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   Chapter 138 You Had A Bad Taste

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At seven o'clock in the evening.

The dinner officially began. The melodious sound of string quartet gradually disappeared, and the people surrounded by flowers and champagne gradually stopped raising their glasses. When the master of Ye Family appeared, the media lights flickered, and people immediately applauded. Everyone present looked up at Howard on the high platform, and next to him stood the beautiful Julie.

Standing on the high platform, he could overlook the rich and noble families in the whole banquet hall, as well as all kinds of celebrities in the garden outside the banquet hall. As for the normal families, they could not see each other.

Howard stood on the stage and said a lot of polite words. At last, he said, "Thank you for attending my daughter's twenty year old birthday party. I'm here to express my gratitude. I hope you enjoy yourself today."

Everyone raised their glasses, looked at each other and smiled. They took a sip of wine as a salute.

Julie walked on the stage with a smile. She held the microphone on the three legged floor stand and was a little nervous and trembled with excitement. After taking a deep breath, she said gracefully, "Today is my daughter Vivian's twenty-four year old birthday. She has been very obedient since childhood and she is excellent in all aspects. In the past year, she has won the ballet competition and the piano competition. I'm proud of my daughter. "

"Viv, happy twenty-four years old. I love you." Tears welled up in Julie's eyes.

Then a round light shone on the stairs. With a smile on her face, Vivian appeared with her hair coiled up and small flowers decorated. She wore a lavender slip dress, looking quiet and elegant.

The high waist design adjusted her body proportion well. The petals on the waist were like butterflies falling on the gauze. The dress was decorated by the leaves and the hemline of the dress was designed in a gradual color, making the dress more swaying and charming. Vivian looked white and beautiful, just like a flower fairy.

All the people present applauded and praised Vivian's beauty and temperament.

Dora dressed single shoulder lilac princess dress wh

eeded to know more about Nina and find the right opportunity to make a match for Noah.

She had done a lot of things to find talents from other companies, and she was good at it. How could she not find a wife for Noah? It was just a matter of strategy.

At the thought that Nina called her aunt, Kristina was very pleasant. She had almost figured out the names of Nina and Noah's child.

Dora who was a member of Shi Family suddenly said with a smile, "Brother, Vivian is going to be our Aunt. Are you happy?"

"No, I'm not." Chester said affirmatively.

"Why? There are so many people here tonight because we all know that Uncle John will be engaged to Vivian. " Although she didn't say it out, almost everyone thought so.

Most people didn't really come to the birthday party, but to the engagement party of Mr. John. Otherwise, would it be so grand?

Without saying a word, Chester looked around and didn't see John. Instead, he saw Nina, followed by a snow Tibetan mastiff, as if she was looking for someone.

"Sister, are you cold?" Suddenly, he raised his head and asked, which confused Dora.

"No, I don't feel cold. I just want to be beautiful." Dora did a twirl specially and said, "There are three dresses in this series. I wonder where the handsome lady in the other dress has gone."

"I know." Chester walked through the crowd to the door, came to the front of Nina and shouted, "Aunt Nina."

He called her name smoothly.

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