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   Chapter 369 Evidence Pointing To Jessica

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Henry grabbed Adrian's collar and gritted his teeth, "What did you do to Vera?"

Adrian knew that Vera had gone to complain about him even though she was the bad person.

Adrian hurriedly explained, "Don't listen to her nonsense. This matter..."


As Henry closed the door, he punched Adrian in the face, grabbed his collar and forced him to the wall step by step. "I don't care about your dissolute past, but from now on, don't be unable to control your body all day long. You just want to have sex with anyone."

It was the first time that Adrian had seen Henry so angry. Henry's face was as dark as a pan, and his words were harsh. Henry was not a refined person who usually wore glasses.

Adrian was annoyed by his words. He punched Henry back and forced Henry to step back.

"Yes, I just can't control my body." Adrian deliberately said something to irritate Henry. Adrian raised his hand and touched his face, which was red and swollen.

How heavy Henry punched him?

Did he get disfigured?

Adrian punched Henry, and the anger of being wronged almost disappeared. He looked at the mirror to check the injury on his face.

In the mirror, the red and swollen corners of Henry's mouth and the anger in his eyes were reflected.

Adrian glanced at him and complained in a low voice, "Don't you know whether I can control my body or not?"

How could Henry wronged him without a reason?

Feeling aggrieved, Adrian turned around and was about to go out. As soon as he put his hand on the doorknob, his other hand was held by Henry, and Adrian was held against the wall with his backhand.

Adrian turned his face to the cold wall and struggled, "Henry, what are you doing?"

The answer to Adrian was silence, and his chest was suddenly pressed. The familiar breath in his ears was already chaotic.

Worried about Nina, Noah escorted her back to her apartment in L University.

As soon as Nina entered the house, Nina turned on her computer and hacked the security system of the hotel in front of Noah to get all the surveillance videos.

Noah squinted his eyes and took a meaningful look at the serious side face of Nina. After a while, he looked at the computer screen. A laptop screen couldn't contain different angles of view, so the whole scr

t someone was behind all this, but she just couldn't get over this.

Nina turned over and her phone rang.

It was from John.

A faint light shone in the dark room. The phone rang two times. Nina stared at the phone for a while, then turned her head, and after a while, she looked at it again.

She thought that she should give John a chance to make amends.

He was also the victim.

Nina picked up her phone and was about to answer it, but the other party had already hung up. There was only a number on the screen.

"Hang up?" She lifted the quilt and sat up, waiting for the next call, but the third call didn't come.

Nina clenched her phone.

Why didn't he stop calling her after only two calls?

Couldn't he call her third time?

She would answer the third one.

After waiting for a while, Nina still didn't receive a third call from John.

She threw the phone away, covered her face with the quilt and lay still.

Inexplicable grievance ignited in her heart, as if the thing in her hand suddenly became invisible.

Every woman would be angry when she saw her husband lying next to another woman, and the woman would leave when she was angry. Wasn't this a scene that everyone knew?

And the woman's husband would come out to explain.

Not only didn't John come out, he only called her two times, but he wouldn't call one more.

Nina pursed her lips and felt wronged. Her eyes were moistened unconsciously, and she just fell asleep.

She didn't know that John was on his way here.

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