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   Chapter 9 Love Nobody

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Carter was surprised! Charles was also surprised!

But Charles reacted quickly and smiled inexplicably, "How dare you! Woman, have you ever thought about the consequences? "

He put his arms around her waist and looked at her eyes coldly. She was a little flustered because of his words, just like a frightened kitten.

It seemed that things had gone beyond her expectation? Blinking her eyes, Natalie struggled to get up and murmured, "I regret it. Let me go."

"I won't let go of a woman who threw herself at me." Charles's strong and powerful hand held her body, making it impossible for her to get rid of it.

"Charles, you are a rogue!" Gnashing her teeth, Natalie glared at him angrily. When she turned around, she saw Carter, who was sitting opposite to her, looking at her with a complicated expression. He looked away indifferently when he saw her eyes.

He must have misunderstood her again. Natalie thought in a daze.

Charles was dissatisfied with her thinking about Carter again. He suddenly lifted her up and stood up.

"What are you doing?" Subconsciously, Natalie grabbed his collar and looked at him in a panic. She turned her attention back to Charles. She didn't even notice the change.

Charles cocked his eyebrows, "Get married in advance!"

"What?" Natalie was so frightened by his words that she raised her voice all of a sudden.

She kicked her legs. Before she could struggle down, she was taken into the room by Charles and thrown on the bed.

Natalie stepped back in a hurry. Charles grabbed her and took her back. He easily hold her under his body. He loosened his tie with one hand, and his emotionless expression seemed to say the person in front of him was nothing but a document controlled by others.

"Let go of me! Go away! Ah!" Natalie screamed in panic.

No matter how big the private plane was, it couldn't be anywhere. Carter, who was sitting outside, heard the sound. His face gradually darkened, and his hand holding the newspaper could not help tightening, even the blue veins protruding.

At first, Charles just wanted to tease her and frighten her, but he didn't expect her reaction to be so fierce and that successfully aroused his desire to conquer. He couldn't control himself anymore. He bent down and kissed the noisy red lips hard.

He wanted more, but she dodged crazily. The two seemed to be fighting with each other, and neither of them was willing to yield to each other. The sweet smell of blood spread in her mouth, making the battle more intense.

Natalie finally got rid of him. She turned her head and gasped heavily.

"What the hell do you want?" Charles punched on the bed and growled.

Natalie was so frightened that her whole body was shaking uncontrollably. After a long time, she finally found her voice and slowly replied, "I don't want anything. Let me go."

She closed her eyes wearily, afraid that the disappointment in her eyes would be revealed. The secret love of three years had come to an end with such a broken ending. She didn't love anyone.

At this moment, there was a loud knock on the door. Only Carter would come to knock at this time.

Charles stood up to open the door with a cold face. Before he could react, he was punched hard on the face. Everything happened too fast. Natalie opened her eyes wide and her face was frozen with surprise.

Pulling Charles's messy collar, Carter threw another punch without mercy. Charles was also full of anger and punched back. The two brothers fought like enemies.

Natalie quickly got out of bed and walked up to stop the fight. "Stop. Stop."

No one listened to her until someone pushed her. She staggered a few steps back and her back hit the cabinet behind her fiercely. Then there was the sound of porcelain pieces, and she fell to the ground.

"Stop!" It hurt so much that she gritted her teeth and felt a piece of wet on her palm. She raised her right hand, which was full of dazzling blood and a piece of broken porcelain stuck in the palm. She seemed to be frightened by herself. She looked at her bleeding hand in a daze and even forgot to scream for pain.

Charles calmed down first and stopped. When he was about to pick up Natalie, Carter took a step ahead. His hands drooped in the air. Watching Carter and Natalie turning around and leaving, he slowly clenched his hands into fists.

A stewardess happened to pass by outside. Carter stopped her and ordered, "Call Dr. Zheng over."

He took Natalie to the sofa and put her down gently.

Natalie lowered her head and sat silently. She neither looked at Carter nor cried out for pain. Her right hand drooped casually, and blood stained the floor bit by bit.

Carter sat down next to her, and the anger in his heart did not subside, but was even worse.

The two people were silent, and the weird and h

eavy atmosphere gradually dispersed.

