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   Chapter 150 John, It Was My Fault

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John kept the conversation between Nina and Helen in mind and hesitated whether he should say he liked her. After all, it was not his style.

Only others would took the initiative. No one could let Mr. John take the initiative.

In the end, he took the initiative and found a reason for himself in his heart. The little girl had already expressed love to him, and he was only giving the little girl a response.

When Nina heard the sudden "I like you" from John, she was stunned in place. Her blinking eyes stared at the dark ceiling, as if she had seen the twinkling stars in the sky, just like gold scattered on the blue cloth,.

The rubbing on her earlobes and the burning hands made her feel limp and numb. She was reminded of everything she had done with John.

After Four Seasons Garden, he would always call her little girl in a playful or domineering tone.

Especially when he said "my little girl", she would have the illusion of returning home.

When she was kidnapped and helpless, her mind was full of John. In the end, John really appeared like a god.

It was said that heroes fell for beauties, but beauties also couldn't pass the barrier of heroes.

"John, say it again." With her two hands holding John's head resting on her neck, Nina looked into John's eyes.

With a gleam shining in John's eyes, he put his forehead against Nina's forehead. He slowly touched Nina's wrist with his hands, and quietly held her hand with fingers. John gently laid hands on both sides of her head, and bent over to kiss her.

Thousands of words turned into passion.

Nina was immersed in it and felt the joy of John. She suddenly smiled and struggled to break free from the control of John. She put John down and pressed herself against him.

"Hahaha..." John smiled with magnetic.

The little girl was indeed wild in nature.

The next day, Nina woke up at noon. There was no warm chest behind her, and the warmth of John was still in the quilt.

Nina leaned sideways and smiled slowly.

Last night, as expected, she heard the words "I like you" from John. She was very happy.

John still didn't let her out of the bedroom, and Nina didn't complain anymore. Anyway, John would ask for leave for her, so she didn't need to go to class.

During this period, she asked Helen to buy a set of writing

good job and she must work hard.

Henry also bent down to express his thanks, "Thank you for your consideration, Mr. John."

Mr. John was so considerate today. He had to tell others in the company as soon as possible.

After the two of them turned around and went out, Henry sent a message in the company's WeChat group, "The level ten alarm is dismissed. Mr. John is in a good mood, and anyone who needs to sign on it should come up quickly."

The WeChat group was in an uproar again, and many people were skeptical. "Assistant Henry, why is Mr. John suddenly in a good mood? Tell us a reason as soon as possible, or we won't dare to his office. "

Henry replied calmly, "Madam has found her way home."

After thinking for a while, he told them, "Mr. John tamed her in the North Yard."

"In a minute!" Suddenly, all of them were sending out massages in the WeChat group. The employees rushed to the CEO's office in batches with the documents that needed to be signed.

Sure enough, John patiently signed dozens of documents. He didn't pick anything wrong, and his eyes were not as frightening as before.

After signing, the two people went out with tears in their eyes. They thought, 'Thank you, madam. Long live madam.'

Lying on the bed, Nina had sneezed for the whole afternoon, which frightened Helen. When Helen was about to go back downstairs and call Mr. John, she saw a familiar person.

"Miss Jessica?" Helen was a little surprised. Miss Jessica had never stepped into the North Yard. Why did she suddenly come today?

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