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   Chapter 368 Be Busy Having Sex

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"She can't fuck off now." Nina scolded coldly, "Are you afraid that others won't know? You two go out like this. Who believes that nothing has happened between you two? "

Even Nina herself might not believe it.

Nina believed that John wouldn't act recklessly, but she didn't believe that Vivian wouldn't trick John.

If Noah hadn't told Nina to calm down, if Vivian and John hadn't had sex, if both of Vivian and John had chance to been set up, Nina would have slapped Vivian to death.

John didn't dare to make a sound when he faced Nina's scolding. He subconsciously reached out his hand to pull Nina, but she took a step back and shook it off.

Who knew if his hand had touched Vivian's body or not.

After a moment of silence, John opened his mouth slightly and said, "I'll find it out."

"No, thanks." Nina would figure it out herself.

Noah and Nina walked out of the room one after another. John's shirt was half wet, and there was a grass hanging on his short hair. He looked so embarrassed that he couldn't catch up with Nina in this way.

As long as he went downstairs in this way, the media would easily noticed something, and then it would be even more troublesome.

In the room, there was only a low sob of Vivian. Hearing this, John felt a little annoyed. "Shut up. Get dressed and get out of here. "

Vivian tightened her lips and didn't dare to look up at him. She said timidly, "John, I..."

"I told you not to call me like that." With his back to Vivian, Vivian could feel the killing intent in his eyes.

Vivian's eyes turned red with grievance. "Mr. John, I...I don't know what's going on."

Ignoring her words, John turned around and looked at her pitiful face. He didn't show any pity for her, but there was only disgust under his eyelashes.

The reason why his little girl didn't let him touch her must be that she thought he was dirty and disliked him.

He also disliked himself.

If he found out who set him up, he would let the person behind it pay ten times the price.

"Vivian, you'd better pray that this matter has nothing to do with you." The cold voice of John frozen Vivian step by step.

Vivian swallowed, with a trace of fear in her i

Adrian's room.

"Bully?" What kind of bully?

Henry frowned.

"It's Mr. Adrian. He wants to belittle me." Vera held Henry's waist and cried.

"Adrian?" Henry's voice became cold. "Did he belittle you?"

"Okay." Vera nodded heavily, "I just came to talk to him about something, but he..."

Vera was so humiliated that she burst into tears.

Even if Vera had sex with someone, she couldn't be with Adrian. She didn't know if that playboy was sick or not.

Henry pushed away the woman in his arms and strode towards the big suite. He was so angry that he wanted to settle accounts with Adrian.

Vera stood still, moved.

"What the hell is going on? Why did you have sex while chatting? Why did she sleep on the same bed with you when she woke up? Are you still naked? " Adrian walked back and forth in a bath towel.

He was sure that nothing had happened between him and Vera. It was impossible.

'Is it possible that Vera found out the relationship between me and Henry, so she deliberately framed me and wanted me to break up with Henry so that she could marry Henry?' Adrian stopped pacing back and forth, this idea startled him.

He was sure that it must be the case.

"Damn it! She must have gone to see Henry." Adrian put on his clothes, turned around and ran out.

Adrian just took two steps and bumped into Henry.

"Who is it?" Adrian looked up and saw Henry's dark face. Adrian stammered, "Henry? What...What are you doing here? "

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