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   Chapter 5 They Look Exactly The Same!

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The figure seemed not to hear any sound and continued to walk on his own.

Natalie rushed in front of him and stopped him. She half bowed and panted, "I'm calling you. Why don't you answer me?"

After saying that, she suddenly raised her head, only to meet a pair of clear eyes, which were very familiar.

The man didn't say a word, but he didn't move any more.

"What's wrong with you?" Natalie seemed to be frightened by the weird atmosphere. She asked cautiously, "What happened?"

The man frowned slightly, as if the woman standing in front of him was a lunatic. He opened his thin lips impatiently, "You..."

Before she finished her words, a girl on the opposite street shouted, "Miss, do you want your coffee and cake?"

Natalie didn't notice that there was something wrong with him at all. All of a sudden, she was attracted by the sound from the opposite street. She grinned and said, "Wait a minute. I'll go to bring your coffee and cake."

She trotted over and ignored the strange and unpredictable eyes of the people behind her.

Coffee? Cake? Only that person would like such sweet and greasy food.

"Here you are." Natalie trotted over again and put the plastic bag containing the coffee and cake into the man's hand.

"Thank you." The man didn't throw away the things in his hands, but tentatively said, "let's go back?"

Natalie thought he was asking for her opinion. Without thinking too much, she agreed and walked towards home with the man.

However, before she could take a few steps forward, Natalie suddenly thought of something and said, "I haven't bought your clothes and daily necessities yet."

"No, thanks." The man took a look at Natalie. His emotionless eyes seemed to have irresistible power, which made Natalie really have no strength to say "no".

She was a coward! She was so coward in front of her prince charming!

But why did she always feel that something was wrong?

Natalie scratched her head and murmured to herself. She was like a kitten wrapped in a ball of wool, unable to untie herself. The man beside her looked curiously at her. He couldn't help asking, "What are you thinking about?"

"Prince charming, you are very unusual." Natalie murmured to herself. When she said this, she didn't notice the ruthlessness in the eyes of the man beside her.

But then she suddenly thought of something and shouted, "Oh! I see. You have schizophrenia! "

Following the voice, Natalie also pointed at the man. The man frowned and his eyes were still cold.

Seeing his expression, Natalie thought she had said something wrong, so she asked again, "Are you unhappy?"

"No." The man answered without hesitation. On the contrary, he cared about how she called him. No wonder this woman took him in. She had a crush on him.

"You must be unhappy." It seemed that Natalie didn't hear what the man said. She jumped directly in front of the man and stopped him again. Raising her head, she said, "Forget it. I'm just kidding."

"No." The man said so, but his frown deepened. After all, he had never had to repeat his words to make others believe him, and he had never met such an ignorant woman. When he saw that Natalie scratched her head and was thinking about something just now, he had a little bit of affection and curiosity. But now, it was completely different. His heart was full of impatience and disgust.

"But you don't smile." Said Natalie. The smile of Carter when they jumped off the bridge appeared in her mind unconsciously.

The man became more and more impatient, and the coldness in his eyes turned heavier and heavier. 'Smile?' He didn't know what it was for a long time.

Natalie didn't noticed it and she was not good at reading people's mind, so she said in a playful tone, "Give me a smile and I'll let you go."

"Go back." The man passed her and strode forward. In fact, he didn't have to be so troublesome. Even if that person hid and didn't want to appear, he could ask someone to look through the whole community, and no fly would came out from beginning to end. It is such an easy thing, but he was still worried about his dad, and the news was easily spread to his ears. But if this woman took them in, they could save a lot of trouble.

Pursing her lips, Natalie trotted to catch up with him.

It didn't take long for the two of them to get home. Natalie opened the door quickly. When she looked up, she was stunned. In the living room, Carter was sitting on the sofa.

Then, who was the man behind her?

Before she looked back, a group of people came out from nowhere and pushed her into the room. With a click, the door was closed and locked.

"W- What happened? " Natalie looked at Carter and then at the man. She was totally confused. They looked exactly the same.

Carter frowned at the sight of the comer and said indifferently, "It's quick."

"Thank your loyal subordinate." Charles Tan retorte

d bluntly.

Carter's eyes darkened, "Is he your man?"