When Dr. Zheng arrived with the first aid kit, he saw the scene that was so quiet that it was almost frozen.

"Er..." Dr. Zheng looked at the bleeding wound on Natalie's arm and asked cautiously, "Miss, can I bind up your wound now?"

Natalie raised her hand and handed it to Dr. Zheng, turning her head. Her palm with broken porcelain pieces was bleeding, which made Carter frown and feel nervous inexplicably.

"Try your best to deal with the wound. Don't leave any marks." He said.

Dr. Zheng quickly took out the tools. After disinfecting, he asked Natalie to be mentally prepared in advance. "Miss, I'll help you pull out the glass. You have to endure it."

Natalie nodded and bit her lower lip unconsciously. She frowned slightly and grabbed the edge of the sofa tightly with the other hand. She looked very nervous.

Somehow, Carter stretched out his arm in front of her and said indifferently, "If it hurts so much, you can bite my arm."

Hearing that, Natalie was stunned. She loosened her lips and looked up at him in a daze. There was no concern in his calm eyes. But why...

When she was in a daze, Dr. Zheng quickly took out the broken porcelain pieces with pincers.

The sudden sharp pain made Natalie lost in thought. Subconsciously, she opened her mouth and bit the arm in front of her. The pain made her cry.

Dr. Zheng quickly stopped the bleeding and bound up the wound. Then he stood up and reminded Natalie, who was still biting Carter's arm, "Miss, it's all right."

Natalie slowly opened her eyes, quickly loosened her mouth and said to Carter with embarrassment, "I'm sorry, I..."

She stopped and said nothing to him. Then she found her face full of tears and turned around in a hurry.

However, what Natalie didn't know was that someone left silently behind her.

Carter waved his hand and asked Dr. Zheng to leave first. Then he took out a handkerchief to wipe the blood on his arm and said lightly, "There's nothing to be sorry for."

"I... I'm sorry." Natalie wanted to say something else, but she found that she could say nothing but sorry.

"That's all for now. We don't owe each other." As Carter spoke, he inexplicably reached out his hand to tidy up her messy clothes, and buttoned her up patiently one by one. His hot fingertips scratched her skin, making her tremble. Then he asked, "Natalie, tell me, what exactly do you want?"

She didn't understand why they all asked her such a question. She didn't want anything, but why no one believed her.

"I said I don't want anything. Do you believe me?" Said Natalie. She looked up at him and wanted his trust.

But he didn't. Carter smiled and said ruthlessly, "How can I trust you since you have tried so hard to get here?"

At this moment, Natalie felt that sometimes Carter was more likely to disappoint others than Charles.

She stood up with her head down, left the word "sorry" and hurried back to her room. She didn't know where to hide. She opened the door with his left hand and saw Charles sitting on the small sofa, holding a goblet with one hand and gently shaking the red wine in it.

"You still remember to come back?" At first, it sounded like a husband who had been waiting for his wife for a long time, full of grievances. However, when it came out from Charles's mouth, it sounded indifferent.

Like a child who had done something wrong, Natalie walked up to him and stood silently with her head down.

Charles coughed. Charles suddenly coughed, turned his head awkwardly, and quickly said, "Is your hand still okay?"

"What?" Natalie was in a daze and didn't hear anything.

Charles had never cared about others like this before. Seeing that she was absent-minded, he couldn't help but get angry. When he was about to lose his temper, he heard Natalie said in a low voice, "Your face!"

He frowned, "What?"

"Your face is bruised. Don't you need some medicine?" Natalie pointed at his face and said in a low voice.

Why did she care about him instead? Charles was not used to this feeling and said coldly, "It's none of your business."

"Okay." Natalie replied crossly and stuck out her tongue at him. She didn't expect that he would look at her and catch a glimpse of her.

Her tongue froze in the air for a long time before she slowly retracted it.

"You don't like me, do you?" Charles suddenly stood up, standing in front of Natalie and looking down at her.

Seeing that, Natalie quickly put on a charming smile and said softly, "Man, you misunderstood. How dare I have a problem with you?"

"Call my name." Charles frowned and was not satisfied with the way she called him.

"What?" Blinking her eyes, Natalie didn't understand what he meant. Didn't he just talk about if she had a problem with him? Why did he change so fast.

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