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   Chapter 20 The Party

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Charles glared at him, and the man turned around in a hurry. He looked at Natalie with a flattering smile and said, "This beauty, please follow me. I'll make you enjoy and have fun."

"Ha!" Natalie turned to look at Charles, who was glaring at the man as if he wanted to kill the man.

"Go ahead! I'll wait for you outside. " Charles said coldly.

"Oh," said Natalie, following the man. She listened to his nonsense and couldn't understand why Charles took her to such a place. The two men were totally different. One was cold and the other was hot. It seemed that the relationship between them was good.

"How did you know him?" While tidying up the things in his hands, the man displayed his special skill of gossiping.

Natalie glanced at him. This man had a mature and steady appearance, but he spoke with a cheeky smile.

"I knew him when we were at school."

Oh! The man looked at Natalie with an obscene expression, thinking that they were childhood playmates! Why didn't he know that there was such a girl in front of him at school? He didn't remember her.

"Then what's your relationship with him?" The man said as he helped Natalie tidy up her hair. Charles was not a loyal friend. He had never seen him take any woman out, let alone come here with him.

Natalie thought for a while and said, "He and I are just ordinary friends."

"Really?" the man obviously didn't believe her. He knew that he couldn't get anything from her, so he stopped asking about it.

"Little beauty, your hair is fine." The man continued to cotton up.

"Thank you." Natalie said shyly. She didn't know the background of this man and didn't dare to talk too much to him.

An hour had passed, but the people inside hadn't come out yet. Charles looked at a piece of newspaper in his hand again and again, but he didn't read a word. He looked inside from time to time.

Why did it take so long? Women were really troublesome.

Another half an hour later, Natalie's ears suffered enough from the nonstop man. This man was so eloquent and it was not good to ignore his questions. As a result, her background was almost known to him, but she knew nothing about the man.

Staring at the woman in the mirror, Natalie found that she could be so beautiful with make-up. While she was still thinking, she had been taken out by the man.

Charles's eyes lit up. With proper makeup and the light blue dress he just bought for her in the mall, this woman was so beautiful that he almost suffocated.

The man looked at Charles with an evil smile. While being told that they were just ordinary friends, he had already seen that the relationship between the two was not simple, as expected.

"Are you satisfied, Mr. Charles?" The man stepped forward to block Natalie's body, looked at Charles and asked.

Charles glared at him, "Frank, you are courting death."

Frank Liu knew that he was going to explode and quickly dodged, in case of bringing himself trouble.

Natalie didn't expect them to know each other. No wonder she felt that Charles treated this man differently.

Charles pinched Natalie's chin and said lightly, "Not bad."

"Let's go."

Natalie followed him with a smile on her face.

"Leaving now? Charles, you are heartless. Leave me alone and run away. I have your child. What should we do if you leave? If you leave, don't come back again. " The man complained from behind like a dissatisfied housewife.

Charles turned his head and glared at Frank Liu. He even wanted to strangle this man.

Natalie covered her mouth and snickered. The man was so funny.

"What are you laughing at?" Charles glared at her. Frank is such a bastard. He doesn't want to lose face.

Hearing what he said, Natalie burst into laughter with her hands on her belly. At last, she laughed so hard that her stomach was almost cramped.

"If you keep laughing, I'll make you stay with him for one day."

Natalie immediately closed her mouth and changed the topic. "Where are we going next?" Make her stay with that man for one day. She might go crazy. She didn't want everything about her, even her ancestors to be discovered by that man.

"Go to eat something." Charles said coldly.

As soon as Natalie heard the word eating, she got excited. She was already very hungry.

It was already half past eight in the evening when the two of them were dawdling. Wearing the dress that Charles bought for her and the necklace that Carter gave her, Natalie appeared outside the LS Hotel with him.

As soon as he got out of the car, he attracted many people's attention. "Mr. Charles of the Tan's actually has a woman with him. Who is the woman beside him? I have never seen her before!" The reporters around them were shooting at them, hoping that their news could be the headline tomorrow. Natalie was a little scared and quickly hid beside him.

Charles stared at those reporters and threatened, "Do you want to lose your jobs?"

Everyone put away their cameras in a hurry. What he said was not a joke. If they continued to shoot, their studios might really be in danger. It was said that before a bold reporte

r had taken a photo of Charles's intimacy with a man, and the newspaper disappeared on the second day.

