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   Chapter 360 Good Sound Insulation Effect

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With a playful look on her face, Michelle immediately covered Chester's eyes.

The child was too young to see or hear these strange sounds.

"How is the sound insulation effect?" Michelle asked.

Everyone looked at the scene that John carried Nina into the room.

Adrian smiled evilly, "Very good, very good."

"That's all right." Michelle breathed a sigh of relief and took off her hand from Chester's eyes.

In the following time, they didn't hear anything when they were eating hot pot.

James was confused, "Adrian, why do you have such a good sound insulation effect?"

"Ahem..." Henry raised his hand to his lips and coughed. He glanced at Adrian and asked him not to talk nonsense.

No one knew what had happened between Henry and Adrian except for John and Nina.

Adrian understood and said, "I'm afraid of disturbing others."

"What? !" Henry's eyes widened.

"That's even stranger," said James. "What are you doing to disturb others?"

"Mr. James, pay more attention to your girlfriend." Henry tried to shift his attention.

"I'm fine." Emma smiled, "You can continue. The three of us can continue eating."

"That's right. Talk more." Michelle kept boiling the meat with chopsticks. When it was done, she put it into the bowl of Chester and said, "Chester, eat more. You're too thin. You should be a little fatter."

Looking at the pile of meat and vegetables on his plate, Chester was at a loss.

According to this way, not only he would be fatter, but also like a panda.

Chester refused in his heart.

John said to Chester that his wife would run away if he was in poor health.

In fact, being fat was a kind of disease.

Chester didn't want to lose his wife because of his poor health in the future.

"Thank you, Michelle. You need to eat more. These are all for you. I'll give you all the delicious food." Without moving the food on his plate, Chester pushed them in front of Michelle.

"Chester is so cute." Michelle didn't refuse and began to eat.

Emma couldn't help but take a few more looks at Chester as she thought he was smart and cute.

"Don't try to seduce Chester." James moved his chair to block Emma's sight and said jealously.

"What are you talking about?" James made Emma blush. She couldn't help but think of the countless times they almost had sex.

Her face turned redder.

Emma didn't dare to look into James' eyes.

Chester was very innocent.

'Why does James like to talk nonsense like Uncle John?'

Nina squinted at her and said, "He is beautiful, isn't he?"

The news of the engagement of the young master of Shi family spread all over the city, and the major media scrambled to report it, but it couldn't resist the fact that some people were jealous of Emma and wanted to dig out the dark side of Emma. However, Emma was a straight-A student since childhood. She didn't have a good relationship with others, but she didn't offend anyone, so everyone could only talk about her family background.

James read the related report, he was furious. "Who dares to say something not good about my fiancee? I'll destroy their houses."

Even Emma's mother-in-law, Angela, stepped forward and said, "When you drag me down and become my son's stepmother, you can talk about whether my daughter-in-law is qualified to marry my son or not. Otherwise, all of you shut up."

Emma suddenly became a celebrity. Wherever she went, there would be blessings, which made her a little dizzy.

She was so happy.

When Ye family received the invitation, Julie went to her daughter in a hurry. "Vivi, your chance is here. You haven't been able to get close to John during this period of time, but now the opportunity has come. You must get close to John at the engagement party of James. At that time, we will act according to the plan, understand? "

"Mom, I understand." Vivian said shyly, "Recently, I've learned a lot about sex according to your requirements. I won't let you down."

"Silly girl, it's not that you don't want to let me down, but you don't want to disappoint John, understand?" Julie patted the back of her daughter's hand and smiled meaningfully.

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