"Later he became my man." Charles Tan didn't seem to mind letting him know this. Rather, he knew that if he said it out, it would only give Carter a blow.

The strange conversation made Natalie dizzy. She opened her mouth and didn't know what to say. At this moment, she had too many questions.

"There's still plenty of time to talk about the old days. Don't you want to leave by yourself now? Or... " Charles Tan didn't make it clear, but he meant it all.

Carter raised his eyebrows with a smile, "You seem to be very confident that you can take me away, my brother."

He stressed the last two words. Till now, he still wanted to see Charles Tan can remember the bond connecting them, then he might forgive him.

But to his disappointment, Charles Tan didn't say anything more, but gave a hint to the bodyguard beside him.

The bodyguards in black suits made a fighting posture and approached Carter step by step. Carter also stood up from the sofa and was ready to fight.

"Stop!" Not knowing what she was thinking, Natalie rushed in front of Carter and shouted at Charles Tan, "I don't know who you are, but it's too much for you to do this to your brother."

God knew how surprised she was when Carter called Charles Tan "brother". Then the reason of the matter was generally clear. It was his brother who chased Carter. No wonder his face looked very bad as long as she mentioned it.

"Too much?" Charles Tan repeated the two words expressionlessly and walked towards Natalie.

"What are you doing?" Subconsciously, Natalie stepped back. Before she could dodge, her chin was suddenly clamped by someone, and she heard a cold voice.

"Woman, are you standing up for him?"

Charles Tan was so strong as if he was going to crush her bones. Natalie felt that her chin was about to dislocate, and she frowned in pain.

Carter couldn't stand it and shouted coldly, "Let her go!"

"Don't overestimate yourself." Charles Tan said again. He loosened his grip on Natalie's chin and pulled her to his side. He grabbed her arm so hard that she couldn't get rid of him.

At the same time, all the bodyguards attacked Carter. Carter responded nimbly at first, but they came in numbers, and soon his stomach suffered a heavy blow, then his knees. He were gradually at a disadvantage.

"Stop! Stop it! " Natalie was so anxious that she was about to cry. She held Charles Tan's hand and shouted, but no one answered her. At this time, she saw a man smashing a glass cup on Carter's head. Her mouth was wide open. Before she could make a sound, a crisp sound of glass shattering was heard. Carter fell to the ground. Bright blood flowed out of his black hair and dyed the floor of white tiles red.

Natalie was stunned. Then she slapped Charles Tan crazily and said angrily, "You are crazy!"

"Take him away." Charles Tan gave an emotionless order.

Two bodyguards each held up an arm of Carter and took him out.

"Let him go! Let him go!" Tears welled up in Natalie's eyes. She had never seen such a scene before. At this moment, she could think of nothing but helplessness.

However, Charles Tan suddenly let go of her arm and said coldly, "Be good, or I'll ask someone to kill him directly."

All of a sudden, Natalie withdrew her steps from running out. She didn't even dare to make any noise. She just begged in a low voice, "Don't do this to him. He is your brother."

"He is my brother. Who are you to him?" Charles Tan looked at her with a sneer. His ruthless tone made Natalie as cold as falling into an ice furnace, but she had nothing to say.

Who am I to him? If someone else asked such a question, maybe she could say it confidently in the name of love, "He is my prince charming, but now... She couldn't even tell who she had loved for three years.

Natalie was completely silent.

"Let's go."

Charles Tan took Natalie back to a villa. The villa was luxuriously decorated. Such a place was untouchable to her, so she had never expected that she would walk into such a place one day.

Charles Tan didn't tie her hands and feet. Instead, he arranged a room for her, which was larger than her small rental house, but there would be someone guarding outside the door twenty-four hours.

If it weren't for the current situation, Natalie might have enjoyed everything happily.

However, she kept thinking about how Carter was doing. She always thought that Charles Tan wouldn't let him go easily. But no matter what she thought, she had no choice. She couldn't even get out of the room.

Natalie paced back and forth. She was so desperate that she went to the window and thought about how to jump down from the four floor safe and sound.

At this moment, there were suddenly several knocks on the door, followed by a gentle voice of a maid. "Miss Natalie, Mr. Charles asked you to come to the study."

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