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   Chapter 18 Bath Together

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She couldn't understand what he was talking about. When did she hook up with others? She had been in the hospital last night, and she didn't go anywhere when her father was injured!

However, it was still hard for Natalie to accept the fact that she had been wronged.

She shook her head and looked wronged. "No, I really didn't."

Carter slightly narrowed his eyes, but a moment later, his eyes suddenly became sharp. As Natalie shook her head, he saw a red mark on her neck.

As long as he thought that she stayed with Charles last night, Carter couldn't control his anger any more. He pinched Natalie's neck, and the anger on his face seemed to swallow her up.

The mark was left by Natalie herself after she was bitten by mosquitoes last night. But Carter was out of control now. He can't think about other possible reasons.

He pulled Natalie over and took her without any hesitation.

Now Carter was sure that this woman had done something shameful with Charles last night. The more he thought about it, the angrier he became.

No matter how she begged for mercy, Carter seemed not to hear what she said.

After a while, there was no response. Carter was confused. He turned over Natalie in his arms. With tears in her eyes, the woman didn't respond.

"Natalie, Natalie, don't expect that I will let you go just because you pretend to be asleep." Carter was a little anxious. He measured her breath and found that she just fainted. He breathed a sigh of relief. Was he so terrible?

He gently put her down, tucked her in and held her in his arms.

He still felt a little resistant to the fact that this woman was with Charles last night.

Thinking of this, he fell asleep.

It was getting dark in the evening, and the woman on the bed seemed to wake up.

Natalie rubbed her eyes. She felt great pain all over her body and her wrist was still red. Turning around, she saw a familiar face. Biting her lips, Natalie was very angry. This man didn't answer her phone last night when she needed him most. Today, he just came back and treated her like this indiscriminately.

Natalie gently lifted the quilt and tiptoed to the bathroom to turn on the tap. The warm hot water splashed on her body, and the pain in her body seemed to be mitigated.

On the bed, Carter turned over and found nothing. He immediately opened his eyes.

Where did she go? She looked around and heard the sound of water dripping from the bathroom. The stone in her heart was instantly put down, and he pushed the door and walked in directly.

Seeing this, Natalie was even more scared and didn't dare to move. Her body was still painful.

Carter walked over and stood under the bath towel. He didn't do anything to her. Natalie breathed a sigh of relief. Carter was furious when he heard this. Why was she so happy when he didn't do anything to her?

"Come here."

Carter held her in front of him. When he spoke again, there was a faint fear in his tone. "From now on, only I can touch your body."

Natalie didn't know why he cared about this all the time. She didn't know what he was talking about, but she nodded honestly.

Satisfied with her reaction, Carter reached out and stuffed the box beside the bed into her hand.


at's this?" Asked Natalie.

"Open it." Carter kept her in suspense and wanted to see her reaction when she received his gift.

Natalie opened the box carefully. There was a blue necklace with a heart-shaped diamond in the middle.

"It's beautiful." Natalie praised sincerely.

"It's for you." Carter touched his hair and greedily smelled her unique fragrance.

Natalie couldn't believe it. "It must be very expensive. I can't accept it." She closed the box carefully and handed it to him.

"Just keep it. Don't talk nonsense." Carter was a little angry.

Natalie put the box aside with a smile on her face.

"Are you hungry?" Carter asked.

Natalie nodded.

"Get yourself prepared and I'll take you out for dinner."

"But my clothes." Natalie said with grievance.

Carter then remembered that her clothes were torn by him just now, so he called the receptionist to send a woman's clothes upstairs.

After a while, the doorbell rang. Carter gestured for Natalie to open the door. She opened the door with a bath towel, and it was the woman who had just stopped her downstairs that send the clothes here.

The woman asked in disbelief. She had never expected that. It was hard to hide the surprise on her face when she learnt that Natalie was really in Mr. Carter's room.

Natalie took the clothes and thanked her politely. Then she closed the door. Leaving the woman standing outside in a daze.

Natalie put on the black lace dress.

"Change another one. This one doesn't look good." Carter said in disgust.

How could she walk out in such revealing clothes.

Natalie didn't know why. She turned around and said, "I think it's very beautiful."

"Cut the crap. Go and change another one." Carter ordered again.

Natalie was stunned. Where did she get the other one? The beauty just came up with only one dress. She said fearlessly, "It doesn't matter, I can wear a coat."

Carter finally relented and said discontentedly, "Whatever."

They went to a quiet western restaurant. During the dinner, Carter's phone rang again. He became solemn as he glanced at the number on the screen. After answering the phone, he quickly got up and left.

After taking a few steps, he thought of something and turned around. "You can go back by yourself after you finish eating. I will ask the driver to pick you up."

Not knowing what had happened, Natalie nodded honestly and saw him leave in a hurry.

Shortly after Carter left, Natalie also left by herself, and did not wait for the driver to come. She took a taxi to the hospital. She wanted to see her father and discuss the follow-up with the doctor.

In the Kane's study in the Tan's villa, Kane was sitting opposite to Carter. The two of them had been in a stalemate for more than 10 minutes without saying anything. Finally, Kane couldn't help but ask, "Tell me what happened."

With his hands behind his back, Carter looked into his scrutinizing eyes and said, "Something private."

Kane stood up abruptly, pounding the table, and said angrily, "Is there anything more important than the century old business of the Tan's.

Carter didn't say anything, and Kane was furious.

Kane coughed... Kane coughed again " Kane put his hands on his chest.

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