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   Chapter 7 Answer Briefly

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When Natalie woke up in a daze, what she saw first was Carter's face.

"Charles?" She asked.

Carter replied, "It's me."

Immediately, Natalie grinned. She was so happy that she almost jumped up from the bed and shouted, "Prince charming! You are out? "

Carter frowned, because her words sounded a little strange, but he did not struggle on this point. He just said, "Well, Charles is my brother. He was just kidding with me and would not do anything to me."

Although he said so, in fact, Charles didn't care about the brotherhood at all. Otherwise, Carter wouldn't have fallen in the rain with wounds all over his body and almost lost his life.

"Are you kidding me? How could it be possible? " Natalie exclaimed in a low voice. Obviously, she didn't believe what Carter said.

Carter didn't answer. At this moment, the door was suddenly opened. The two looked at the door at the same time and saw Charles.

"Natalie, you woke up." As he spoke, he approached Natalie.

All of a sudden, Carter stood in front of Natalie. "What are you doing here?"

"Carter, you are so sensitive. Is there anything wrong for me to come to my fiancée's room?" Charles looked straight into his eyes and answered his question provocatively.

Sure enough, the next moment, just as what Charles thought, Carter's face suddenly changed. "Fiancée? What do you mean? "

"I made myself clear, didn't I? My fiancee. " Charles looked at Carter but was asking Natalie.

Carter also turned around to look at her. His questioning eyes made her feel guilty.

However, Natalie had to bite the bullet and said gently, "yes."

Carter frowned and thought she was messing around, so he scolded, "Do you know what you are doing! This is not a place for you to mess around. Go back if you have enough rest. "

"I..." Natalie wanted to say that she didn't do anything stupid, but was interrupted by a woman's voice.

"Mr. Carter, Mr. Charles, Mr. Kane is back. He asked you to go there." It was the voice of a maid outside the door.

Charles glanced at Carter, turned around and left. Carter was still standing there, but his calm eyes seemed to be able to penetrate Natalie's body. He stared straight at her, which made her panic, but she did not dare to look away. She could only bite the bullet and look into his eyes.

After a few minutes, which seemed to be a century for Natalie, she couldn't help but remind him in a low voice, "Aren't you going?"

"Listen." Carter said seriously, "I don't care what your purpose is. Get out of here right now."

Natalie moved her lips but didn't utter a syllable before Carter left.


Carter came to the door of Kane Tan's study and happened to see Charles coming out. As usual, the father and son had nothing to talk about with each other. Without looking at him, Charles passed him and left. Carter pushed the door open and saw his father, who had just recovered, sitting on the leather sofa. His pale face could not hide his inherent dignity.

"Father." Carter walked up to him and called him with his head down slightly.

Kane Tan pointed at a seat next to him with his finger covered with fine lines, motioned Carter to sit down, and then said, "I'm in hospital these days. I heard that something happened at home."

"No." Carter replied simply without any explanation. Because no one in the family could hide what Kane Tan wanted to know from him.

"Is it Charles?" Kane Tan asked again, with sharp eyes.

"No." Carter still gave a simple answer.

Kane Tan knew everything about it. Although he was old, he was not blind to the truth. Obviously, Carter was defending Charles again. Carter had been like this since he was a child. As long as he was asked about the mistakes Charles made, he would always answer simply, and the answers were exactly the opposite.

In the past, if it was not serious, Kane Tan would let it go easily. But after such a big event, Carter still chose to side with Charles, which made Kane Tan very angry.

"You still want to protect that brat!"


Irritated by his words, Kane Tan coughed violently, "You... Kane Tan kept coughing.

Carter quickly stood up and patted his back to make him breathe smoothly. He kept his thin lips closed and said nothing.

"If you still have a father in your heart, don't make me angry." Kane Tan shook off his hand and said indifferently, "I won't let him stay with you anymore after he did such a thing. I'll send him abroad in a few days."

"Father!" Hearing such a decision, Carter couldn't help refuting, "Charles is no longer a child."

"Yes! He has grown up and bite you back instead. " Kane Tan continued, with his tone full of undisguised anger. It seemed that he had aged a lot in an instant.

