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   Chapter 158 Narcissistic Gene

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Looking at his expression, Nina thought, 'didn't you call me Aunt Nina happily before?

Now I really became your real Aunt. Why was he astonished? And you looked as if you had seen a ghost.'

"Nephew?" Nina took the initiative to respond to James for the first time. She raised her eyebrows and smiled slyly.

James was stunned again. It was the first time that peers called him nephew. He felt not only uncomfortable, but also a little embarrassed.

He should have thought that there would be such a day. It took him a long time to completely come to his sense. He ran to Nina and smiled more attentively than before.

"It turns out that you are my aunt. No wonder my uncle treats you differently from others. It turns out that you are his wife. Aunt Nina, please take care of me in the future. I have completed the task you entrusted me last time. Can you put in a good word for me in front of my Uncle John? I want to work in the entertainment circle. "

James had always been thinking about entering the entertainment circle, and was even more determined than before.

"Enter the entertainment circle? Did you hurt the little girls with your handsome face? " Unconsciously, Nina's tone sounded like an elder, but she still took James as a good friend.

"How can you say that, Aunt Nina? There are some new scumbags in the entertainment circle recently. I'm going to purify the eyes of the audience." Said James righteously.

"Who is it?" Nina just asked casually. She didn't pay attention to the entertainment circle.

With his hands in his pockets, James said in a cynical look, "Who else can it be? Of course Harrison. He looks so handsome. I didn't expect him to be a scumbag who wants to get resources from women. "

"Harrison?" Hearing the name, Nina stopped and looked sideways at James. She frowned and said, "So he break up with Emma in order to enter the entertainment circle and be with Adela?"

"Yes, I saw them clearly the other day. They bullied senior together. How miserable!" The senior whom James referred to was Emma.

Nina's face darkened. "Are you just watching? Didn't you help her? "

She knew that James was unreliable.

"How is that possible?" James shouted, "I just want senior to know more a

d on feet.

He didn't dare to tell this to Nina. It was so humiliating.

"Madam, Mr. James, what are you doing?" Perhaps it was because of the sudden raised voice of Nina that the people in the office heard. Henry asked, and beside him stood John.

John cast a cold glance at the two of them and frowned slightly when he saw that the distance between the two of them was less than half a meter.

It was too close.

The distance between the two was too close.

"James, stay away from her." The voice of John was as cold as ice.

When he heard this, James felt a chill down his spine. Thinking of something bad, he quickly moved half a step aside. Under the cold and stern eyes of his Uncle John, he took another big step aside and leaned against the wall.

"Uncle John, I'm your nephew." James felt like weeping but had no tears. Did Uncle John even need to guard against him?

Could he still have an affair with Aunt Nina?

In the eyes of John, as long as it was a man, he could not get close to Nina.

When Nina heard John's voice, it sounded like she had added two spoons of sugar to her life. She felt sweet after taking a sip.

She smiled.

"It has nothing to do with me. He came over." Nina quickly put aside her relationship with James. John was not to be trifled with. Last time, she had stayed in Noah's house for two days, and she was bullied by John for four days when she went back.




Aunt Nina set a trip for him on purpose!

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