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Jessica came all the way to the corner of the small garden, with her back to the light and sobbing in a low voice against the wall.

Jason contacted her father every week, but he didn't reply to her even a word.

Jason wouldn't come back to her.

Jessica's sobbing voice gradually choked with sobs. It was not until there was a sound of footsteps behind her that she hurriedly raised her hand to wipe off her tears.


When Jessica turned around, she saw Vivian. She forced a smile and asked, "Vivi, why are you here?"

"I saw you come out alone just now. I was worried that you would be in danger. There were all kinds of people here tonight. It's dangerous for you to come out alone." As Vivian spoke, she went up and took up Jessica's hand. Seeing Jessica's slightly red eyes, Vivian immediately turned away her eyes and changed the topic with a smile. "Jessica, let's go in."

Jessica raised her eyes to look at Vivian. Jessica was grateful that Vivian didn't ask her why her eyes were red. Jessica was afraid that she didn't know how to answer Vivian's question.

So she always liked the considerate girl, Vivian.

"Okay, let's go." Jessica smiled knowingly.

So did Vivian. She walked into the banquet hall two steps later, and she waved her hand in front of Jessica intentionally or unintentionally.

"It smells so good. Did you use any perfume?" As expected, Jessica smelled the fragrance of her hand. "It's jasmine."

"It's not perfume. It's just a hand cream with the smell of jasmine." Vivian took out the hand cream from her bag and asked, "Do you like it? If you like it, you can try it on. If it works well, I'll ask someone to bring you some. "

"I'll have a try first." Jessica reached out her hand and Vivian put on the hand cream for Jessica in person. A faint fragrance of jasmine floated over.

The scene that Jason sent her jasmines flashed through Jessica's mind. Jessica suddenly said, "I think it's good. Give me one first."

"Okay." Vivian's eyes flashed. Sure enough, Jessica was hooked and everything was under Vivian's control.

She continued to apply the other hand on Jessica's hand. "But I've used this one. Later I'll ask someone to send you a few. There are several kinds of scents, which are

ort eye contact. She picked up the glass and sent it to her own mouth.

"Let me do it." Without hesitation, Vivian took the glass and poured it into her mouth before Jessica could react.

After a while, Jessica asked, "How is it going?"

"Nothing." Vivian shook her head.

"Okay, send it there." Jessica waved her hand to the waiter to ask him to leave. Then, Vivian found an excuse and left with Jessica.

The waiter took the glass of red wine that Jessica had touched before and found a place with his back to the camera. With the help of others, he quickly wiped the glass with his index finger.

His index finger was also applied with jasmine flavored hand cream.

It was not just a hand cream.

After dealing with it, the waiter unhurriedly came to the side of John. "Mr. John."

John took the red wine and the waiter retreated to the side.

"I also want to drink red wine." Nina was about to pick up the red wine, but she was stopped by John and John ordered the other waiters, "Orange juice."

The waiter quickly brought a glass of orange juice for Nina.

Nina and John clinked glasses.

The waiter, who was standing not far away from them, looked up at John and saw him take a sip of wine. Then the waiter turned around and left.

The waiter and Vivian walked past each other in the garden.

In just two seconds, the two completed the transaction through their eyes.

The waiter got his reward under the wash basin and washed the jasmine fragrance on his index finger.

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