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   Chapter 136 Harrison Is Someone Else's Fiancé

Deep Affection: Honey, Come Back To Me By Li Zi Characters: 7329

Updated: 2020-07-18 01:02

Everything returned to normal. Everyone continued to drink, talk and laugh.

When Kristina saw Dora and Chester, she called them, "Dora, Chester, you are here."

"Hello, Aunt Kristy." They came to Kristina and greeted her politely, with the inherent dignity and elegance of the Shi family.

"Such good kids." Kristina and Jessica were close friends. Kristina often went to the Shi family and liked these two children very much.

One was quick-witted and the other was smart.

Thinking about Nina, Dora walked up to Kristina and asked, "Aunt Kristy, who is that dashing lady?"

"That dashing lady?" Kristina took a look at Albert and wondered who Dora was talking about.

"Nina." Albert smiled gently and answered their questions at the same time. He said to Dora, "Her name is Nina, a student of LD University."

Chester nodded slightly. It turned out that her aunt was named Nina.

"Does Mr. Albert know her? Can you introduce her to me?" Dora wanted to take Nina as her teacher. Dora appreciated Nina's quick and smooth action and the aura of domination. That was what Dora lacked. She wanted to learn from Nina.

Albert nodded, "Okay."

"Let's go. The dinner party hasn't started yet." Dora turned around and saw John.

"Uncle John? You are really here." Dora was surprised and delighted. It seemed that she would meet her aunt soon.

"Yes, I'm looking for someone." John's eyes swept across the entire banquet hall, but he didn't see Nina. He frowned and a trace of worry flashed through his eyes.

When John came to meet Jessica just now, she just said something unimportant. After a while, he realized that something was wrong and then he came here in a hurry.

It was out of his expectation that Nina wasn't in the banquet hall.

"Looking for someone?" Dora mistakenly thought John was looking for Vivian, so she said innocently, "You shouldn't come here. It may take more than half an hour for Miss Vivian to come out."

"No." John took out his phone and watched the location of Nine. It showed that it was in the banquet hall.

He looked around and shouted, "Nine."

Nine, who was sleeping soundly in the corner, suddenly woke up and immediately got up

ow me out! I'm the daughter of the Zhu family."

"Ah! Why?" Nina looked down at her and said, "I never explain for what I've done."

'Don't you have any ideas why I did so?'

Every time what happened on the campus forum was mentioned, what Nina thought of was not the vicious words but the scheming and betrayal of her former friend.

Isabella was her first friend in her life. The first one meant a lot to her.

If anyone dared to slander her with what happened on the campus forum in the future, she would fight back more seriously.

"Nina, Nina, you can't do this to me. My uncle won't let you go and Brother Harrison won't let you go, either." At this time, Adela could only tell Nina about all her backers, the Zhu family and the He family. In a hurry, she cried, "Brother Harrison! Brother Harrison! Help me."

"Harrison?" Frowning, Nina asked, "Harrison He?"

Adela was still crying. "How, how do you know him?" Adela cried bitterly, her red and swollen eyes still full of resentment.

"What's your relationship with Harrison?" asked Nina, remembering what Michelle said to her in the letter.

"Why should I tell you?" Adela slowly stood up, her palms scratched and bleeding.

"Tell me!"

Nina clenched her fists. Frightened, Adela said with a pale face, "I'll tell you. Harrison is my fiancé."

"Fiancé?" Nina remembered that in the hospital, Haley said that Emma was Harrison's girlfriend. Why did he become Adela's fiancé now?

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