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   Chapter 362 Follow Her

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John didn't use WeChat Pay or Alipay, nor did he bring any cash with him. Knowing this, Nina took out her mobile phone and was about to pay the money with WeChat.

"Tomorrow." John stopped Nina.

He wouldn't allow his wife to pay the money because he intended to buy something for her.

It was about his face.

"Keep it well. Don't let anyone else touch it. I'll come to take it myself tomorrow." Hearing John's words, the cashier nodded and didn't dare to say anything.

"Okay." Nina took back her phone and the two of them left hand in hand.

On their way back, Nina asked, "Why do you give me the principal card?"

"I want to. Why is it frozen?" John asked.

Nina said bluntly, "I want to leave you some money in case that you go bankrupt one day."

John was speechless.

She was still thinking about his bankruptcy every day.

"Really. I've never seen a boss like you who is often late for work and leaves early." Nina sighed and shook her head.

All the things that happened in the past kept rolling in her mind.

Men usually had a natural physiological reaction in the morning. Other men calmed down by themselves, but John was different. He needed others to help him calm down.

John didn't hold Nina's hand but held her waist. He pulled her closer to himself. With a faint smile on his lips, he asked, "Is it my fault?"

"Is it my fault?" Nina said and rolled her eyes.

"Who asked me not to leave?" John exhaled in Nina's ear softly and gently patted her waist.

She was speechless.

She thought this man was so shameless.

It was him who started it. And he knew that she had no resistance to him.

"What about leaving early? Did I ask you to leave early?" Nina hit John on the waist with her elbow.

"No." John said, "That's because of you."

Nina just smiled and said nothing.

They walked back to Nina's apartment. When they arrived, Chester and Michelle were sitting on the ground and playing Lego. Nine was lying next to them, watching them intently. It even helped them two fumble for something from time to time.

Chester stood up and went to the bathroom.

Hearing the door open, Nine immediately stood up, ran to the door and jumped on Nina.

"Nine, do you miss me?" Nina bent down and touched Nine's head.

Nine happily j

ch more interesting than the books." Michelle thought that children should spend more time going out with adults.

However, Chester still shook his head.

John walked over and said, "He's almost gone all the places at home. I'll let him go abroad when he's a little older."

"Has he gone to so many places? That's great!" Michelle giggled and said, "By the way, Uncle John, are you going to Spring City with Nini? I'll have training in the summer vacation, so I can't go with her."

Nina looked up at John. She had said that it didn't matter whether he would go to Spring City with her, but she still wanted him to do that.

"I'm busy." John said.

Nina nodded. She was fine.

She thought that she would come back soon.

She said, "I won't go back to the North Yard these two days. It's more convenient for me to go to the airport from here the day after tomorrow. Do you want to stay here with me or..."

"Stay here." John had already known that she would not go back to the North Yard, so he had already asked someone to bring some necessities here.

Chester was sent back to the Stone Road. Michelle also went back to her home. Her parents were on vacation and would come back to attend Emma's engagement party.

On the next day, the engagement party was held as scheduled. It was a grand party with a lot of celebrities and noblemen. There were even designated media present.

It was a night of drinking and toasting and also a night of dark waves. Many people came here with different intentions.

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