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Seeing Jessica, John was a little surprised. Then he looked at Nina, who was indifferent, and he frowned slightly.

"I want to come back so I'm back." He knew that Jessica was hostile to Nina, so he could only say that.

In fact, Helen told him that Nina kept sneezing the whole afternoon so he came back in a hurry.

"Well, you should focus on your work. Why do you come home when there is nothing important?" Jessica was dubious. She looked at Helen up and down and guessed that Helen must have said something to John.

"Why are you doing here?"

"Dad asks you to take her back to the family dinner party on the SQ Road tomorrow night." Jessica told them why she came here.

"Got it. Helen, send Miss Jessica out of the North Yard." John had always been cold and everyone was used to it.

Since Jessica had been cold-shouldered by Sam and John when she inquired about John's marriage, she felt that she was not so important in the hearts of the two men.

Now John asked her to leave, Jessica was displeased and blamed it on Nina. She squinted at Nina.

Nina was speechless. 'Don't you know what kind of person your brother is? Now he asks you to leave and you blame me.'

She had never been misunderstood like this before.

Nina turned around and went upstairs, ignoring Jessica.

John knew that Nina was angry and he became irritated. "Helen, send Miss Jessica out of the North Yard."

"Now your wife is more important than your sister." Jessica said jealously and left unhappily.


Nina crawled into the quilt again, with only her head exposed. She closed her eyes to rest, but she couldn't fall asleep.

When she closed her eyes, her hearing will become exceptionally acute. She heard the sound of someone opening the door, walking steadily and then lifting the quilt.

The bed sank suddenly and a broad and burning chest suddenly came to her back. A pair of powerful hands suddenly he


Helen was anxious. "Mr. John, madam doesn't feel well. You should feed her."

"No." They said in unison.

John said calmly, "Her hands are not sore." He didn't like doing that.

Nina nodded in a trance, "I can drink it by myself."

Helen didn't know what to say. She thought she had been a busybody.

However, there was something wrong.

Helen was confused. She turned around and brought the chicken soup with ginseng.

Feeling it was uncomfortable sitting on John's laps, Nina sat on the chair and drank the soup. The warm soup slid across her throat and she felt it was delicious.

She was so hungry.

After dinner, Nina became energetic.

She decided to have a talk with John. "John, shall we have a talk?"

"Oh? About what? How?" With one hand on the chair, John leaned sideways, lazily staring at Nina. He smiled. "Haven't we talked enough?"

The last sentence was meaningful and tempting.

Nina glared at him and clenched her fists.

John said, "Go ahead. I'll listen to you."

"That's good." Nina loosened her fists and said with a smile, "Don't think too much about things which consume physical strength. Can't we be a little more romantic?"

"Romantic? I think we have been very romantic." He said fluently and smiled evilly and wantonly.

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