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   Chapter 361 My Love

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On the afternoon of July 5th, when Nina finished the last exam and just walked out of the teaching building, a female classmate handed her a rose and pointed in a direction, saying, "Mrs. Shi, your husband is waiting for you there."

There were a few drops of water hanging on the rose petals, glittering and translucent in the setting sun.

"I... Sir? " Nina reached out and took the rose. Wisps of fragrance seeped into her nose, as if she had smelled a familiar smell.

Nina looked in the direction pointed by her classmate and didn't see the figure of John.

"Thank you." Nina thanked him and walked towards that direction.

Just a few steps away, another classmate handed her a rose and pointed in a certain direction, saying the same words.

"Mrs. Shi, your husband is waiting for you there."

Nina was stunned and took the second rose.

The third, the fourth, the fifth...

After walking less than ten minutes, Nina didn't know how many roses were in front of her. A bunch of roses was lying in her arms.

What was John going to do?

To celebrate my completion of the exam?

Nina lowered her head and sorted out the roses. She couldn't break them. This was the flower that John sent her.

"Mrs. Shi, this is your flower."

A red rose, accompanied by the man's deep and familiar voice, came to her.

Nina stopped, her eyes slowly following the rose petals to the rose stems, and then the man's slender fingers like comic books.

She smiled at his hands and took the roses.

These hands gave her a sense of security.

When John held her in his arms and fell asleep, he also interlocked his fingers with her. When he walked, he held her small hands in his palms, like swaddling a baby.

"Mr. Shi?" Nina raised her eyes, and the shadow of trees was on the man's face. His outline became more three-dimensional, but more dreamy.

This was the first time she had been called Mrs. Shi.

It was also the first time that John had called himself Mr. Shi.

Although it was just a simple and ordinary address, it was just so simple and ordinary that it looked particularly gentle.

Trivial things were the foundation of life.

The two of them would live a long life if they lived a simple life.

"Mrs. Shi, if I don't tell you, don't you know how many roses you have received in total?" John turned to Nina and took her hand to the

plained with a smile, her eyes never leaving the cold face of John.

The cashier finally came to her senses. "So you are married? It's rare to see a married man sending flowers to their wife in normal days. "

"Yeah, I don't know what's wrong with him." Nina smiled again, shook the flowers in her hands and moved their tightly held hands.

Nina didn't know why she just wanted everyone to see it.

Nina used to think it was childish for others to show off their love, but when she and John loved each other, she couldn't help but have the idea of showing off their love.

Nina wanted the whole world to know that John was hers.

The cashier smiled and said, "WeChat or Alipay? Please show me the payment code and I'll sweep it. "

"Pay by card." John took out the black card and handed it to the cashier.

The cashier felt that this black card was a little hot, and she also realized that the two people in front of her were the rich people who came out to experience life, so she carefully swiped the card.

After swiping the card two times, the cashier said with a complicated look in her eyes, "Sir, your card has been frozen."

Nina was stunned. "Who dares to freeze your card?"

"You..." John calmly took the card and turned his head to ask Nina, "When did you freeze it?"

"Me? I just frozen the additional card... " Nina's voice suddenly stopped, her mouth slightly open and her eyes blinking. She looked incredulous.

"The main card?"


Nina was shocked.

The man had given her the main card, but he took the additional card himself?

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