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   Chapter 146 I Just Want To Find A Place To Hide

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Hearing this, Noah smiled and said, "No one dares to say Mr. John but you."

Nina paused and she pursed her lips. Her long eyelashes covered a trace of light in her eyes. She returned the phone to Noah and said calmly, "Do you also think he is giving in to me?"

Nina didn't think so. If she fought with bare hands, John was no match for her.

Not along to giving in to her.

If they compared family background, she was not bad either.

There was only one thing that Nina admitted that she was inferior to John. That was vicious means and decisive killing will.

Noah took the phone and smiled without saying a word. He acquiesced in it, because Mr. John was not only the emperor of the world, but also the Yama of the underworld. The way Mr. John punish people was to torture them.

Ninja was really important in Mr. John's heart.

"Ninja, did you have dinner tonight?" Noah asked, glancing at the kitchen.

If Noah didn't mention it, Nina almost forgot that she hadn't had dinner. She touched her flat stomach and said, "I'm hungry. Do you have anything to eat?"

"Yes. There are still two fish in the fridge. But the fish were just frozen and not so fresh. " He was often busy at the scene of the case. Sometimes he worked day and night, and had no time to buy fresh food, so he could only buy a lot of food materials at one time and put them in the fridge.

"Great! Senior, thank you so much. Aren't you the master of Ye Family? Can you cook? " Nina turned her head and seemed to have discovered a new continent in surprise.

Nina and her family didn't know how to cook, and each of them had their own chef. However, her brother was a famous gourmet expert in the CM Island.

"I have to learn more skills since I have been away all year round." Noah took out a fish from the fridge and went into the kitchen.

With an injured foot, Nina could only sit on the sofa and wait. The sound of cooking came from the kitchen, which made her mouth twitch and she became more and more hungry.

On the way, someone rang the doorbell. Noah went to open the door himself. It was his private doctor, Kelly Han. As a young woman, Kelly Han looked ordinary but very high-end. She wore simple clothe

all from the police station and left in a hurry.

Nina moved her body and sat in front of the table in the room. She took out her watch and opened the virtual computer. She opened the scanned marriage certificate and checked the authenticity of it.

As a result, the person who got the marriage certificate with her was really John. This time, she easily found the information about the residence of the SQ Road. The owner's surname of the house was Shi.

There was no doubt that John was really her husband.

She checked the screen and found that the headline of the news was about their marriage. The amount of views was 10W and the repost was 10W. But it was strange that she couldn't make any comments, not even forward any comments.

Nina slightly moved her fingers and saw the comments in the first three minutes. They seemed to say that she didn't deserve John, and some comments were even worse.

But now there was no comment. It seemed that there was a technical staff behind it, and the person behind it was exactly ordered by John.

How could John let others insult his little girl behind his back? All the accounts with extreme comments were blocked.

Nina's heart was complicated. She remembered that she had said she wanted a divorce. If she didn't divorce, they would perish together, or she would beat him until he agree to divorce.

But now, she just wanted to find a place to hide.

As for the divorce...... She was a little reluctant.

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