a woman's voice.

"Yes! They are a perfect match. " Another woman echoed.

Standing in the distance, Natalie's eyes became dim. "Their dance steps are so tacit. She thinks that they are well matched. She is like an ugly duckling. Suddenly, she has the idea of quitting. What is she now?"

Holding Elaine in his arms, Carter couldn't help but glance at the position of Natalie. He felt bad as he saw Natalie standing there with her head down. And his steps turned a little messy, and he almost stepped on Elaine's foot. Fortunately, he reacted quickly and avoided this from happening.

"My princess, would you like to dance with me?" With his left hand behind his back, Charles bent down and stretched out his right hand and looked at the woman in front of him.

In a daze for a moment, Natalie didn't know what to say. She said awkwardly, "I-I can't dance!"

"I'll teach you, and you just follow my steps." After saying that, Charles pulled her into the crowd directly.

In a daze, Natalie was taken into the dancing floor. She was stiff and didn't know how to dance.

Charles bent down slightly. Natalie looked around and also bowed politely like others around her.

"Put your arms around my waist and follow me slowly. I'll lead you to dance." Charles said gently.

Natalie wrapped her arms around his waist and followed him. Waltz is a very romantic dance, especially when one danced with the person he liked.

"Okay!" Charles snorted, biting his lips.

"I'm sorry. I don't know how to dance." Natalie apologized in a hurry.

"Don't worry. Go on." Charles said with a smile.

"Uh!" Afraid of stepping on him again, Natalie felt a little embarrassed, but she still stretched out her hand.

After a few minutes of training, the tacit understanding between the two had improved a lot. Although Charles was trampled on badly, he had to suffer it silently.

Carter was right behind them, and they passed by each other. When Carter's eyes met with Cassie's, she blushed and lowered her head, not daring to look at him.

"Wow! We meet again. " Frank's voice came from the side. It was hard to tell if it was a coincidence that his partner was Olivia. She stared fiercely at Natalie, unable to hide her anger any more.

As soon as she raised her head, Carter was out of sight. Natalie breathed a sigh of relief. Standing next to him, she always felt as if he had done something wrong. She smiled and said to Frank, "Aren't you the stylist of TBO! Are you here to look for your husband? But he is mine now. By the way, why don't you bring your daughter with you? "

Frank was a little bit shocked. He just said that for kidding. He did not expect that this woman would say so.

Charles looked at Frank with a faint smile, "You deserve it." He gave Natalie a gentle smile as if he was praising her. "Well done, tiny." Natalie was 1.6 meter tall. She was indeed looked a little tiny in front of him.

A stab of jealous passed through Olivia's heart as she heard Natalie's words, and she had never seen Charles smile at her like this before. "Why is this woman? It could be anyone else, but why is it this seemingly ordinary woman. What's so good about this woman? She always looks like a bitch. "

"Can we exchange partner, Natalie?" Olivia looked at Natalie with a smile.

"What?" Natalie looked up at Charles and found that he didn't give any response, so she said, "Okay."

Olivia hurried to hold Charles in her arms.

Charles glared at Natalie, gnashing his teeth, "How could this woman give him to others without thinking? He is so angry, but he has to hide it."

Lowering her head, Natalie said, "Didn't you have any response just now? Why did you stare at me?"

"Please, little beauty." Frank said with a smile.

Natalie nodded and stretched out her hand.

As music turned faster and faster, Natalie was hard to keep up with him. A scream came out from Frank's mouth, and he stamped his feet in pain.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to do that." Natalie apologized in a hurry.

"It's okay. Just go on." Frank waved his hand and said. 'My toe must be broken, ' Frank thought to himself.

After a while, another scream came out from Frank's mouth. He closed his lips tightly, trying to make his expression not so bad. He stared at Natalie and said with a smile, "Little beauty, you did it on purpose, right? You are still angry, right? Don

't worry. I would never take your man away from you."

"No, no, no. It's not like that." Afraid that he would misunderstand her, Natalie waved her hand.

"I can't dance." Natalie said awkwardly. She had almost familiar with the dancing skills under the help of Charles just now, but now she became nervous again because of the sudden change of her dancing partner.

