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   Chapter 372 Turn Over The Balcony To Find His Wife

Deep Affection: Honey, Come Back To Me By Changdu Characters: 7337

Updated: 2020-09-24 03:01

Adrian slept with the fiancee of the CEO of Ye Group, and the former friends became rivals in love.

It seemed that the relationship between John and Vivian had been rekindled, and the status of Mrs. Nina was in jeopardy.

The two hot search events instantly caught the attention of John. At this moment, he was too busy to care about himself. He had no mood to pay attention to the affairs of Adrian and others, but clicked the hot search related to himself.

John took a rough glance at the picture and saw that Vivian was wearing his coat. He immediately frowned.

"Remove the hot search that is not in accordance with the fact and ask the legal department to send a lawyer's letter to the media who spread the rumor." John handed the phone to Richard and John had always been efficient in dealing with things.

After a pause, John added, "Besides, ask Vivian to buy the whole brand of this clothes since she wore mine."

Although Richard knew the first two things clearly, he was really shocked by the third thing.

The brands that John wore were all customized for him, only for him. If someone wanted to buy the whole brand, at least hundreds of millions of dollars would be needed.

'Mr. John, are you trying to entrap Vivian?'

The public relations department of Time Group was tough. As soon as John gave the order, the official micro-blog announced, "Congratulations, Miss Vivian. You bought the customized brand of Mr. John at the price of one hundred and thirty million yesterday afternoon. The goods have been handed in tonight. Please pay the money as soon as possible."

The words caused a great uproar on the Internet.

Before the top search was removed, this micro-blog post had been on the top search.

The onlookers were all stunned.

It was not a good news. It was asking for the debt on the Internet.

The netizens sitting in front of the screen were happy to express their opinions. When they were discussing heatedly, a lawyer of Time Group sued the source of the news.

As a warning to the media who forwarded the news, the media who were sitting in front of the screen to watch the good show received calls from their leaders one after another. T

orehead. He turned over and walked into the balcony. The sound of footsteps falling on the ground was uncontrollable.

Nina didn't sleep well. She had a strange dream again, and her forehead was covered with sweat.

After hearing the sound from the balcony, she suddenly woke up from her dream.

"I have this dream again." Nina sat on the bedside and wiped the sweat off her forehead. The wind from the balcony dispelled the haze of her dream.

And the wind brought the man's steps.

"Who?" Nina keenly sensed that there was someone. She vigilantly looked at the balcony and got out of bed.

Afraid of disturbing the other party with the light on, Nina fumbled for a pair of slippers as a weapon in her hand. She walked quietly to the balcony and hid behind the door.

She saw a tall figure in the dark night.

When John heard the wary sound of Nina, he stopped.

Since he had been noticed, why not go in generously.

John didn't hide anymore and he walked forward as usual. When he was about to make a sound, Nina, who was hiding behind the door, waved her slippers at the man's head.


The sound of slippers hitting something could be heard in the air.

John raised his arm to block the attack. His strong arm made him unharmed.

"Honey, it's me." At the same time, John held Nina's wrist and pulled her into his arms. He circled her waist into the room and slammed the door.

The man's familiar breath came to Nina's face.

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