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   Chapter 374 John Ate Up All The Noodles

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"Instant noodles are easy to break when they are not soaked in water. The main reason is that the tastes are different. They are probably all in this section. You can choose according to your preferences." The saleswoman said a few words enthusiastically and was called over by others.

John looked at Adrian, and so did Adrian. The eyes of the two were full of inquiry.

"John, what a coincidence! You are here to buy noodles, too?" Adrian smiled to hide his guilt and explained to himself, "Henry suddenly wanted to eat noodles, so I bought it for him to make breakfast."

"Yes, my wife also wants to eat noodles." John also felt a little guilty. If others knew that he had bought instant noodles so that Nina could punish him to kneel down, things would be out of control.

"Ha ha, what a coincidence!" Adrian threw a big bag of instant noodles into the shopping cart.

John kept looking at his hand. Just now, he heard Adrian say that he wanted the instant noodles to be broken easily. Was it so fragile?

"Why did you choose this one?" Asked John.

Adrian's heart jolted. He picked it randomly and he just wanted to leave this place as soon as possible.

John was so smart that if Adrian said a few more words, his situation would be exposed. Adrian was the one who would kneel down as a punishment.

"This one is easy to break and easy to bite. Henry likes this one." Adrian was playing a riddle.

When John heard "easy to break", his eyes lit up obviously. It seemed that he didn't need to ask more. He just needed to take the same as Adrian.

John also reached out for a big bag.

Adrian pointed suspiciously at the same noodles that the two of them took, "John, do you also buy this?"

"Yes." John added, "Nina doesn't have good teeth recently."

Adrian nodded with doubt, "Oh, I see."

Nina was so young, but she didn't have the good teeth. Why didn't he believe it?

Adrian looked thoughtful.

This morning, John was a little sensitive. Noticing Adrian's inquiry, he took the initiative to change the topic. "What's wrong with Vera?"

"Well, don't mention her name." Adrian was full of anger. As expected, the topic was changed. Adrian said worriedly, "I suspect that

You little girl."

As soon as he put the note away, his phone vibrated and Nina sent him a WeChat message.

Little girl said, "Did you buy what I asked you to buy?"

Big boy replied, "Yes."

Little girl said, "Put it in a dry place and I'll use it when I come back."

Big boy replied, "I have eaten them all up."

"Eat them all up?" When Nina heard this voice message, she was shocked. She didn't ask him to buy it for him to eat, but for kneeling!

Big boy sent another message to explain, "I'm hungry."

Looking at the message, Nina's mouth twitched for two times and replied, "Okay.

Don't eat it when you buy it next time."

John stared at his phone for a while and fixed his eyes on the instant noodles on the table. As expected, he opened it and made noodles for himself.

After soaking the noodles, he didn't eat it. Instead, he took a photo and sent it to Adrian. Only the photo without a text explanation, and he believed that Adrian could understand.

John was revenging.

As expected, Adrian felt deeply malice. It took Adrian a lot of effort to maintain the posture of kneeling down and not breaking the instant noodles. In less than three seconds, he was so angry because of John's photo that he made a crisp sound.

The instant noodles were broken into pieces.

Adrian's eyes widened, "! ! !"

After Nina checked in and got on the plane, a staff of the airport quietly made a phone call.

"Miss Vivian, Nina is on the plane."

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