Frank stared at the back of Charles fiercely.

By coincidence, Charles suddenly turned around and met with Frank's eyes. Charles raised his eyebrows and gave Frank an innocent smile.

Frank gritted his teeth and was about to argue with him. "Damn it! How dare this man smile at him? No wonder he was so decisive just now. He must have planned it. "

Staring at Charles affectionately, Olivia asked, "Charles, what are you laughing at?"

"Nothing." Charles said coldly.

Just then, the music stopped. Frank ran to Charles and questioned, "Charles, did you do it on purpose? "

Charles spread out his hands, pretending not to understand, and smiled, "What did you say?"

"Damn it! Don't play dumb with him. We haven't fought for a long time. " Perhaps he had forgotten that he was the one who was beaten black and blue every time.

"I'm sorry." Natalie said shyly.

As if he had changed into another person, Frank turned to Natalie, smiled and said, "It doesn't matter, little beauty. I didn't blame you. It doesn't hurt at all. Look." After saying that, Frank stamped his feet. It hurt so much that his look even changed.

Natalie smiled. She didn't expect that Charles, a cold man, would have a friend like Frank.

Seeing the interaction between the three people, Olivia could not find a word to say at all. She was somewhat unconvinced and asked, "Can't Natalie dance?"

Natalie nodded shyly.

"Then I will teach you later. I heard that you are living in Charles's house now. I can go to teach you later." Holding her hand, Olivia looked warm-hearted.

Natalie nodded in embarrassment.

Frank acted as if he had heard some big news. He winked at Charles and said, "You said she was just an ordinary friend. She has already lived at your home."

Charles gave him a disdainful look, "It's none of your business."

Feeling that her bag was vibrating, Natalie took out her phone. It was a strange number. She took it over in confusion and said, "Hello, yes, it is. I'll be there soon."

Hanging up the phone, Natalie looked a little nervous. She looked at Charles and said, "I have to go now. Please send my best wishes to Elaine."

Hearing this, Olivia was in a good mood. "Let's go. Don't be bothered here."

When Natalie was about to leave, Charles grabbed her wrist and said, "Let me drive you there."

Natalie thought for a while and nodded. Then they left together.

"Charles." Looking at their backs, Olivia shouted, but Charles did not turn back.

"Wow! Charles has left with someone else. Why don't you come with me? " Frank said with a smile.

"Who do you think you are to compete with Charles?" Olivia glared at him and left without looking back.

WOW! The relationship was very complicated! Charles had a good time in love affairs. Frank stood here as if he was watching a good show. And his expression was a little annoying.

Seeing the two leaving in a hurry, Carter wanted to ask why, but was stopped by Elaine. Looking at him, Elaine felt that he was a little absent-minded tonight.

As soon as Natalie got off the car, she ran upstairs. Charles followed her. He guessed that she would come to the hospital. He hoped it was not bad news, otherwise, no one would know how sad Natalie will be. Charles was stunned. How could he be so worried about this woman? Didn't he done this for show? He told himself that he should play his part well even if it was just a show.

Natalie rushed into the doctor's office and asked, "Doctor, how is my father?" She gasped and her chest heaved. Just now, the hospital called and said that there was something wrong with the patient and asked her to come over.

The doctor was an old man who was performing an operation on Christopher. He complained casually, "I'm not deaf. Why are you shouting so loudly? This is the hospital."

Glancing at Natalie, the doctor turned his head and said, "Alas, how could a girl come out in such clothes."

Natalie felt a little embarrassed. It was indeed inappropriate for her to come to the hospital in such a dress, but she cares more about her father's condition now.

"Doctor, my father..."

"He woke up." The doctor glanced at her and said.


Natalie turned around and ran upstairs. Charles grabbed her arm and said, "Are you crazy? Your father is on the seventeenth floor and here is the second floor. It takes long if you climb in high heels! "

Only then did Natalie realize that she was too excited.

In the elevator, Natalie couldn't hide her excitement. "Dad finally woke up. It's the third day. She almost thought... "

Charles glanced at her and thought, 'This woman really doesn't know how to hide her feelings. She shows everything on her face. I don't know how she has lived till now.'.

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