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   Chapter 14 Her Stepmother

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Outside the door, a man held a phone and looked at the caller ID, but it was not connected. Mr. Carter had told him that this cooperation was very important. If it was not very important, don't disturb them.

Carter spoke out his idea sincerely. It seemed that the other party was thinking about it since they didn't say anything. He looked out of the window. He got the short notice from his father to come to Australia to discuss the cooperation. When he left, Natalie was sleeping. He didn't have time to tell her. He was wondering what she was doing now. He thought she must have fallen asleep at this time. He really missed her.

In the hospital, Natalie took a look at the operating room. Her father was still in it. She squatted on the ground and thought for a long time. Then she dialed a number. After a while, the phone was connected. She breathed a sigh of relief.

"Can you lend me one hundred thousand?" Natalie asked tentatively. She was not sure whether the person on the other end of the phone would agree or not.

The other person was stunned for a moment and said, "Okay, where are you? I'll go there."

Natalie told him the address of the hospital and he hung up the phone. She didn't expect that he would have agreed, so she was still in a daze for a moment.

"Where is the patient's family?" A doctor in emergency suit came out of the operating room and asked.

In a daze, Natalie heard the voice and hurried to run over. She asked anxiously, "Doctor, how is my father?"

"Doctor, is my husband out of danger? Why didn't he come out?" Miranda asked as she looked inside.

"The patient is in a very dangerous situation now. The reinforcing steel penetrated his lung all the way to his chest wall, close to his heart and main blood vessels. In addition, he was not properly treated at that time, so he is in a very critical condition now." The doctor's gloves were still stained with bright red blood, which was shocking.

Natalie clenched her fists and teeth tightly to keep herself awake and prevent her tears from falling.

The doctor looked at Natalie and asked, "You are the daughter of the patient, right? The patient needs blood transfusion right now. His blood type is rare. The only bag in the hospital has been used up. Do you have the same blood type as him?"

Natalie nodded repeatedly. The doctor asked her some questions and took her to the emergency room in a hurry. It was not until now that Natalie saw her father. He was lying there quietly, breathing weakly. She hadn't seen him for more than half a year and he looked much older.

Lying on the bed near her father, Natalie turned her head to look at him.

She had always been afraid of injection, because when she was a child, she always felt painful while the doctor was giving an injection. A long needle was inserted into her blood vessel. She gritted her teeth.

Blood flowed out of her arm.

As time passed by, Natalie's lips began to turn pale and she was in a trance. She bit her lips hard to keep herself awake.

The scalpel in the doctor's hand kept moving, and his forehead was sweating. All the doctors and nurses looked grave. About half an hour later, Natalie was carried out by someone. She looked back as she walked, fearing that her father would leave her.

Seeing the door of the operating room open, Miranda quickly took her from the nurse's hand and asked, "Natalie, are you okay? How is your father now? Can he get out of danger?"

"Can he get out of danger? If not, what are you going to do? Leave me alone? " Natalie didn't like her stepmother. This woman was too selfish and snobbish. Her father had spent almost all his money on this woman and her son over the years. Natalie had to work while studying in the university for several years. But this stepmother was still on guard against her and even took the money her father had given to her.

Natalie looked up at Miranda with a bitter smile, broke free from her arms and walked towards the elevator.

Miranda stopped her, "Where are you going, Natalie? Your father hasn't come out yet." Miranda was afraid that Natalie would leave. Then how could she afford the cost of the operation.

Natalie turned back and smiled bitterly. "What? Are you afraid that I will leave?"

Miranda was so embarrassed that she didn't say a word. Natalie snorted coldly and walked forward without looking back. She was dizzy and a little unconscious, and even staggered on her way. She leaned against the wall to prevent herself from falling. She raised her hand to support her forehead, trying to keep sober.

She stumbled all the way to the elevator door, guessing that he would arrive soon and wanted to wait downstairs.

Bang! The elevator opened as soon as Natalie arrived at the door. She raised her head with surprise and said with difficulty, "Thank you for coming."

As soon as she finished speaking, she fell forward. Charles hurriedly helped her up.

Her whole body was cold, her lips were pale, and her big eyes were not as energetic as before. Her hair was a little messy. She was wearing thin pajamas and a thin coat. In a pair of sandals, her feet were cold and red. Charles could feel that she was trembling in his arms.

Charles frowned and inexplicably felt sorry for her. He took off his wind coat and put it on her.

"Are you okay?" He asked in a normal calm tone, but a slight change could be sensed. At this moment, Natalie had no strength to think about anything else.