The reporters were sensible. Anyway, they had got what they wanted.

They didn't know it at first, but they had heard the news from Elaine. Thus they came here early to wait. Elaine had planned to ask the reporters to take more photos of Carter and her, but now the limelight was stolen by Charles and Natalie.

They were the last to come, which caused a commotion. Everyone was talking about who the woman beside him was. Tomorrow morning at most, everyone in L City would know the news.

Carter and Elaine were talking with others. When he heard the commotion, he turned to look at the direction where the voice came from. Natalie was walking towards him elegantly like a fairy in her dress.

'Is this woman so beautiful? Why didn't he notice it before. Why didn't she wear the dress he sent to her?' He wondered. The dress on her must be given to her by Charles. This woman was really annoying, but she was so beautiful today.

Seeing who were coming, Elaine immediately walked up and said with a smile, "There you are, Charles."

"Happy birthday, Elaine." Charles gave her a box which was also a necklace.

But it was not the one Elaine wanted. She thanked him and looked at Natalie beside him.

At this moment, Natalie was lowering her head in embarrassment. She followed him here inexplicably without taking anything for Elaine.

'Why was Natalie wearing that necklace? That's a gift Carter bought for her, isn't it? Although Carter gave her a dress, she didn't see the necklace. Why, why is it here with Natalie?' Elaine couldn't figure it out.

"The necklace is very beautiful." Elaine said, pointing at Natalie's neck.

Standing next to her, Carter's face changed.

Lowering her head, Natalie said, "Thank you."

"It's beautiful, right? I gave it to her." Charles continued.

Elaine nodded, 'It turned out to be a gift from Charles.' She was so scared that the necklace was from Carter. Elaine was stunned. Why did she have such an idea? Natalie was the fiancee of Charles and they would get married in a few days. But why hadn't Carter given her the necklace bought for her? She couldn't figure it out, so she decided to ask him directly tonight.

Suddenly, someone came to say hello to Elaine. Elaine excused herself and left with that person, leaving the three people behind.

"You look pretty today." Said Carter. How he wished he was the one standing beside her.

Natalie nodded and said, "Thank you."

Carter's eyes had never left Natalie since she came in. He wished he could take this little woman away from this place as soon as possible, but not now.

"Brother, I don't think it's appropriate for others to see you looking at my fiancee so unscrupulously." Charles whispered.


At this moment, Elaine's voice came. Carter took a look at Natalie, turned around and left.

Perhaps it was her illusion, Elaine always felt that the way Carter looked at that woman was different.

Charles pinched Natalie's chin with his big hand and asked, "Carter gave the necklace to you, didn't he? No wonder you didn't accept mine. You have already got one. You came to attend that woman's birthday, wearing the necklace he gave you. Natalie, are you pretending to be ignorant or really stupid?"

Not knowing why, Charles looked at Natalie's neck and felt that the necklace was particularly offending.

Hearing that, Natalie's eyes turned a little red. She didn't think too much. She also felt that she was wrong, but what could she do? Love was a complicated thing.

"Charles." The voice of Olivia came from not far away.

Hearing that Charles lowered his head and kissed on Natalie's lips, Natalie widened her eyes and looked at him in horror, uttering "Hmm ...".

"Don't move. If you resist, I'll tell Elaine that he gave you the necklace." Charles threatened.

Natalie didn't dare to move, allowing him to kiss her.

Not far away, Carter clenched his fists. This woman was getting more and more excessive. It seemed that his punishment for her was not enough.

At the sight of this, Olivia, who was about to run over, stopped and tears fell unconsciously. 'Why is this woman everywhere? No one can take Charles from her.' Olivia thought and stared at Natalie viciously.

"What are you doing here, Olivia?" A pretty woman in a blue dress came over and asked.

"Nothing." Olivia was not in the mood to talk to her now.

"Hey! Isn't that Mr. Charles of the Tan's? Who is the woman beside him? " The woman looked at Natalie and asked Olivia, as if she was watching a good show.

"A bitch!" Olivia replied fiercely, as if she wanted to tear Natalie apart.

"Isn't that your Charles? I've never heard that he has a girlfriend." The woman added fuel to the fire.

Olivia glared at her and roared, "She is not Charles's girlfriend."

With a complacent smile at the corners of her mouth, the woman asked, "Then why is she next to Charles and the two are kissing in such a place?"

After glaring at the woman fiercely, Olivia left angrily.

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