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   Chapter 373 John Will Accept The Punishment Of Kneel Down

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John pressed Nina against the door and bowed his head, intending to kiss her. However, she nimbly slid down the wall and avoided his kiss.

At last, John came to her. Although Nina was happy, she couldn't forget that he and Vivian were lying on the same bed.

Nina was unhappy.

"Why are you here?" Nina turned around and turned on the light. The dim room instantly became bright.

Nina stood in the light in a slip pajama. The shirt on John became a little wrinkled because of the twists and turns. He frowned slightly, and looked dejected when he saw the calm expression of Nina.

John knew why she had such a reaction.

He didn't blame her. His gloomy face gradually lit up.

His little girl was jealous, very Jealous.

"What are you laughing at?" Nina really didn't understand his emotional change, which was really confusing.

Without answering, John unbuttoned his shirt. The first, the second...

His solid chest was gradually exposed to the air. With a flicker in Nina's eyes, she turned her head and snorted.

'Don't think that you can seduce me and I will let it go just because you have a good figure.

I can't let it go.'

John had taken off the whole shirt, and his body was covered with the red marks left by his hard rubbing.

He walked towards Nina and pinched her chin to force her to look at him.

"I cleaned my body."

Nina didn't understand what he meant. She didn't see the protruding red marks on his body until she turned her head. Only when he scratched hard could such marks be left.

"What happened?" In the end, Nina was worried about him. She put her hands on his arms and looked him up and down. She also found that the back of his neck was red, not because of scratch, but because of hot water.

Nina's eyes paused and looked up into the eyes of John.

John held her in his arms, put the back of Nina's head in one hand and whispered in her ear, "If you think I am still dirty, I can continue to wash it."

"No." Nina said without hesitation.

She didn't think he was dirty. She just felt unhappy when she saw him lying next to another woman.

Nina's voice softened. "No, I didn't mean that. You don't need to wash yo

r thinking for a while. "You go to the supermarket to buy some instant noodles tomorrow morning."

"What?" John frowned and he knew that food, but he didn't think it was nutritious.

Nina sighed, "I won't be angry when you come back tomorrow morning to buy some instant noodles. But remember to tell the saleslady that you want the kind of instant noodles that will be broken as soon as you kneel down on it."

"Break as soon as kneeling down on it?" It was not until then that John realized something and asked, "Kneel down?"

"Yes, it's just the instant noodles that will be broken as soon as kneeling down on it." Seeing that he was a little stunned, Nina finally showed a sincere smile.

When John saw her smile, he finally breathed a sigh of relief and answered briskly, "No problem."

As long as he could make his wife laugh, he would accept the punishment of kneeling down.

John asked Richard to go back to have a rest. John went back to have a rest, and he held the Nina and slept peacefully.

The next morning, John got up early, simply freshened up and went to the supermarket.

Then, the saleslady led John to the instant noodles section. He looked around and found no one around. Then he asked, "Which kind of instant noodles is easy to break?"

"Well, which one of your instant noodles is easier to break?"

Two voices sounded at the same time. At the same time, John and Adrian looked up in surprise. The two eyes met...

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