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   Chapter 365 Precise Layout (Part Two)

Deep Affection: Honey, Come Back To Me By Changdu Characters: 7132

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When Vivian returned to the banquet hall, she didn't focus her eyes on John and Nina, but on the two similar figures not far away.

Adrian and Henry.

But soon, she looked away and looked at Vera, the second daughter of Fu family.

"Vera." Vivian walked over with a glass of red wine.

Seeing Vivian, Vera immediately talked to her mother and walked over.

"Vivian, I was looking for you just now. Where have you been?" Vera seldom attended banquets. She had just returned home, so she didn't know many ladies in Lexingport City.

It was a coincidence that she knew Vivian. The two of them didn't know each other until she accidentally occupied Vivian's parking space.

However, Vera didn't know that her so-called coincidence was just a elaborate design by Vivian.

"I sent Jessica upstairs to have a rest just now." Vivian clinked glasses with Vera, "Have you seen my brother?"

"No." Vera took a sip of wine and shook her head, "I haven't seen him for a long time, but I'm really curious about my fiance."

"He is over there." Vivian turned around and looked at Adrian's back with her eyes. From this position, Adrian just blocked Henry.

No wonder Vera didn't see Henry.

Strangely enough, didn't Adrian like Vera? Adrian knew that Henry was Vera's fiance, and Henry and Adrian often got together.

Moreover, even John was on good terms with the two of them. In the past, everyone guessed that Shi family would have the only strongest status and it would be difficult to have a situation of tripartite confrontation.

Since Henry became the CEO of Ye Group, they had returned to the situation of tripartite confrontation.

It was hard for Vivian to find a crack.

Vivian sneered in her heart. The only way was to turn Henry and Adrian against each other and destroy their stability.

"Vera, I'll take you to see my brother Henry." Vivian smiled. Her silver earrings shone coldly in the light, just like her eyes.

"Thank you, Vivian." Vera was really curious about her fiance. "Let's go."

Vera had received family education since she was a child. She had to put family interests first, so she didn

e and blessing came to ears.

"Emma, you look so beautiful today. James is so handsome and talent. You are a perfect match." Michelle stood beside Nina and applauded.

"A talent?" With a skeptical look on her face, Nina asked, "Can you be more rigorous in your words?"

Michelle also found that her expression was not serious enough. "Then how about a beauty with a beast?"

Nina was speechless...

John was speechless...

"James is not... The beast? " Dora stood up and spoke for James. "My brother is good-looking and gentle to my sister-in-law, but his knowledge is not as good as hers."

"Then I can't figure it out." Michelle tilted her head and said, "My knowledge is not as good as my cousin's. All I think is eating and playing."

If Michelle had something to do, she would play games to practice her skills. If not, she would be thinking about the new dishes and desserts. How could she think about other things?

"Ha ha ha..." Dora laughed. The others also followed her laughter.

All of a sudden, John felt a little uncomfortable. It should be because he was too tired recently, so he didn't think too much.

He patted Nina's waist and said, "Honey..."

"Shh, it's time to start. Let's see what kind of words James can say." Nina curiously and excitedly stared at the two people in the spotlight.

John smiled helplessly. Then he left helplessly and went back to his room in the hotel.

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