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   Chapter 366 Sleep With Another Woman

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When John was waiting for the elevator, he happened to meet Vivian coming downstairs.

"John? Are you going upstairs?" Vivian asked in surprise.

"Yes." Then he entered the elevator and pressed the button. He didn't even look straight at her.

She didn't mind. Instead, she gave a weird smile when the elevator door was completely closed.

Things happened as she planned.

According to her plan, when John went back to his room, he would have a good sleep. He wouldn't be aware of what would happen next.

Standing at the door of the elevator, Vivian took out her phone from her bag, slid it and put it beside her ear.

In fact, the screen of her phone was black.

No one called her.

She was doing all these on purpose. The surveillance video would record what she did and people could watch it through surveillance video.

"Okay, I'm waiting for the elevator." Vivian said to herself, put her phone in her bag and pressed the elevator button.

She went to Jessica's room again.

Vivian knocked on the door.

Hearing the sound, Jessica opened the door.

"Vivi?" Seeing Vivian, Jessica was confused. "Why are you back?"

"I just saw John. He didn't look well. He seemed to be sick. Shall we go upstairs and have a look?" Vivian asked worriedly.

Hearing that her brother might be ill, Jessica immediately became nervous. She took Vivian's hand and was about to go to see how John was.

Vivian followed Jessica and appeared nervous. In the elevator, Vivian took out her phone and sent a message to a strange number.

She only sent several words, "The second step."

"Vivi, are you sure? Is John really sick?" Jessica held Vivian's hand anxiously.

Vivian had already locked the screen of her phone and comforted Jessica, "Don't worry. Let's go and have a look first. Maybe I am too fussy."

"I know that John has been very busy recently." Jessica sighed, "It must be because of Nina. She is a princess. He's worried that our family doesn't match her. He shouldn't have married her. We have had a lot of trouble because of her."

Jessica scolded Nina, but she didn't mean it. She was just quick-tongued.

Vivian didn't say anything.

They walked out of the elevator. When they were about to get close to the suite where John lived, Jessica's phone rang.

Seeing that it was

ped forward, bent over and kissed her on the cheek.

"Wow!" Haley shouted, followed by laughter and applause.

With a smile on her face and a malicious look in her eyes, Sheila turned around and left.

So did Harrison. He pulled away Adela's hand, turned around and left.

The moment he turned around, his eyes turned red.

In the end, he lost Emma.

Nina asked happily, "Honey, They're so sweet."

Without noticing that John had left, Nina was about to lean against him and accidentally fell down.

At this moment, everyone was immersed in joy and no one noticed Nina. Even Michelle was applauding and didn't notice Nina.

Only Noah paid close attention to Nina all the time. When he saw that she was falling down, he ran quickly to catch her.

"Nini, are you okay?"

"Noah," With half of her body leaning against Noah's chest, Nina stood up and looked around, but didn't see John. "When did John leave?"

Noah took back his arm and said, "I didn't see him."

"I'll call him." Nina called several times, but John didn't answer. She took the elevator and was about to go back to her room to look for John.

As soon as she got out of the elevator, a hotel waiter slumped to the floor in front of the door of her room with a scream.


This exclamation frightened Nina. She immediately rushed into the room, only to find that there were messy clothes on the ground and that John and a woman were lying on the bed.

Nina's phone fell to the ground.

However, the sound didn't wake up the people on the bed.

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