She leaned on him and hemmed.

Charles picked her up and put her on a stool not far away. He turned around, paid the fees and also prepaid some more. He turned around and fetched a glass of water from the water dispenser nearby. He saw her thin body clinging to the wall, seeming to be looking for a glimmer of comfort.

He handed a cup of hot water to Natalie and said, "You can tell me directly what happened."

Charles didn't understand what this woman was thinking. There were two rich men around her. With such a big event, shouldn't she contact them as soon as possible? It seemed that she would not call him if there was any other choice.

"Thank you." Natalie raised her head and looked at him with tears in her eyes. She didn't expect him to come. With the tears falling down, she lowered her head, afraid of being seen by him.

Charles pushed the stupid woman beside him hard and said, "You don't need to thank me. You need to return the money, or you can pay back with your body."

Natalie sobbed and said, "I'll pay the money back."

Charles didn't care about the money at all. He just wanted to make fun of this woman.

"You don't have to pay the money back. I will help you with the follow-up treatment of your father. Our wedding will be held in a few days. After that, you just need to maintain the image of Mr. Charles' s wife in the Tan's. Don't do anything out of line to embarrass me. I don't want your name, Natalie, to appear on the entertainment headlines. " Charles said coldly.

Natalie nodded slightly. She would definitely return the money to him.

Charles hated her submissive manner. He pinched her chin and asked, "Natalie, have you been so spineless all the time? Or are you afraid of me? You really should take a good look at yourself."

Although this woman was not a beauty, her appearance was acceptable. But she always behaved humbly in front of them, which made people angry.

Knowing that she looked terrible now, Natalie lowered her head and didn't say anything. She was worried about her father's condition.

Seeing her silent, Charles didn't want to say anything more and just stayed with her quietly.

Natalie had never thought that time could be so slow in her life. It was only a few hours, but she felt that a few years had passed.

Miranda came out to look for Natalie as she hadn't come back for a long time. She saw her at the corner of the operating room. Beside her sat a man who looked like a rich man from his dressing.

'Why Natalie didn't tell her she had a boyfriend, so ungrateful. The two aunts next door have recommended a man. She is planning to ask Natalie to go on a blind date with him some time later. Natalie is more than twenty years old but still hasn't done anything for the family. She is still not in a hurry to get married at this age. Normally people of her age have already got children.'

"Natalie! Why are you sitting here? Have you paid for your father's operation? "

Miranda knew that Natalie didn't have much money, but the man beside her seemed to be a rich man.

Raising her head, Natalie said in disgust, "Mom, I'll pay for dad's operation. You don't need to worry about it. Dad is in such a big trouble. Will my brother come back to see him?"

"I didn't tell him. Your brother is in the third year of senior high school. He is about to take the college entrance examination and can't be distracted. What if he couldn't be admitted to college. ."

Miranda kept talking about her son's future, and Natalie couldn't hear a word.

This woman was always so selfish, always only considering for herself.

"Excuse me for incurring ridicule. My stepmother is always like this, but she is nice." Natalie looked at Charles and said, looking a little depressed.

Charles didn't say anything, nor did he pay attention to the chattering woman in front of him. Would she live a good life with such a stepmother? No wonder she was always aloof.

Seeing that no one pay attention to her, Miranda was a little embarrassed. "Natalie, who is this?"

"My friend." Although Natalie didn't want to tell her, she knew that if she didn't tell her, the woman in front of her would definitely keep asking.

"Have you paid for your father's operation? The doctor said that if you don't pay for it, they won't help your father later. Your father is the only backbone of our family. If he collapses, how can I survive in the future. Why am I so unlucky? Married a short-lived drunkard who hit me or scolded me all the time. And now when I have finally found someone who was kind to me, this accident happened. Why is God so unfair... . "

Miranda kept acting like a dissatisfied woman. She shouted that the God was unfair to her and people around looked at her strangely.

Charles frowned and looked embarrassed.

"Is that enough?" Natalie roared, clenching her fists and glaring at Miranda.

"Please be quiet. This is the hospital." A nurse said.

"You can go back first. I can handle the rest." Natalie raised her head and forced a smile to Charles.

She didn't want others to see her like this. Let her keep her last bit of self-esteem.

"Don't smile if you don't know how to do it." Charles said coldly.

Suddenly, Natalie's phone rang. It was from Carter. Natalie took out her phone, and Charles turned his head away.

All of a sudden, the door of the operating room was opened. The doctor pushed the bed out. Natalie hung up the phone and ran to him in a hurry.

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