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   Chapter 133 Friendship

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Albert didn't look at anyone so no one knew who he was talking about.

Nina had vaguely felt that Albert loved a girl, who liked pink leopards. Every time he saw a pink leopard, he would smile sweetly.

"Albert has hidden it and no one knows who the woman is." Nina teased.

"The one I love should be hidden." Albert said calmly, looking at Nina with a sense of distance which he should have.

In Isabella's eyes, such an eye contact was casting flirtatious looks at each other. She clenched her fists slightly and her nails were deeply embedded in her flesh. Hatred surged in her eyes.

'The woman Albert loves is really Nina!'

'Why is it Nina?'

'Nina isn't good. Except that she is more beautiful than me, I'm much better than her in terms of family background and character.'

Isabella pulled Adela's dress, winked at her and whispered, "Police station."

Adela once told her that she saw Nina was handcuffed and got in a police car.

Isabella didn't know what Nina had done. Since now Nina was standing here safe and sound, Isabella thought that Nina must have got criminal records.

Who would be caught by the police for no reason?

But Isabella couldn't talk about it by herself. If there was something hidden, she would be in big trouble.

'I'd better let this idiot do it. Anyway, she's not important at all. I've given her some gifts and now it's time for her to do something for me in return.'

"Ah, Isabella, I suddenly remember something." Adela didn't think whether she was used or not. She said in surprise, "Not long ago, I saw Nina was caught by the police."

Her words not only attracted the attention of Kristina and Albert, but also other people.

There were three kinds of people who would enter the police station, including criminals, witnesses and policemen.

Some people pricked up their ears and waited for the juicy gossip.

"Do you mean that Nina was taken to the police station?" Kristina turned her head to look at Adela. She wasn't asking for confirmation with surprise and confusion, but questioned her with pressure.

Anyone who was in a high position had the most basic judgment so Kristina didn't believe what

meet her?"

"Sure, I haven't seen Kristy for a long time."

They came over with a smile. Kristina immediately raised her hand and greeted with a smile, "Director Shen, welcome to our family."

"You used to call me Uncle Shen when you were a child, but now you call me Director Shen, which sounds like that we are not so familiar. I prefer you calling me Uncle Shen. It makes me feel that you are my daughter." Kristina's father, who had passed away, was a soldier and had a close relationship with Director Shen. Kristina's father was just on a whim to run business. He didn't expect that the Ye's Group would be so prosperous.

"Uncle Shen," said Kristina with a smile.

"That's right." Director Shen smiled with relief. Then he saw a beautiful girl standing next to Kristina. He was very curious about her because Kristina was holding her hand.

Except for Miss Jessica of the Shi family, Kristina had never been so close to any other girl, Vivian included.

"Kristy, who is this lady?"

"Nice to meet you, Director Shen. She's Miss Nina. There is some connection between you and her. She has been in jail in the police station." Adela even exaggerated.

"Your name is Nina?" Director Shen was a little surprised. He didn't know Nina, but he had a deep impression of her because of the case of consecutive killings.

At this moment, he was wondering if the girl in front of him just had the same name as Nina who he had heard of.

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