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   Chapter 154 Murder A Person With A Borrowed Knife

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John had always taken advantage of her, which made her angry. She struggled to free from the grip of his big hand, got up and went downstairs.

The successful man showed a sly smile, crossed his hands behind his head, and began to close his eyes for rest.

At seven o'clock in the morning, John got up on time to wash his face and brush his teeth. Ten minutes later, he appeared at the table in a neat manner, while Nina sat opposite him, glaring at him from time to time.

He turned a blind eye to her. It was not until Nina stood up and walked out that he asked slowly, "Where are you going?"

"Go to class." She hadn't had class for a week. If she didn't go to class, her score would be deducted. The grade of final exam was not only about the score of paper. The total score generally consisted of 80 percent of the score of paper plus 20 percent of the usual performance.

The points of students were very important, and Nina was no exception. She also wanted to be the first place in her major.

"It's still early." John interrupted Nina, "Today is Tuesday. You only have two classes which was from ten ten to eleven fifty."

"How did you know?" Suspiciously, Nina turned around and glanced at the man sitting leisurely at the table.

John had asked his assistant to organize the information and John even memorized all her courses. However, he didn't intend to answer the question of Nina and continued to have breakfast.

Nina curled her lips and said, "I'll go out to send something to others. I promised Isabella to compensate her two paintings. "

"Let Amy and Lena go with you." This time, John didn't stop her. Amy and Lena were two maids in the North Yard. Both of them had a black belt in Taekwondo. Only when they protected Nina could John feel at ease.

"One is enough. If I take two people, others will think I'm bullying them." Nina felt warm in her heart and her eyes softened as she looked at John.

He had a conscience.

Nina went upstairs and took her painting. Then she went to LD University with Amy.

In the morning, the campus was quiet and peaceful. Looking from afar, it was a fairyland. Some people passed through there and occasionally a few discussions were heard.

When the mist dissipated, it would be a sunny day.

Nina had been Isabella's good friend for two years. She knew when Isabella had classes. She went to the teachi

ade an appointment with Vivian in an early tea shop around the University City. When she was eating breakfast, Vivian told her that it was drawn by Master Elk. Isabella's body obviously shook.

"Is Nina really Master Elk? Miss Vivian, are you mistaken? Nina is a countryman. How could she be Master Elk? She must have copied it. "

Hearing her talk about the background of Nina, Vivian became interested and asked tentatively, "It seems that you know Nina very well?"

"Of course I know her. She has been my sidekick for two years. There is nothing I don't know." Isabella said arrogantly.

A shrewd look flashed across Vivian's eyes. "Is Nina really a countryman?"

As long as she was sure that Nina was just a countrywoman, she would have a chance to turn the tables.

Her mother suddenly announced that she was pregnant and said it must be a boy. Even if it was not a boy, it would become a boy after birth.

When their father learned that her mother was pregnant with a boy, he was very happy. The two of them no longer cared about whether she could marry into the Shi Family.

At that moment, Vivian knew that she was going to be abandoned. The only thing she could do was to marry into the Shi Family and make her parents pay attention to her again.

She couldn't rely on her parents, and the only person she could rely on was Jessica. Jessica was a person who cared about other's family background, and she was also the respected sister of John.

As long as she could grasp this point, she would be able to marry into the Shi Family by taking advantage of Jessica.

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