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   Chapter 132 Call Her Aunt

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Nina suddenly realized that Senior Noah was a member of Ye Family.

Her judgment when she first met her senior was not very accurate.

He was not only rich, but also had an eminent family background. His family was one of the three giants in LC City.

He was as low-key as her.

"Noah is my senior." Nina nodded, took out a lollipop from her pocket, and handed it to Kristina. Nina gently pursed her lips and said, "You are the aunt that my senior mentioned. Nice to meet you. My name is Nina."

In the field of criminal psychology, Nina worshiped Noah, just like a fan worshiping a powerful idol. Even through the phone, they could discuss a case to the point of forgetting to eat and sleep.

Noah intended to guide Nina and often praised her, which encouraged Nina. At present, Noah was the goal of Nina.

Nina liked her friends who treated her well as well as the closest and most beloved people of her friends.

Although Kristina had been a little aggressive just now, Nina had forgotten it and smiled gently.

"You......" Facing the little girl's beautiful face and gentle smile, Kristina was slightly stunned and stared at the lollipop in front of her.

She hadn't seen Noah for a year.

She couldn't even get in touch with him, so when she heard that Nina called Noah senior and held Noah's customized lollipop in her hand, Kristina's eyes immediately turned red with excitement.

"Ms. Nina, can you get in touch with Noah? I haven't contacted him for a year. I can only get some information from Mr. Shen. I only know that he is very busy every day and he is not injured, but I don't know if he is sleeping well or eating well every day. " Although Kristina was only two years older than Noah, she was as worried about him like his mother.

Noah lost his mother when he was three years old, and his father took his stepmother and stepdaughter back to the Ye Family. At that time, only his aunt, who was five or six years old, lived with him.

Although she was about the same age as Noah, due to her seniority, Kristina had to take care of him and accompany him.

In order not to make No

lmost changed her destiny to be a rich girl.

The two of them looked at each other with regret.

"It seems that President Ye likes Nina very much." Albert suddenly opened his mouth and glanced at Kristina with a smile. Even if it was only half a second, his warm smile was still like a bright spring light which could warm her heart.

This was the first time that Nina felt that Albert was really smiling. When she wanted to find the real reason to make Albert warm, she found that Albert was calm down.

"It seems that Albert also likes Nina." Kristina smiled meaningfully. A touch of sadness flashed in her eyes and disappeared instantly.

"President Ye, you misunderstood. Albert is just my senior." Nina explained in a hurry. She was afraid that there would be another misunderstanding.

Now most people mistakenly thought that she had an affair with James, and if they misunderstood that she had an affair with Albert again, she really couldn't explain herself clearly.

"Yes, Albert and Nina are just friends." Isabella hurried to interrupt and looked at Albert affectionately.

Albert could only be hers. She entered Ye Family with Albert and even took photos on the red carpet today.

As one of the involved persons, Albert just smiled and said in a gentle voice, "I have a girlfriend. She is a woman with both appearance and talent."

The woman Albert liked was appeared in his mind.

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