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   Chapter 359 Robbery

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There was a luxury apartments in University City for Henry and Adrian.

It was a quiet place. No one would have thought that the president of Song Group and the president of Ye Group would have a residence in such a place.

Every weekend, the two of them would come to live here. At the same time, they turned off their mobile phones for work to avoid external interruption.

They came to the apartment and began to prepare hot pot.

Then, Chester went to get the drink. Michelle was dealing with the food materials, while Nina was washing the fruit. Henry found a pot and poured the hotpot ingredients into it.

Everyone had their own duties, except Adrian who had nothing to do. He took a photo and posted it on his wechat moments.

When Nina was washing grapes beside him, Adrian took one and put it into his mouth.

"Thank you, Nina." Adrian felt that he had to find something to do, "I'm going to play some music."

Adrian played a piece of music which was often played by the DJ when he had the disco dancing. Suddenly, the rhythmic sound of something heavy smashing the ground was heard in the quiet living room, which was somewhat deafening.

Adrian was alone in the living room, shaking his head and walking with his soul.

The crowd was forced to stop by the incompatible music. They stared at Adrian with cold eyes.

Chester said, "It's noisy."

Michelle raised her hand to cover her ears and pouted to express her protest.

Henry was used to such a situation, but there were other people here. He glanced at them apologetically, stood up and grabbed Adrian.

"Stop it. Change to another one. This one is not suitable for our current situation."

Adrian smiled and put his arm around Henry's shoulder, "What's the matter? I think... "

Adrian's voice suddenly stopped.

Nina held an apple in her right hand and kept retracting her fingers. Her left hand covered the other side of the apple and pressed hard. The round apple was broken into pieces in front of Adrian.

"Change! I will Change it immediately! " Adrian held his breath, and the scene that Nina smashed an apple with her bare hands was still reflected in his slightly shrank pupils. He patted on the shoulder of Henry in a hurry, "He

n to come in.

"That's also mine." John cast a cold glance at Adrian. Adrian shut his mouth and didn't dare to continue.

Nina was hiding somewhere else quietly approached John. Nina deliberately slowed down her pace and bent over.

The others pretended not to see her and greeted John.

Chester said, "Uncle John."

Henry said, "Mr. John."

Michelle said, "Good afternoon, Uncle John. Since you are here, we can have the meal together."

The two-flavor hot pot on the table was boiling. The white mist rose and the fragrance came to their nose.

John heard the footsteps behind him. Needless to guess, it was his wife.

She was a very childish little girl sometimes.

Without turning around, John slowed down his pace.

Nina seized the opportunity and quietly approached his body. She held a fruit knife with a shell in her hand and pressed it against John's waist.

"Don't move. Raise your hand." Nina's voice became cold, and her eyes were filled with excitement. "Robbery."

With a faint smile at the corners of John's mouth, he raised his hands cooperatively. "Do you want money? Or do you want my body? "

Without hesitation, Nina blurted out, "I want your body."

"Are you sure?" John tiptoed slightly, turned around, bent down, and carried Nina before Nina could speak.

"John!" Nina screamed and patted on John's back. "I'm not sure yet. Put me down. There are so many people here!"

She just wanted to make a joke.

Why did he take it seriously?

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