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   Chapter 367 Something Is Wrong

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Nina stood at the door in a daze. The scene of a man and a woman sleeping together on the bed stung her eyes and her throat was so tight that she could not breathe.

In their bedroom, her husband was lying with another woman.

Nina wanted to rush in and beat them, but her reason all year round told her that she shouldn't do that and shouldn't act like a shrew.

Sometimes what she saw might not be true.

Nina comforted herself in her heart. Her fingers slowly clenched into fists. She stared at the scene for a long time without saying anything

"Mrs. Nina, are you Okay?" The one who screamed just now was a young waitress. She took off her high heels and stood up from the ground.

"Nothing." Nina breathed a sigh of relief. She couldn't even hear what she said clearly.

Nina gritted her teeth, turned around and left.

Every step she took was like a knife cutting her feet.

As Nina was walking, she suddenly stopped, with her fists clenched tightly. She turned around and looked at the door. Her eyes were as deep as a whirlpool, and her anger was constantly sucked into her stomach.

Why did she leave?

Why should she leave?

Nina turned back and came back aggressively. Her fists were clenched so hard that the waitress was frightened to stand against the wall, afraid of being hurt.

"Nini?" Noah was professionally sensitive. He rushed up from the exit passageway as soon as he heard a scream.

He was worried that something might have happened to Nina.

When he saw Nina standing in the corridor, he breathed a sigh of relief. Before he could finish his breath, he found that there was something wrong with Nina. She was so gloomy and frightening.

Hearing someone calling her, Nina stopped.

"What's wrong? What happened? " Noah ran to her and stopped beside her. He put his hands on her shoulders and saw the anger in her eyes and her slightly red eyes.

Nina gritted her teeth tightly. She was afraid that if she opened her mouth, it would not be a word but a move.

Noah asked anxiously, "What happened?"

The waitress pointed at the open door and

tinued to flop on the ground.

Vivian had never expected that Nina would wake her up in this way. Vivian was stunned and immediately cried out in panic.


Vivian immediately wrapped herself in the quilt and shrank in the corner. She lowered her head and didn't dare to look at them. She could only glance at John.

'Why hasn't he woken up yet?'

In the blink of an eye, John finally woke up from his deep sleep. He didn't know what had happened. Frowning, he wiped the water stains on his face and sat up.

"Honey?" John looked at the fish tank in Nina's hand in confusion. There was only the tank in her hands, and the fish and water were on the bed and on his body.

Then he saw Noah with his back to them, and John's confused eyes became gloomier.

Nina snorted, "You should see who's on the bed first."

John frowned and saw Vivian shivering at the head of the bed.

John rolled down from the bed and asked in an unsettled voice, "Why is she here?"

"How do I know?" Nina stood half a step aside and kept a distance from John.

Nina hated the smell of other women on John.

Very hate.

"I... I don't know what happened. I... I don't know..." Vivian buried her head in her knees and began to cry, like a defiled good woman.

"Fuck off!" John roared at Vivian in a low voice.

John just came up to have a rest for a while. How could Vivian climb into his bed?

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