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   Chapter 363 The Engagement Party Of James And Emma

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The two protagonists hadn't shown up yet in the engagement banquet hall. As the parents-in-law to be, Daniel and Angela welcomed all the friends in the banquet hall. They didn't sit down and talk until Emma's parents showed up. They looked very harmonious from afar.

Wearing an elegant long dress, Vivian walked through the crowd with a smile. She asked one of the waiters where the bathroom was and greeted the people she knew with a smile.

There were two bathrooms in total, one for the guests and the other for the staff.

Vivian went to the guest's bathroom first, walked around and then came out to the staff's.

The bathroom there was a certain distance from the banquet hall. She needed to walk around a small garden, where there was a pot of lovely roses.

Vivian stood in front of the wash basin, put her handbag aside, turned on the tap and washed her hands.

The staff was busy at the moment, and the bathroom was very quiet.

The sound of water flowing in her ears for nearly two minutes, and a sound of footsteps came from behind. With a slight movement of her eyes, Vivian turned off the tap, took out a lipstick from her bag, and applied it on her lips in front of the mirror.

"Miss Vivian." A waiter said, and the sound of water flowing came from the other sink.

Vivian nodded slightly, "Well, how is it going?"

The waiter squeezed out the hand sanitizer unhurriedly and rubbed his hands carefully, without taking a look at Vivian.

The two didn't make eye contact from beginning to end, and they repeated what they were doing.

"Mr. John's red wine is indeed in charge of a special person. I used a little method. He asked for sick leave and I replaced him." The waiter frowned slightly. "The red wine will be tested accurately before it is sent to Mr. John. It's impossible to drug it here."

Vivian paused and looked at herself in the mirror with a smile. "Well done. Before you give the red wine to Mr. John later, you need pass Jessica first, I will be with her. "

As soon as she finished speaking, Vivian put the lipstick into her bag and walked out of the bathroom as if nothing had happened.

The waiter didn't leave until three minutes later.

When Vivian passed by the garden, she took out a hand cream from her bag and applied it on her hand for two times.


s face widened, revealing her white teeth. It was very warm like a little sun.

Seeing that James' family really liked her daughter, Emma's mother felt less uneasy.

As long as Emma's parents-in-law and James' sister didn't make things difficult for Emma, Emma's life wouldn't be too difficult.

Angela introduced Nelson's family not far away, and then Jessica, John, and Nina to Emma's mother. At last, they exchanged a few words with Sam.

Sam praised, "Emma is a good girl. My son-in-law, Jason, is a professor in L University. Not long ago, I told him about Emma. He also praised Emma's dissertation. After Emma married to our family, she can be James' tutor in the future. Let's see if he is studying hard or not."

Sam said with a look of disappointment, which amused everyone.

Only when Jessica heard the news of Jason, she felt an invisible big hand strangling her throat and she almost out of breath.

"Dad, Jason and I..." After a short pause, Jessica was about to say something about her husband, and they now had divorced and Jason was not her husband anymore. But Jessica changed her words with tears in her eyes, "Do you often contact Jason?"

"Of course." When Sam mentioned Jason, he always looked happy and proud. "He calls me every week and asks me how I'm doing. He even plays chess with me online."

"Well, I see." Jessica's eyes were a little flustered. "Sorry, I have to go to the bathroom."

Then Jessica turned around and left.

Vivian didn't listen to their conversation anymore and followed Jessica.

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