Carter was speechless by his reply. He secretly clenched his fists and said, "Why are you always so cold to Charles? What's the difference between


This was the first time he had questioned Kane Tan in this way. Kane Tan was so angry that his body couldn't help trembling. He shouted angrily, "Bastard! I have raised him up and provided him with comfortable life. He is so disappointing! "

"But why..."

"Why don't I allow him to learn business?" Kane Tan finished it for him directly. His eyes darkened. He waved his hand and sighed, "I don't want to talk about this topic. You can go back to your room. Be careful in the future. You will be the only heir of the Tans! Remember it! "

Carter didn't move and continued to fight against his father. "Father, why don't you let us compete fairly? The Tans have always been making the capable run the family business. Charles..."

"Enough! Get out! " Kane Tan roared and his face turned red. He couldn't help coughing violently again.

Subconsciously, Carter wanted to pat his back to calm him down. Seeing that he still pointed at the door with rage, Carter clenched his fists and left.

Kane Tan slowly calmed himself down in the room. Suddenly, tears streamed down his face. He murmured to the air, "Nancy, will you blame me?"

Carter walked out of the study and saw Charles standing at the end of the corridor and looking at him while leaning against the wall. He seemed to be waiting for him. Carter walked over. Before he opened his mouth, Charles said, "I'll go to America tomorrow."

"Charles." Carter called his name and didn't know what else to say.

The two brothers stood face to face, as if there was a transparent wall in the middle, and no one could pass through it. Charles put his hands into his pockets and continued, "I'll take Natalie with me. Father has agreed to our marriage."

"What are you talking about? !" Obviously, Carter didn't accept the news, but he didn't think it was because he cared about Natalie.

"My father is always more tolerant to me, his second son. Even if I marry a woman without a well-off family background, he has nothing to say. Do you think I'm happy? or sad? " said Charles.

Carter was so angry that he stepped forward and grabbed Charles' collar. "Are you crazy? Why are making me angry intentionally with marriage? "

"Who said I was just making you angry?" Charles sneered and asked. He leaned forward slightly and whispered in Carter's ear in a voice that only the two could hear, "Have you investigated the identity of Natalie? In the middle of the night, it was raining heavily. A girl would risk her life to save a strange man. What do you think would happen? And... "

"Shut up!" Carter interrupted Charles angrily, shook off his collar, turned around and strode away.

It was not that he had never doubted the identity of Natalie, but in the end, he chose to believe her. Did she betray him this time?

Carter returned to his study and slammed the door heavily. He loosened his tie and fell into the sofa, rubbing his temples for the headache.

Before he could rest for a few minutes, there were several knocks on the door.

"Mr. Carter, it's me. Mr. Charles asked me to send you something." It was the voice of Barton Zhang.

Carter stopped rubbing his temples and said lightly, "Come in."

After getting the permission, Barton Zhang gently opened the door and walked in. He took a file bag and respectfully handed it to Carter.

Carter opened it directly.

Barton Zhang added, "Mr. Carter, if you didn't need me to do anything else, I'm leaving now."

Carter nodded slightly, and then took out the materials inside. The first thing he saw was the name "Natalie". He immediately stopped, stuffed the materials into the bag, threw the whole bag aside, leaned his head back, and closed his eyes for rest.

After a long while, he opened his eyes again, picked up the folder and finished reading all the documents.

Looking at the information on the paper, Carter's face became more and more gloomy. He couldn't help tightening his grip on the document, and the paper in his hand was crumpled deeply. Then, he threw all the documents out again, and the paper was scattered on the ground.

Before he could think calmly, he took action first. After a while, Carter rushed into Natalie's room.

As soon as Natalie walked out of the bathroom after taking a shower, she saw Carter break in angrily. She was inexplicably stunned and stopped wiping her wet hair.

Carter walked up to her and asked angrily, "Is it fun to lie to me like this?"

"What are you talking about? I don't understand. " Startled by him, Natalie stepped back involuntarily.

Carter took her little action for as a guilty conscience, and the anger in his heart was even worse. He took a few steps to push her to the wall, and angrily punched it.

The wind was blowing near her ears. Hearing the noise, Natalie felt that her hands were aching, and her legs were trembling with fear. She froze and dared not move.

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