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   Chapter 147 Threaten Her To Go Home

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That night, Nina tossed and turned in bed. She was not able to fall asleep until dawn.

On the other side, John was also not able to sleep. He was up all night sending out more people to look for Nina, but none of them returned with her.

Unable to turn in for the night, he made a bold decision. He decided to issue a reward for whoever brought Nina back home.

John went out and contacted the most influential media company in Lexingport City. The media company agreed to film a broadcast for him. Sitting in front of the camera, he said slowly, "My wife is still young. She doesn't know her way around the city, and she forgot to bring her mobile phone. She hasn't come home yet. To anyone who brings her to the Time Group, I will offer a hefty reward. Please help me find my wife."

When Nina woke up, she saw the fifteen-second video. The man in the video was calm, and his eyes were very gentle. She had heard that deep voice so many times, but for some reason, it sounded foreign to her.

There was a photo of her in the lower right corner of the video. It was one of the selfies she took when she participated in a beauty pageant at her school.

Nina was so rattled that she immediately turned off her screen. She crawled back into bed and decided to go back to sleep.

'The man in the video must not be John! He hates to show up in public, doesn't he?'

Nina wished she was going crazy and was hallucinating that she saw the video.

More and more people searched for Nina every day. Noah was also very busy. He went to work early and came home late every day. He did not have time to talk to Nina.

She had been hiding in his apartment for two days.

John had been searching for Nina for two days but to no avail. The whole Time Group, North Yard, and everyone in the Shi family had been drowning in pressure. Everyone had been stressed out by Nina's disappearance.

At the Time Group

Henry pushed the door to the president's office and said, "Mr. Shi, we still haven't found Mrs. Shi."

"Okay," John nodded with displeasure, keeping his gaze straight ahead. Cold sweat started breaking out of Henry's skin. He cleared his throat and proceeded to deliver some much needed good news. "But Richard has found Michelle in Spring City."

This time, John turned his head at Henry. Cold light reflected in his deep eyes. "Post the video online."

"All right." Henry turned around and left John's of

ome by yourself." John's voice was cold. He was now the kind of angry that should not be challenged.

At the thought of Michelle, Nina clenched her fist. Her shoulders slowly drooped like deflating balloons. She could only admit, "My feet are injured."

With concern in his eyes, John stood up and left his office. On his way out, he spat out four words. "Text me the address."

The next second, he hung up the phone and waited for Nina to send him the address.

After sending John the address, Nina called Noah and told him that she was coming back to North Yard. Noah just said "Okay" and hung up.

Half an hour later, Nina heard the apartment door open.

Only Noah who was the owner of the apartment could open the door.

"Noah? Is that you?" Nina stuck her head out of her bedroom door and listened carefully to the footsteps.

"I'm home." It was Noah's hoarse voice. But upon listening more carefully, Nina heard two completely different kinds of footsteps.

Noah walked steadily and lightly. The other footfalls were not only heavy but also slow and deliberate, like those of someone with a bad intention.

"Are you with someone?" Nina had always been sensitive. As Noah's career was always accompanied by danger, she decided to be vigilant. Slowly and carefully, she shut her bedroom door and waited behind it.

This time, Noah stopped instead of replying. The heavy footsteps started approaching her bedroom. Nina felt the small hairs on the back of her neck stand on end.

As the footsteps neared, Nina stepped aside and prepared herself to kick whoever came bursting through her door.

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