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   Chapter 140 Official Announcement

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The bright red color was exposed in front of everyone. The luxurious and gorgeous crystal chandelier hung from the ceiling and spread the bright yellow light all over the ground. The red marriage certificates reflected the dazzling light, almost blinding the people around.

Nina was standing in front of John, less than half a meter away from him. At this time, her eyes were fixed on the certificates on the ground. One was open and the other was closed.

Marriage certificate.

Holder: John Shi.

In the photo on the marriage certificate, there was a man with an uncontrollable messy expression on the right and a woman with a bright smile on the left.

Nina frowned. The photo looked strange, especially the woman in it. Why did she feel that the woman in the photo looked like her?

Nina couldn't tell the difference.

She was calm and a little suspicious. She was so calm that she thought she was in an illusion. She just liked John. How could she take the woman in the photo as herself?

It was impossible. She thought she must be crazy.

'It's just an illusion.'

All of a sudden, she closed her eyes slightly and opened them again in half a second. She found that it was still her photo. She was stunned.

She was about to take it up to have a closer look.

"It turns out that you are also married, John." Nina murmured, crouching down dejectedly and picked up the marriage certificate.

Henry took a deep breath and was stunned. 'Mr. John is only thirty years old. Why did his hand shake?'

John was also stunned.

Why did the marriage certificate fall down? And even... It was opened. Why?

"Stop!" When he came to his senses, John scolded Nina with a cold voice. A look of bewilderment flashed through his eyes. The copy of the marriage certificate, the photo of which had been retouched, slipped from his palm and floated to the hand of Jessica, who was standing next to Nina.

This photo could never be seen by Nina.

Being scolded coldly by John, Nina's hand stopped in the air. At this critical moment, John quickly bent down and picked up the two marriage certificates.

"Don't move!" Nina frowned, tilted her head and looked at John with her sharp eyes. Her command made John's hear

nly reach his chest.

Nina suspected that this was John's prank. She opened another certificate, on which she saw the holder was Nina.

The marriage certificate was issued two years ago, with the seal of the state authority on it.

It turned out that John was her husband. Damn! It was shocking.

Nina's pupils suddenly dilated. She was shouting profanity in her heart.

John often made her shout profanity.

"So, you are my husband?" Nina was stunned. She raised her head stiffly and looked at John.

Everyone was stunned. Several ladies from rich and noble families looked at Nina disgustingly.

"This woman is so eager to seek connections with the highers. Everyone in LC City knows that the famous Mr. John has been single all the time."

"Yes, she is shameless."

"Humph! Didn't you hear what Miss Jessica said just now? She must be Mr. John's admirer and comes here to make trouble. Today is a good day for Mr. John and Miss Vivian. How dare she mess it up?"

"She dares to enrage Mr. John. She will suffer."

Nina could hear all the whispers. She frowned slightly and waited for the reply from John. She was nervous and anxious.

On the contrary, John automatically blocked all discussions and had been secretly observing the reaction of Nina.

It seemed that Nina didn't pay attention to the photo, but focused on the legal relationship between them.

'That's good.'

With a slight smile on his face, John announced loudly, "Nina is my legal wife."

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