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   Chapter 370 The Thief Is Mr. John

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At the police station of Lexingport City.

"Boss, it's already 11 o'clock. Don't forget to go back to bed early." Tom stood up from the chair.

"I'll go back after I finish this. Be careful on your way back." Noah replied, still concentrating on his work.

Tom smiled, "Boss, I just want to go home and have a rest. I'm not going to catch the bad person. It's safe. I'm leaving."

Tom had just taken two steps when he heard a young man's voice from outside. He was a little excited and told the police what happened.

Coincidentally, Black came in with his neck twisted. Tom pulled Black and asked, "What happened outside?"

Black stopped and said, "It's not a big deal. The man caught a thief in L University's apartment and was telling the story of catching a thief."

"L University's apartment? Thief? " Tom doubted, "That place has always been in good order. Where did the thief come from?"

Black shook his head, "I don't know. Maybe the man is a new comer. He didn't find a right place and time, so that man caught him and dragged the thief here directly."

Tom and Black smiled.

Noah suddenly turned around and asked, "The apartment near the front street?"

"Yes." Black nodded, "What's matter with the apartment?"

Noah frowned.

Nini lived in that apartment.

"I'll go and have a look." Noah stood up and left. Tom and Black followed him curiously.

When did Noah even care about the thief?

When the three of them walked over, they heard the man who was brave and courageous was spouting.

"You must severely punish this thief. A man with hands and feet doesn't look for a job to support his family, but he has to steal. If I hadn't passed by, he would have climbed to the balcony."

"Don't worry. We will definitely follow the law. Thank you very much." A policewoman talked with the man for a while and then sent him away.

The policewoman saw Noah and greeted him respectfully, "Noah, you haven't come back yet."

"Is it a thief from L University's apartment?" Noah asked straightforwardly.

The policewoman frowned and said, "That man said it was a thief when he was caught, but I don't think so."

"What do you mean?" Noah glanced at the policewoman.

"Captain Noah, come here and have a look." The policewoman felt it was hard to expla

n was referring to. He nodded and couldn't help asking, "Is Nini missing or not answering your phone?"

John was speechless... How could Noah guess?

The expression on John's face changed. He craned his neck and changed the topic. "Can I leave now?"

"Let me drive you." When Noah stood up, he couldn't help laughing. "Do you climb to the balcony because she doesn't want to see you? It's dangerous. "

John stopped and glared at Noah, with anger and embarrassment in his eyes.

Noah had been dealing with criminals for many years, their eyes were much more horrible than John's.

The eyes of the criminals were dark and gloomy, frightening, with crime and evil hidden in them.

And John's eyes were just full of anger.

Noah didn't know him before, but he had heard a lot of shocking rumors about John. Later, he had contact with John because of Nini, and gradually Noah was no longer as afraid as before.

Noah sent John out in person. At that time, Richard just arrived. Before the car stopped, Richard felt the murderous look from John.

Richard's hands trembled.

John sat in the passenger seat and turned to look at Noah and warned him silently not to tell Nina what had happened tonight.

Noah nodded with a smile and waved goodbye. "John, be careful on the way. Besides, next time when you climb the balcony, pay attention to the surrounding environment and time choice. Ten o'clock is still early for modern young people. There are people around. "

John was speechless...

Could it be over?

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